Look, it’s very hard to defend bad behavior, and there’s no two ways about it–running up to people and sucker punching them is bad behavior–and where I come from will get you killed.  So no, I don’t condone this new or not so new game called “Knockout” where usually teens go up to some unsuspecting person and hit them as hard as they can to see if they can knock them out in one punch—for kicks.  That’s just stupid and shows how utterly bored kids are these days.

And for the record, I especially think it’s asinine for these same teens to be knocking out older people and women and considering that some sort of triumph.  Look–if you’re going to play the game, as stupid as it is, don’t take the easy route.  Try to knock a someone out that’s in or above your league.  I’m just saying, you’re 17 and he’s 87–really?  Where’s the challenge in that?

Now I am not completely convinced this knockout game is actually a “thing.”  What I suspect is that since most of the videos of knockout-related attacks seem to all feature Black teens knocking some unsuspecting white person out–our good friends at Fox News have decided to use it to their advantage to rile up white folks and to help create mass hysteria by allowing whites to believe that they are subject to be under attack by mobs of Black teens randomly. Therefore, making it a “thing” and a perfect example of how incidents like death of Trayvon Martin happen and other countless examples of a white person who shot first and asked questions later while a Black person bled to death on the floor.

I also refuse to buy into the notion that this is just a Black thing.  I especially won’t help perpetuate the myth that the knockout game is the direct result of fatherless households in Black America.  Kids will be kids.  They are always going to do stupid shit, this is an example of that. It’s not time to scrutinize the structure of the Black family, because when it comes to the breakdown of the Black family, white America continues to play its part.

While Fox News likes to quote the statistics of out of wedlock births in Black America, they almost aways usually forget to quote the hate crime statistics that show that there are more anti-Black hate crimes in America than anti-white.  Fox also forgets to point out that many of their viewers are the same conservative voters who time and time again veto funding for after-school programs and other social programs aimed at teens in urban communities. Which some might argue, is partially to blame for phenomenons like the knockout game.

In conclusion, I come from the land of the Crips and the Bloods, where squabbing and duking it out one on one was replaced with AK47s a long time ago.  Real talk.  So while the knockout game is horrific, it could always be worse.  But like the great Pomona philosopher Suga Free once said, “if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”