Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, flanked by Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, third from left, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, speaks to reporters after lawmakers and administration officials meet. Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke is at right.

My tax dollars, your tax dollars are going to be used to “avert” a financial crisis. However, the crisis in question was neither caused by me or you and it’s still unclear how taxpayers benefit from footing the bill to fix it.

And just so that we’re clear, my life is one huge financial crisis, in fact most of our lives are—yet I don’t seem to recall Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, or Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke offering to hold a last minute meeting to help me or you figure out how to get out of it—let alone offer up billions of taxpayer dollars to do it.

Leaders in Congress say this “plan” to “avert” a financial crisis could be unveiled as early as today and voted on by Congress by next week.

Why is it that our Congress, Members that many of elected with our votes—in some cases without our votes—can move at record speed to save the same good ole boys network responsible for keeping a lot of us down economically, but can’t put the same pep in their step in solving the healthcare crisis, America’s homelessness, or putting some of those billions of dollars that they are so freely giving away—again—back into the pockets of the taxpayers?

Why do I feel like my taxpayer dollars are always being used against me?

And also for the record, I want you to look long and hard at the photo above.  Those are the leaders in Washington and there ain’t a brother or sister insight.  Don’t ever be fooled into thinking we are running things.  We may be in the House, but we ain’t running it…yet.