Jukebox Notes: New Music From India Arie Featuring Musiq

Chocolate High
India Arie featuring Musiq
Released: Nov 27, 2008

Soul diva India Arie is back with “Chocolate High,” the lead single from her new CD, Testimony: Love & Politics, and features R & B artist and former boyfriend, Musiq Soulchild. The new album drops on February 10, 2009. India’s last CD, Testimony: Life & Relationships debuted at the top of the charts back in 2006, with sales of 161,000 in it’s first week- eventually reaching Gold status and earning India her first Grammy.


The Court of Public Opinion

  • Anonymous

    I like most of her work.

    But this is horribly cheesy. It sounds like plenty of stuff that’s been done to death…it’ll likely do well, probably for that reason.

  • William Clark

    She dated Musiq?! The dude is on our team. I know someone that used to mess around with him. (sigh)Poor India. There needs to be a class for women to be able to spot the signs of the DL man.

  • Bill T

    I feel she is so underrated. This particular song is ok. I would like to hear the rest of the album. The songs that don’t always get airplay are the one I usually lke the best from her.

  • Maya

    I love it! India and Musiq sound really good together. The song is easy and sounds fresh. It makes me happy. I can hardly wait for her new album to drop – she’s overdue!

  • Nat

    Boring. Her first album was good. Mutual friends say she has always been wondered to be gay herself; maybe that’s what was up with her and Musiq dating; mutual coverup.
    oh, and she was asked to play Josephine Baker in the Frida Kahlo movie and refused because she didn’t want the stamp of gay on her. She said in an interview she didn’t want to explain that role to her grandma and that the gay stigma follows you once you do something like that.
    Still like her, Jasmyne?

  • I never knew she was asked to play that role, Nat. Where’d u see/hear that from?

  • Nat

    Hi Jennifer, I read an interview with her around the time “Frieda” came out. If I remember correctly the interviewer brought it up (that she was asked to play in the movie), and India responded with all that.