Program and Policy Advisor (Salary $104,100 — $128,900/year)

About the Position
The Los Angeles Unified School District is seeking highly qualified and motivated individuals with either a strong fiscal or teaching background to join thier team as Program and Policy Development Advisors. Individuals chosen to fill these positions will become an integral part of their Superintendent’s plan to implement and monitor success of resolutions adopted by their Board of Education. These resolutions focus on improving teacher quality by driving legislation to ensure teacher effectiveness and focus on promising fiscal transparency and accountability in terms of the District’s budget.

NOTE: These positions have been established on a limited term basis (project timeline estimates are 2-3 years). Incumbents will then be encouraged to pursue other opportunities with the District.

Key Areas of Responsibility
The individuals chosen to fill these positions will work with Senior District Management to review and analyze District policies, programs, and budgets and offer solutions that will ultimately result in improvement in student achievement.

Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Evaluating and recommending ways to streamline the District’s budget and to articulate the strategic direction and priorities of the Superintendent
  • and the Board.
  • Recommending decisions on program expansions or cuts based on goal-driven and measurable criteria.
  • Analyzing and making recommendations on proposed changes to State and Federal legislation.
  • Performing fiscal and programmatic analysis of proposed changes and their effects as they relate to District policy, goals, and initiatives.
  • Providing expert counsel and advice to Senior Management and the District in areas directly impacting teacher effectiveness.
  • The Person we are Seeking will Possess
  • An understanding of the District’s mission, goals, and operational activities.
  • Extensive knowledge of educational theory and practice for various educational K-12 programs and/or knowledge of budgeting and finance for California public schools.
  • Familiarity with techniques and procedures used to analyze programmatic and/or financial data.

At a Minimum Candidates must Possess: A bachelor’s degree and four years of executive, management, or administrative level experience analyzing and making recommendations for the solution of problems related to procedures, systems, finance, or legislation of complex programs in large organizations (1,000 employees or school district with 10,000 ADA). The current job opportunities require individuals to meet one of the following criteria: Four years of financial management/budgeting experience that included experience in fiscal policy or program development or oversight OR Two years of experience as a Teacher in a K-12 classroom.

Apply Today
Please submit a resume and cover letter highlighting relevant background and experience to Anna Forsberg at