We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

It’s been a rough past couple of week for the Los Angeles Police Department’s union.

On September 24, uniformed officers received a “non-food item” in their order at a Farmer Boys restaurant prompting the union to put out a rare weekend alert telling officers to not eat there while they investigate. Yuck.


Most recently union president Craig Lally fired off a tersely worded letter to Mayor Eric Garcetti regarding police commission appointee Cynthia McClain-Hill. It seems that McClain-Hill may be too sympathetic to what the union refers to as “disruptive activists” and “public agitators” aka Black Lives Matters Los Angeles and their friends.

But as bad as all of that sounds, I’m happy to be able to report that it looks like things might be looking up for the union that represents 9,900 rank-and-file sworn members of the LAPD—and it’s thanks in part to one its most outspoken directors.

While it hasn’t been officially announced as a new policy, it looks like the LAPD has begun to take steps to make it that much easier for Reserve Officers under the age of 21 to carry a firearm. Yes, it’s true—but there’s a catch. It appears that for now, you have to know someone who is willing to circumvent existing Department policy to make it happen.

Currently, LAPD Reserve Officers receive the same training as full-time officers. While you can apply to be a Reserve Officer at the age of 18, you must be 21 to carry a gun. Level III Reserved Officers are uniformed officers who are qualified to carry a firearm and are at least 21 years of age. That is until now.

file:///C:/Users/30374/AppData/Local/Temp/XPgrpwise/57A36775LAPLos Angeles Police Protective League Director Jamie McBride has been hard at work to get the Department to change the minimum age for a Reserve Officer to be able to carry a gun.

Thanks to a little behind the scenes work on McBride’s part, it seems that his daughter and two other Reserve Officer recruits–all 19-year-olds–have been allowed to undergo firearms training—even though it’s against Department policy.


While McBride is normally known for representing the rank-and-file and going toe-to-toe with command staff over their many shenanigans, when it came to getting a few strings pulled for his underage daughter and firearms training, he put in a call to Assistant Chief Bea Girmala who gave the green light. Yes, you read that right, McBride called in a favor to benefit from command staff’s shenanigans.  I know, I know.


Who needs Department policy when it’s all about who you know? Policy schmolicy.


We’re still awaiting a date for when this new policy is available to the children, friends and relatives of the nearly 9,900 officers the union represents.  For now it appears to require the green light from Chief–scratch that–Assistant Chief Girmala.  Officers who have prospective candidates should reach out to McBride for assistance in getting Girmala’s okay.

No word yet on how this new policy will boost affect the Department’s recruiting efforts.