The Revelations featuring Tre Williams
Deep Soul
Release date: November 18
Decision Records / Traffic Entertainment
Produced by Bob Perry (AZ, Dwele, Cormega)

There are no teenage whines, no auto tune, no samples: nothing but pure unadulterated soul, sung by a red dirt artist with the vocal chops of yesterday’s soul legends, backed by a band with passion and talent. Few voices resonate like that of baritone powerhouse Tré Williams. As bandmate and supporting vocalist, Rell declared, “His voice fills a room.” One listen is all it takes to be hooked to his silk and gravel tone reminiscent of David Ruffin and Johnnie Taylor.

Both Tré and Rell have experienced the rough times characteristic of hip hop lore, having credits on major hits with huge artists, but never getting the chance to see their respective solo albums materialize. These hard knock experiences, however, brought a man’s man sensibility to the vulnerable stories about love, loss and life found on their new organic album, Deep Soul.

The Revelations featuring Tré Williams represents a new dawning in soul music, one that marries the concrete jungle grit of the streets to the midnight blues of the rural South. The rawness of Stax and propulsive drive of Motown have been re-imagined for contemporary listeners needing relief from timeless problems. The songs painstakingly crafted on the Revelations’ debut project, Deep Soul, are born from the pain, frustrations and experience of struggling soul men. Certainly, to independently release a sample-free and rap-free album, sporting all live instrumentation from singer/songwriters best known for their hip hop contributions, is an unconventional move in today’s skittish music business. But it took the bold vision of hip hop producer Bob Perry (AZ, Dwele, Cormega), a crate-digging soul connoisseur with his own 15 year hip hop pedigree, to see past the project’s challenges, to claim that rare opportunity to create that special magic his idols Jerry Wexler and Arif Mardin did with Ray and Aretha. Soon Perry was putting together a band of esteemed talents, and tirelessly working with Tré and Rell at Chop Shop Recording in Brooklyn NY.

For all involved in The Revelations featuring Tré Williams, patience has its rewards. Even if Deep Soul weren’t such an irrefutable instant classic, working everyday to create its unique sound with The Revelations band would be like hitting the jackpot to any singer or producer. Band members include the esteemed guitarist Wes Mingus (Bilal, Leela James), drummer Gintas Janusonis (Erykah Badu, Branford Marsalis), bassist Josh Werner (Matisyahu, Sly and Robbie), keyboardist Borahm Lee (Wyclef, Lauryn Hill) and legendary arranger and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Adams (Herbie Mann, Eddie Kendricks, The Main Ingrediant, Black Ivory and many more). With the release of Deep Soul, real music fans have hit their own lottery, one of rich music where nothing is artificial, nothing is counterfeit, and everything is just pure, all natural soul.



EP Track Listing:

1. Stay Free
2. Sorry’s Not Enough
3. Everybody Knows
4. I Don’t Want To Know
5. Because of You
6. Heavy Metal Blues
7. He’s a Hustler

Upcoming Shows:

Oct 30, Nick’s Pub, NY NY
Nov 19, SOBs, NY NY
Feb 27, BAM Cafe, BK NY

Band Members:

Tré Williams [Lead Vocals]
Rell [Vocals]
Wes Mingus [Guitar]
Borahm Lee [Keyboards]
Josh Werner [Bass]
Gintas Janusonis [Drums]
Produced by Bob Perry and The Revelations

Arrangements by Patrick Adams

Recorded by Arnold Mischkulnig, Jeff Rameau, Ernie Folcarelli and Miguel Sierra at Chop Shop Studios, Brooklyn NY

Mixed and Mastered by Arnold Mischkulnig at Chop Shop Studios, Brooklyn NY


A live performace of The Revelations feat. Tre Williams’ debut single “I Don’t Want To Know” from S.I.R Studios in New York City on October 16th 2008: