Okay, so for this edition of Ladies Night Out the girls and I went to BEP’s will.i.am’s listening party in Santa Monica for the forthcoming BEP album The END ( (“The Energy Never Dies”)

First things first, thanks to Fly Life Entertainment for the invite. We had a good time.

Second, the album is off the chain! Check for “Imma Be,” that’s going to be my new theme song, lol.

Third, gots to do some name-dropping. There were many folks in attendance, including the man himself Timbaland who in my opinion was out hoeing last night. But that’s a whole other post, lol. But Timb, I saw you. I did, for real…I did.

For the record, while I do like the new album and I am a staunch BEP fan, um—I still favor Kim Hill over Fergie any day of the week and that’s just being real. Sorry Fergie, you ain’t no Kimmy Kim.

It was a cute party.  I think with the four of us, will.i.am, Apl.de.ap, and give or take four others, we made the ten Black folks in the house.  My guess is that there were about 100 to 150 there.  will and Apl deejayed the entire night.  This was explained to me as being a tastemaker/listening party for the BEP’s to get a handle on how people were feeling the new album.  Been to one been to them all so I am clear, no make that crystal clear on whose taste and ears they were going for.  That’s all I am going to say on that–except for that we had an interesting conversation on the way home about culture bandits, as I like to refer to them. I was in the minority on my position and I’ll just let you guess what that position is.

Anyway, Margo, Ellene, and Roxanne (Shante, lol), I had blast. Let’s do it again soon.

Check for the new BEP album dropping I believe June 9.