Tomorrow veteran singer Mary J. Blige is back with her eighth and newest album Growing Pains.  Go on girl!

Thanks to an advanced copy, I can tell you that the single “Just Fine,” while it is my call tone on my cell, and my body just takes off dancing when the song is on, it’s definitely not the best song on her album.  It was just the beginning.

My favorite two songs off the new album are “Hurt Again” and “Till the Morning.”

“Hurt Again” is one of those songs, like all Mary songs, that really speak to your soul and spirit.  From the title, it’s not hard to tell that the song is about not being hurt again.  And you know how certain hit you a certain way depending on how you feel and what’s going on in your life.  Well, this is the one for me.  Check out the hook:

I don’t deserve it
I can never get hurt again
Hurt again
Hurt again 
I’ve been there
And I’ve done that
And I promise never to get hurt again
You drive me crazy
But I promise myself never to get hurt again

“Till the Morning” is a dance classic that is sure to make a sweeping sensation through the clubs following “Just Fine.”  When they make a call tone for “Till the Morning” trust it’ll be on my cell.

Both of these songs are loaded in my Jukebox for your listening pleasure.

I love Mary.  There’s not much I can or need to say about Mary Da MVP.  She sings for every Black woman.  Through each and every one of her albums she’s given all of herself and shared her ups and down with the world, precisely the reason why we love her and can relate to her and Growing Pains is no different.

Be sure to cop the album on Tuesday, December 18, 2007.

VIDEO: "Just Fine"

Mary’s Official Website



I came upon Meiko on a fluke.  I was watching Good Morning America on ABC, or rather I was listening to it while I was sitting at my desk when a song came on that made me stop and turn around.  It was newcomer Meiko’s “Reasons to Love You” from her self-titled debut album.

A little Corrine Bailey Rae, India.Arie, Sheryl Crow, Hope, Feist, Amel Larrieux, and Ayo all rolled into one voice and sound.

I have to tell you that this album has quickly soared to the top of my favs.

For the most part it’s Meiko’s soft and beautiful voice, a guitar, and piano combined with some serious songwriting on life and the pursuit of love.

Meiko’s album is one of those albums that you can just let play and chill.

I love it.

My fav song is “Piano Song.”  While it’s very hard for me to narrow it down to just one song because I love all of the songs on the album, I’d have to choose this one because it speaks to me in a way that the others don’t.

Every little thing I do, I do for you
With every little thing, I think a thought of you

And I try so hard not to notice
I try so hard not to care
I try so hard not to know that you’re not here
But I’m counting down the hours
And I’m counting up the days
I try so hard not to show this side of me

Jealous of the way they walk, the way *they* talk
‘Cause I don’t think they know just what they got
I’m jealous of the way they look, the way they are
When I just want to be the way we were

Meiko is an American independent singer/songwriter, born and raised in Roberta, Georgia and currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She released a self-titled album on September 1, 2007 and several tracks have been featured in primetime TV shows. Her songs "Reasons to Love You" and "Hawaii" were featured in the fourth season of Grey’s Anatomy, while "Sleep" was featured in an episode of the new CBS program Moonlight. Without the help of a record label, her album has already reached #35 on the iTunes Top 100 Albums chart. It was also iTunes’ #1 Folk album for over a month.

You can check out “Piano Song” in my Jukebox.

VIDEO: "Reasons to Love You"

Meiko’s Official Website


Check back later this week for my list of the best albums of 2007 you never heard of.