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Of All The Things
Released: Oct 21, 2008
Released By Verve Records


“Our music can take listeners on a journey,” says Alexander Barck, ” if we are able to fascinate them, if we are able to get someone who doesn’t think he likes Brazilian music dance to a Brazil track and have him say ‘I’ve never heard this before, but it’s incredible, and this is now my favorite music,’ those are the beautiful moments in a production or in a DJ set.”

This enthusiasm, this self- confident and carefree attitude is what you hear immediately on Jazzanova’s new, second studio album Of All The Things. For this album, Jazzanova worked once again with several different voices:

Leon Ware (soul legend and writer/ producer of Marvin Gaye’s I Want You) cover – together with Dwele (soloist for Common and Kayne West) – his own song from 1981.

With Phonte (Little Brother), Jazzanova returns to their Hip-Hop roots.

Paul Randolph from Detroit, Ben Westbeech from London, and Jose James from Minneapolis – who recently released their debut album on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label – and Dallas (of the New Zealand band Fat Freddys Drop) are all part of it.

“That we wound up working with that many male artists is really just a coincidence,” says Claas Brieler, ” but it all just sounds right”. The list of musicians who contributed to this album is so extensive that one could not name them all. Jazzanova, as DJ’s alone, have traveled around the world about 80 times in the last couple of years, and they brought a musician back from each trip.

When describing the formation of the work, Axel Reinemer says: “For us, first it’s the compositions, the planning of the songs, and the production of the instrumental pieces, which make up the inner core of the album. When we then start working with the voices, we certainly select them carefully and place them exactly as we envisioned. We insert them as elements into our picture, and this big picture is our album. A complete, connected story. And with that, as instrumentation and style vary, so do our singers. But that is us – and you can hear the connection.”

There is a lot of soul, life and depth in this music. And unlike their earlier recordings, almost no samples were used on this album. The beats are computerized, but every thing else was recorded live.

When asked if the group has reached a level of success and maturity that might lead them to retire from club life after all these years, they all respond in unison with the question: What really constitutes club music? “Of course we continue to view ourselves in the club context, because we simply enjoy it,” says Alexander Barck. “But our next goal is the live performance of our music, and of this album.”


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