DEVELOPING STORY– Finally, it would seem that some common sense is being applied in the case of Black America’s favorite pedophile.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, yesterday Judge Vincent Gaughan told Kells that he was "disappointed."  The statement stems from Kells no show on Wednesday morning for his child pornography case.  You know the one, 14 counts.

Apparently, while R. Pissy believes he can fly, in actuality he doesn’t or at least didn’t.  He missed Wednesday’s court date because the Utah Highway Patrol stopped his tour bus according to media reports.

Well it gets better.

Restrictions are being considered that would bring a stop to his 45-city “Double Up” tour and the judge will hear arguments today on whether or not to revoke Kells $750,000 bond.

And I saved the best for last.

The judge is scheduled to set a trial date today.  Holla!

Meanwhile, Kelly is scheduled to perform tonight at the United Center in Chicago.

To date, only one  city on his tour route so far has said anything regarding his child porno case and that’s L.A.  I doubt that’s going to change tonight with him performing in his hometown.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about protesting R. Kelly.  He made some very valid points including the fact that the protest didn’t stop the show in L.A. from being sold out and that the overwhelming number of attendees were Black women.

Like I said, valid points. 

However, you have to start somewhere and for every person that went to the concert and supported R. Kelly, there was someone who didn’t and doesn’t support him.  It’s time that our voices are heard and a conversation about double standards be opened up in our community where it relates to pedophiles and common sense.

And so if it takes calling out our own to get this issue addressed then so be it.  No one wants R. Kelly to have his day in court  more than I do.  But when exactly is that going to be?  Next year, the year after, or the next.

And I know there’s no guarantee that he’ll be found guilty, in fact I don’t think he will given the fact that the
girl in the video is claiming it’s not her.

But Kelly going to trial is a small part of a much bigger problem and that problem is our blatant denial of the case to begin with.  Now that’s the issue I am most passionate about because I know that under different circumstances his ghetto pass would have been revoked.

Well, here’s to hoping for Kells’ bond to be revoked resulting in his immediate incarceration where he ends up with a cell mate who hates pedophiles with a passion and has got nothing to lose and returns the favor by taking a piss on R. Kelly.  The icing on the cake, a trial date set for January 2, 2008.  If I just believe, it may very well happen.

Hat tip: Bruh