KJLH ‘Front Page’ Host Dominique DiPrima on the Black Media Snub by Calif. Statewide Candidates

It’s not just on the advertising end that the Black media is being snubbed when it comes to statewide candidates Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman, Barbara Boxer, and Carly Fiorina…

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Thomas

    If these candidates have failed to respond to us, then let’s put the word out not to vote for any of them! It is the only “fair” thing to do at this point. They have refused all contact, then why would I cast my vote for any of them? In fact it would crazy to vote for someone who disrepects you! Therefore “No respect, No Vote”.

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    Zoila Robledo
    Marketing Director

    ›› Kimber Kimber & Associates ›› Press Press Releases ›› October 12, 2010

    -For Immediate Release-

    ‘Racist Ad Spending Signals Disaster for DNC and Whitman Campaign in California’

    Fresno, CA — A recent study of campaign advertising expenditures for the November 2010 California gubernatorial election by the nation’s leading African American print advertising agency, KimberKimber.com, has revealed major discrepancies between mainstream media, Hispanic media, and African American media outlets by political candidate’s and political party’s nationwide. These discrepancies are being interpreted as racist and discriminatory in nature by the African American community and can easily be the deciding factor in many elections across the country.

    The most glaring examples of these discrepancies were found in the current 2010 California gubernatorial race by Republican candidate Meg Whitman, whose campaign has spent a record 110 million dollars with mainstream and Latino media outlets while spending none of her campaign advertising dollars with African American media outlets. Similarly, the DNC (Democratic National Committee) is spending 50 million dollars in their national “Get Out the Vote” advertising campaign in the next three weeks and none with Black owned media in the state. Likewise, California’s Democratic candidates have spent an estimated 80 million dollars collectively have not spent any of their ad dollars with Black owned media.


    The Kimberkimber.com campaign advertising expenditure research found that between May of 2010 and October 1, 2010, none of California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s multi-million dollar media budget had been spent with California’s African American owned media, compared to the 20 to 25 million dollars spent with Hispanic owned media, and 70 to 75 million dollars spent with White owned or “mainstream” media outlets.

    “Despite having a huge media budget and a legitimate appeal to the African American voter, the Whitman campaign has made an infamous historical decision not to market her candidacy to the millions of African American voters in our state”, explained Mark Kimber, CEO of Kimber, Kimber and Associates and KimberKimber.com.

    Further, the Kimberkimber.com study found the DNC and Democrat candidates running for office as being equally racist and discriminatory in their media buys. To this date, neither the DNC, nor any statewide Democrat candidate, has placed any media buys with Black owned newspapers in the state of California, despite “bragging” about spending 50 million dollars nationally for a “Get Out the Vote” ad campaign.

    “It’s an amazing fact that the DNC and Democrat candidates are proving to be the most discriminatory and racist marketers in the history of our nation’s elections. How can they (Democrats) spend 50 million dollars on a national ‘Get Out the Vote’ campaign and ignore their most supportive block of votes; the Black community. Historically, the whole strategy of a `Get Out the Vote’ effort has been to target your most supportive base, until now it appears, and unless that base happens to be Black!” stated Kimber.

    “We want answers to our questions as to why the African American media is not being utilized by candidates of both the Democrat and Republican parties to reach out to the African American voter. To this date, we have been unsuccessful in getting any response from campaign officials or their advertising agencies, political consultant groups, or pollster firms, currently being paid multi-million dollars by office-seekers, as well as both the Republican and Democrat political parties regarding these issues”, stated Kimber.

    Release Date: October 12, 2010. Release Number: KKA 201. For more information, please contact (559) 268-0941. Kimber Kimber & Associates is a respected national advertising agency and marketing firm which specializes in African American print media campaigns including campaign development, market research, brand marketing and development, and diversity outreach campaigns. KK&A’s expertise has been utilized by national and international corporations, political candidates, and governmental agencies.

  • Audrey

    There was a young lady asking about how do you finish school as a single Mom with kids. I took 3 units each semester and never gave up. Today you can also take online classes at night while the kids are doing homework you can too. It took me 14 years to complete my BS and another 4 to complete my masters. I was a teenage Mom. be encourage and don’t give up!