There’s something sinister going on in L.A.  I haven’t pinpointed the exact source of it just yet, but I’m working on it.

While Isaiah and I walked back to our cars down Leimert Blvd. to Vernon Avenue after watching the Democratic Presidential debates in Leimert Park, I kid you not, we ran into this sign that was carelessly tossed into the street.

Now putting two and two together, it’s obvious that someone in L.A., or someones, carried this sign either in the Kingdom Day Parade or held it up on the sidelines as a bystander.  Either way, it was a foul thing to do.

My guess is some jaded boyfriend/husband was dumped by his woman for another woman and he’s on the rampage against butch lesbian women now.  It’s possible.  I’ve seen it happen before and it will probably happen again.

But the Kingdom Day Parade…of all days?  You got to be kidding me.

My hope is that this is not a sign that the Black lesbian butch is about to take the place of the downlow brother in our community as the source of all that ails the Black community.  Because as it was not true when it started with the so-called downlow phenomenon, it’s not true with Black lesbian butch women. 

At any rate, I’m on the case now…