Inside Blast is a news and entertainment show that features the Black same-gender loving community.  It’s hosted by my friend Kamika Dunlap who lives in Oakland but travels around the country to capture and tell our stories.

I have been so busy and backed up lately that I hadn’t had the chance to commend Kamika on the wonderful job she’s doing with the show.  While in Sacramento, I had the chance to take a look at Inside Blast’s latest reports and I was very impressed.

Kamika came to Los Angeles as part of a report she was doing on gay twins and interviewed our own Richard and Ron Harris, owners of the Lucy Florence Coffee House in Leimert Park, Los Angeles.  She also filed a report from this year’s Oakland Black International LGBT Film Festival where she interviewed co-founder Joe Hawkins.

Below I’ve included the links to some of her most recent stories and encourage you to visit her website by clicking here.