Just Another Day in Hood with Councilwoman Jan Perry Part 2

Unemployed, bored, and broke?  Looking for an adventure in your own backyard that won’t set you back a pretty penny?  Maybe you’re ready to take the first step towards a healthier new you or just need somewhere to take the kids? 9th District Councilwoman Jan Perry suggests a visit to her hood’s  Augusts Hawkins Wetlands on Slauson and Compton Avenues.

In 2006, the Augustus Hawkins wetlands was opened at 5790 Compton Ave., near the intersection of Slauson and Compton avenues. Formerly a Department of Water and Power pipe-yard, the site was the first of its kind to be developed in a highly urbanized setting.  This month the city will break ground on an additional wetland for the area to be called the South Los Angeles Wetland Park at 5413 S. Avalon Blvd.

Perry and I spent some time touring the Augustus Hawkins Wetlands, which I had to admit, I never knew even existed.  Once you get past the initial shock that yes there’s a wetlands in the heart of South Los  Angeles–there’s a sense of calm and serene while inside the park.  It reminded me very much of a place I grew up hanging out at in Redondo Beach—Wilderness Park.

For more info on the Wetlands, check out this story in the L.A. Watts Times.

As for Councilwoman Perry and I–our next adventure in the hood will be Compton for horseback!

Much thanks to Councilwoman Jan Perry and Staff!

The Court of Public Opinion


    You might want to ask the SOUTH CENTRAL FARMERS what they think of Jan Perry she is in their documentary-not a very flattering portrayal.Surprised to see you promoting her. She has in the opinion of many wrecked havoc in our community.

  • Funny you should mention that because before we went to the park we hung out with the South Central Farmers at their new location where they had nothing but praise for Perry. I’ll post the video later for you.



    Watch the documentary. I don’t know who you spoke to but I am sure not anyone in the documentary.

  • Pedro Barrera

    Jan perry.. only took our land and gave it to a rich developer. We have to smile at her cause she put us under the power lines. I hope pedrito does not end up with cancer from the high power lines. She sold us out.

  • Juan Gamboa

    Jan Perry… broke our community up. She only give us contaminated land under the power lines. She is very corrupted. She will steal candid from baby…

    See the Garden… and see how crooked she is…http://www.thegardenmovie.com

    Juan Gamboa

  • Miguel Angel Perez

    Jan Perry. Is my type of politician she will sell out anybody, even her own people. She help me get a little bit of power and I am as happy as a mexican with a leafblower…

    Jan Perry I love you for selling our the mexicans in our community.

    Miguel Angel Perez, Brown Beret de Aztlan


    Hermano GRACIAS- VIVA AZTLAN! Seriously blog girl you need to do some research on the people you are hanging with. I am telling you watch the documentary THE SOUTH CENTRAL FARM. I was there when the police raided it. We despise Jan Perry.I don’t know who you filmed but it wasn’t the original SCF I know because my abuela was one of the originals and she never wants to see Jan Perry ever again not even in a picture, my grandmother is very clear on what that vendida(thats sell-out )did to our community and continues to do. And don’t play so coy or stupid the pigs crossing the highway(your little stupid racist poll in this blog)-yeah that is majorly racist and no-one needs a poll to tell them it is.You need to take that shit down that is very DISRESPECTFUL. Have you researched how many RAZA are killed crossing the boarder back into their own land?This is our land we didn’t immigrate from anywhere! My brothers crossed like that(they were 12 and 15 when they did).and I will never forget them telling me how scared they were how one of the ladies who crossed with them in their group was hit she was pregnant and she died right there on the highway.


    Look @ the pic this blog posted of pigs crossing the highway(like the pics of people to warn motorists to watch out for people crossing the frontera) she is polling people to see if they think it is racist. Can you believe it? I copied it and posted it to truly progressive blogs,lets see what the feedback is from this-unbelivable!!!