LA Police Union Has Jokes and Sends Email to Ezell Ford’s Mother

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

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So it seems that the union that represents the rank-and-file men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department has jokes.

On Friday, out of the blue, Tritobia Ford, Ezell Ford’s mother gets an email directly from the Los Angeles Police Protective League with the subject line: LAPPL BLOG: How can you trust the judgment of a Police Commission that applies the wrong legal standard?

Tritobia Ford - LAPPL Email

First, how in the hell did the League get her email address?  She never has received emails from the police union before.  Her email address is not public.  But all of a sudden just days after the Board of Police Commissioner’s controversial decision that found one of the officers “out of policy” for shooting her son in South L.A. last summer, she’s signed up on the League’s email list.


Someone over at the League has jokes and they are not funny.

Mrs. Ford and her entire family have gone through enough already.  The last thing she needs is to get some email from the League critiquing the Commission’s decision and pointing the finger back at her son.  If that’s how the League feels, fine.  They are entitled to feel that way but they can discuss it amongst themselves or take it up directly with the Commission.  Why in the hell would you send it to Mrs. Ford except for shock value and to be cruel?

I seriously doubt the majority of the rank-and-file represented by the League, no matter how they feel about the shooting of Ezell Ford and the Commission’s decision would have co-signed on something like this.  No, I think this is courtesy of some of the League’s shady leadership who are pissed off at the Commission.

I emailed the League’s president Craig Lally directly about this on Friday and heard nothing back from him.  I wonder if he was the one who added Tritobia’s name to the email list?

At any rate it was a cruel and evil thing to do to a woman who has gone through enough drama with the LAPD.  Her son is dead Christ’s sake. And while I doubt they are, the League ought to be ashamed of themselves.

If they wanted to send that email to someone they should have sent it to all five members of the Police Commission with whom they have their gripe with.

Now if a cop was killed and someone sent an email to the officer’s wife gloating about how that cop deserved to be killed and created the situation in which to be killed, the LAPPL would be fit to be tied.  They’d be screaming bloody murder into every news camera they could find.  This is no different.

This is the kind of shit that keep tensions high and keeps the drama going.

Cut it the fuck out.

And for my folks represented by the League, please have a talk with your peeps.  They are seriously tripping and obviously trying to start some shit.


The Court of Public Opinion

  • gnomer

    LAPPL just like LAPD and even the Police Commssioners, don’t give a rats ass about Ezell Ford or his mother. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Can’t say I’m surprised.

  • lglegl

    Since when did you become concerned with information that is not public? Seems to me that your entire site is dedicated to soliciting information that is confidential (and illegal to release in some cases) and not meant for public view.

    Also, let me be clear that I actually enjoy and in many cases (when legal) support your outing of LAPD Management who too often get a free pass on their transgressioins and crimes. However, when you use words like “fuck” and other uneeded languange, you lose credibility with those whom you would never guess support much of what you do. Just food for thought.

  • BIGDAWG911

    Now Now tyler, calm down tiger. Its ok. Your talking nonsense about illegalities. Its only confidential if it’s not released and so the proof is in the pudding. Shes only talking about the fact that somebody at the lappl sent Ms. Ford this specific document to her personal email. which if you did not know, talks about the death of her son. Whether wrong or right, it was a bad move by whoever at lappl put this lady on lappl’s email list. And like you I actually also enjoy the exposure of lapd’s management corruption.

    but this my little friend was a bad move, because it is not supported by many of the lappl members. Nor do I believe that if asked that lappl members would want to have Ms. Ford on the lappl’s mailing list. your comparing apples and oranges.

  • I curse in life and I occassionally curse on my blog. Sorry if it offends but it’s my blog. Second, you’re absolutely correct about confidential info and my blog BUT this is a grieving family who doesn’t deserve to be taunted by the League. When I do it it’s for the greater good. What good came out of sending that email to her?

  • ugh again

    this blog has released confidential information which was illegally obtained regarding personnel complaints and the minor children of officers. furthermore, a murdering individual whom this blog wholeheartedly supports phoned the father of one of his murder victims to taunt him. as usual picking and choosing what is acceptable based on what fits the agenda.

  • BIGDAWG911

    Come on, how do you know information is confidential and illegally obtained?? Were you on the reports ?? Is it your personnel complaints?? and what children are you talking bout?! and as for supporting murdering individuals, you must be talking about , chief beck and downing and the other idiots, who supported boxer enriquez, a murderous psycho !!!!! slow your roll, foolio.

  • ugh again

    no joke. people’s lives have been irrevocably damaged by these incidents. just thank God it wasn’t you.


    Despite what you think, there was no intention to specifically cause Ms. Ford additional heartache. The email was not targeted or intentional to be cruel as you have stated.

    Emails for the League’s Public Safety First website are collected from legally obtained voter files and Ms. Ford has been receiving those emails since October 2012. Since then she has received over 2 dozen emails from the League’s Public Safety First campaign and has opened 6 of them according to the website dashboard.

    At any time recipients can reply and have thier email address removed from the campaign.

  • If I have to choose whether or not to believe your version or hers I’m going with Mrs. Ford. She has nothing to gain by lying but you do.


    Your choice, but for anyone who is interested in the truth, we have the documentation to prove it. We didn’t maliciously or intentionally target Ms. Ford with that PSF email and had we known she was part of the PSF email list, we certainly would have removed her from that mailing. Our apologies to Ms. Ford.

  • Craig et al, send over the proof, we’ll post it. Thanks!

  • Keith Shirey

    LAPPL: Either you can’t spell or you don’t proof your writing. The word you are reaching for in your last paragraph is “their,” not “thier.” Your phrase in the first paragraph, “The email was not targeted or intentional [the word is “intended”] to be cruel. . .” suggests that you are barely literate. I don’t know if you are stupid, ignorant, or both. You probably don’t understand irony but isn’t it somehow strange that the LAPPL’s Public Safety First campaign is defending “peace officers” who seemingly murder innocent members of the public while protecting “public safety.” I can only hope LAPPL that you are not connected with that group. If so, you have totally discredited them. Go back to the 6th grade and try to stay awake in class this time!

  • The sky is falling, THE SKY IS FALLING. No one can be irrevocably damaged by knowing the truth. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  • Yes, screen shot it over Mr.. Lally, and if you’re on the level I will take back all the bad mouthing I did about you on the LA Times website….

  • atheistlibertariancriminalassh

    as a proud union member i am often embarrassed by the antics of police and corrections officer unions.

  • ugh again

    then acknowledge the truth about the murdering psychopath Dorner and we can call it a day.

  • Hn

    No you won’t! notice that you quietly removed lying damaging stories about LAPD. Care to tell the world why? That’s right you will never show how wrong about everything you have been for the past few years

  • Chuck

    iPhone typos, relax.

  • Lappl


  • Yes, and like I said in my email, I will take a look at it later today post what you sent. Thanks!

  • any chance you’re interested in writing and publishing about this?

  • cutty sark

    Captain Quan told authorities about a phone call he received from a person claiming to be Chris Dorner. The call came 11 hours after the shootings in Corona and Riverside, thus after the burned truck was located in Big Bear and at a time Dorner is assumed to be hiding out in Big Bear evading the door-to-door manhunt. However, the phone call to Captain Quan originated from a city in Washington State – over 600 miles North of Big Bear, CA.
    Authorities haven’t revealed the final results of their investigation into the phone call which taunted Captain Quan, However, the call originated from the hometown of an Irvine P.D. detective.

  • cutty sark

    The most unexpected development over the past 10 months since Ezell Ford was killed has been the emergence of Tritobia Ford..
    She was only a very young teenager when Ezell was born, the first of her 8 children. Looking at her background would give most people very low expectations about her communication skills, but Ezell’s mother has been surprisingly impressive.
    Tritobia has time and again displayed a voice of intelligence, clarity, confidence and calm determination in her public appearances.
    She has lost a son and she is still in grief over that tragedy.
    But she is also fully engaged with developments in this case. She is advocating on behalf of her deceased son and her family. Although her role may be accidental, Tritobia has even begun to draw eyes of a community and society which craves someone to look up to who brings a genuine message for change based on understanding and equality.
    As for Emails from LAPPL with content which could upset the mother of a son killed by police under controversial circumstances – I would not waste any effort to worry about Tritobia Ford. That is one very strong woman who can handle herself just fine.

  • atheistlibertariancriminalassh

    Does it pay? How much? How many words do you need, how often?

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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  • no, it doesn’t pay . it’s a community website built and maintained for the purpose of empowering people to publish the truth . please email me at demotropolis@demotropolis dot org if you’re interested

  • Gina Smith

    Question. Do any of know if the LAPPL has the right to go into the LAPD and secure 10 year old police reports (i guess they are public right) but also cops’ arrest tapes to use them against people or companies involved in disputes in them. Is this typical? Or is this illegal? Thanks in advance.

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  • no it doesn’t pay . this is a community project : publishing the truth . this isn’t a daily, weekly, or even monthly publishing project . it’s an ongoing project to empower people to publish the truth one story at a time