2cents_2400_1It’s March 1 and DirecTV subscribers should notice a few new channels on their bandwidth. The newly relaunched BET J (Channel 330 in all markets) debuted along with the premiere of "My Two Cents." Keith Boykin was joined by Selwyn Sefu Hinds, April Silver, and Cassidy Arkin in this new urban current affairs talker. Topics are introduced by a quick (wo)man on the street soundbite and the group jumps on topic to deliver their (you guessed it) two cents. Today’s topics included leadership within the black community, self-esteem and ego, inter-racial adoptions, religion, homophobia, and, of course, Oprah. The short but spirited discussions were spliced by music videos from adult artists like Jill Scott and Angie Stone.

From a content perspective, its a strong show. Maybe we’re biased, but, Keith’s delivery is a little more forceful than the others and the editing made him appear as if he lead the discussions. The conversations are timed and, thankfully, do not drag. There are a few editing tricks (strobing video, etc) that help smooth transitions. The handheld, two-camera MTV-style easily lends itself to short segments, however, the producers may want to re-consider the excessive camera movement when the guests are trying to explain serious topics.  But that’s a minor point because"My Two Cents" is a solid production. The show will air three times weekly—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1300/est, with repeats at 2100 and 2300/est.

My Two Cents on BET J (Keith Boykin)

A New Look For BET (Keith Boykin)