Wendys Got A Gun


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For the record, if a photo of a smiling Republican Kevin James, Black Jan Perry, Latino Emanuel Pleitez, or former District Attorney’s son (Eric Garcetti) holding an AK 47 had surfaced and made its way onto the Internet–folks would be falling all over themselves trying to break the news.  But somehow because its Wendy Greuel who’s the one smiling and holding the AK 47–it’s ok, proving yet again there’s a double standard when it comes to certain candidates.

The photo above was taken at the  September 11, 2009 at the LAPHS Annual Jack Webb dinner in Universal Studios. The gun Wendy is posing and smiling with was a part of a silent auction held that night.

So what do the NRA, Senator John McCain, and the Republican Party all have in common?  Wendy Greuel.

As a self-proclaimed Democrat, in her capacity as city controller for the city of Los Angeles, Wendy flew on the taxpayer’s dime to Washington D.C. to attend the 2010 National League of Cities.  Where, according to Greuel’s own publicly available calendar, she took time to meet with National Rifle Association (NRA) lobbyists and attend a Republican leadership luncheon featuring Arizona Republican Senator John McCain.

Now isn’t she always taking credit for cleaning up wasteful spending at city hall and putting a stop to unnecessary travel and lavish trips for Councilmembers?

I didn’t know that it was common practice for city controllers to meet with lobbyists—let alone the NRA of all groups.  What kind of business could she possibly have on behalf of the city of Los Angeles with the NRA and Senator McCain?

And then there’s her December 15, 2012 “My Heart is Broken” email about the tragedy at Sandy Hooks Elementary School.

And I quote:

As a leader in our community, I know that we can do better. As a longtime supporter of Women Against Gun Violence here in LA, we can do more to stop gun violence. We can do more to save lives and prevent needless suffering.

It’s time for Congress to take action. A good start would be passing legislation renewing Senator Dianne Feinstein’s ban on assault weapons and a ban on high capacity ammunition magazines.

I’m proud to support New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns in demanding common-sense gun laws that close the loopholes that put these dangerous weapons in the wrong hands. As your Mayor, I will join these Mayors across the country and play an active role in pushing Congress to act.

Really, because looking at the picture of a smiling Wendy, in a dress, holding what is clearly a gun doesn’t convey to me that same message. That photo says to me that Wendy Greuel will say whatever she needs to say to whomever is in front of her at the moment to get their support.

Wendy Greuel has been all over Eric Garcetti for accepting the endorsement of Kevin James, a Republican—when she herself courted Kevin and Jan Perry for the matter, right after the primary trying to get their endorsements.

Add to that, she sends out a mailer, that I get, explaining how Kevin is a Republican and shame on Eric for touting his endorsement.

The last time I checked, former mayor Richard Riordan was a Republican and that didn’t stop her from announcing his endorsement to anyone who would listen.

Let me not forget to mention that if Wendy were to win the mayor’s race, that’d be her 3rd elected office in just five years.  There’s no real guarantee that she’ll remain in the mayor’s office for a full term if a seat for higher office opens up that she’s interested in given her history of participating in musical chairs.

So will the real Wendy Greuel please stand up?