Gallery1312On today’s show, America speaks out on the hot topics facing our nation. Can America rebuild after one of our countries greatest disasters, Hurricane Katrina? Is our nation really safer since 9/11? Are wiretaps the answer to our homeland security questions? The war in Iraq still carries on, and the violence seems to have no end in sight. What is the next step for our troops? These are the major news headlines flooding the national discourse, and today we give our viewers unique insight into each of them. Joining our discussion today: CNN’s Lou Dobbs; Attorney Debbie Schlussel; former White House aide to President Clinton, Keith Boykin; Louisiana State Senator, Sharon Weston-Broome; Yale University’s Director, Dr. David Katz; ACLU Attorney Vince Warren; Former Head of Security for the United Nations; Michael McCann.

Lou Dobbs One of CNN’s most recognizable anchors. Host of the daily Lou Dobbs Tonight, Lou is known to speak his mind on a wide variety of issues
Debbie Schlussel Popular conservative political commentator, radio talk show host, columnist, and attorney. An expert on Islam and the Middle East.
Keith Boykin A former White House aide to President Clinton.
State Senator Sharon Weston-Broome She appeared on the show earlier this year in Louisiana, is here to discuss the rebuilding efforts, and what still needs to be done.
Dr. David Katz Director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center
Vince Warren Senior Staff Attorney for The American Civil Liberties Union
Michael McCann Former Head of Security for The United Nations and the President of McCann Protective Services
Renee & Lana Sister’s who are here to discuss how their parents are struggling to pay for their prescriptions