Michael Richardson, right, hugs L.A. County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore
after a news conference on the death of Mitrice Richardson. (Mark Boster, Los Angeles Times / August 11, 2010)

Some in the media likes to think they are the end all and that they can’t be wrong when it’s actually quite the opposite.  They get it wrong all the time.  And not only do they get it wrong, they can be biased and at times are very misleading.  As is the case with this photo and caption from the Los Angeles Times’ website.

Now you may be asking, what’s wrong with this photo.

First of all, Michael Richardson did not hug Steve Whitmore.  We were walking out of the media room at the Sheriff’s headquarters flanked by photographers and Steve Whitmore took the opportunity to put on a show for the cameras.

Michael didn’t want to hug Steve, Steve walked up to Michael.

I just happened to still be recording when this little interaction took place.

This is the point where Michael made the reference to Steve about his tap dancing around issues and I seconded it.

Had Carla Hall or Andrew Blankstein been there to witness it themselves instead of relying on the photographer’s caption maybe they’d have told the truth about this interaction–but then again maybe not.  Like I said in the beginning the some in the media are biased. The photographer obviously wasn’t paying attention to the interaction and was just snapping away because again, the caption, doesn’t fit with what actually took place.

A more accurate caption, albeit as controversial as it may have been, would have been to say:

Steve Whitmore, left, hugs Michael Richardson after a news conference on the death of Mitrice Richardson.