BREAKING: It was announced Thursday morning that KJLH management heard from the community and is honoring their request to keep Dominique DiPrima and the Front Page on the air in its current time slot.  So the Front Page isn’t going anywhere. Well alright for community feedback and community power–and thank you KJLH because we need our early morning communications drum.

I’m not happy about this, not happy at all, but it is what is and everyone’s got to change to keep up with the times and how we consumers want to get our news so why should KJLH or the Front Page be any different?  It just sucks a little being such a pivotal election year and of course the ever shrinking visible and now audible presence of Blacks in Los Angeles County. But we must go on and we shall as it’s not all bad news.  Just a bit of change for us die hard Front Page listeners.

So in case you haven’t heard, after 27 years on-air in Los Angeles, our beloved 102.3 KJLH is dropping its daily broadcast of the popular news and public affairs show Front Page per the show’s host and my homegirl Dominique DiPrima.

To keep up with the digital age, the live ninety-minute program will end its traditional weekday broadcast September 16 and transition to on demand content and a Saturday morning broadcast between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Now we all have a reason to rise and shine on Saturday mornings–that is if you don’t already.

According to Dominique, “Front Page is changing with the times.  It will now be available 24/7 on the KJLH mobile app and we will be producing video content for Radio Free TV along with news, commentary and election updates throughout the day. We are calling it Front Page Mobile because it is in the on-demand format of today’s media. And of course the all new Front Page will air Saturday mornings which will allow us to still broadcast live in the community.”

For those who don’t know, Front Page was born out of the 1992 Los Angeles civil unrest during a need for Los Angeles’ African-American community to have an on-air gathering place for news and commentary on issues affecting the Black community.  Front Page has been known as Southern California’s early morning communications in the Black community for almost three decades.

Hosted by talk radio veteran Dominique DiPrima for the last 11 years, before coming to KJLH Ms. DiPrima spent three years as co-host of the Steve Harvey Morning Show KKBT-FM and in limited syndication. In addition to being one of “Harvey’s Angels” interviewing celebrities and providing fuel for Harvey’s humor she was the News Director and anchor for the show. For nine years Dominique was the host and producer of the popular show Street Science on now defunct 100.3 The Beat. Like the Front Page, Street Science tackled topics of relevance to a primarily African-American and Latino 18 to 35 year-old audience earning her an L.A. Weekly “Best of L.A.” award and a Gracie Award from the American Women in Radio and Television among many others.

As a television host for San Francisco NBC affiliate KRON-TV, Dominique garnered five Emmy Awards, six Parents Choice Awards, an Ollie and the SAG/AFTRA American Scene Award for positive portrayals of women, the disabled, senior citizens and people of color.

Dominique says, “Front Page is not going away. It is moving and evolving. Now throughout the day we will have views and news that are not always present in the mainstream news on every platform of KJLH.”

The new Front Page will air on KJLH Saturday’s from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. beginning Saturday, September 10.

We’ll be listening, participating and doing whatever else is needed to ensure the successful transition of the Front Page and continued success Dominique and of one of a handful of Black owned, operated and independent radio stations, our KJLH.  #teamwork