The LAPD Captain Arrested for DUI

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We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

This story has been updated.  All updates appear at the end of the original article.


With so much drama in the LAPD…

First there was LAPD Captain John Egan getting high off of marijuana.

Now let’s talk about the Captain who got arrested for a DUI.

The next time you get pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence Mr. or Ms. Civilian look straight into the eyes of the LAPD officer and say I know all about Captain Edward Propkop—and just to make sure you actually do, let me tell you about him.

As mentioned in LAPD Captain Peter Whittingham’s open letter to the Police Commission, there was a certain Captain who was arrested for a DUI.


LAPD Captain III Edward Prokop

LAPD Captain III Edward Prokop

…please start by asking him (again) about the captain who was stopped by Riverside Police for what may have been a DUI investigation.

Is it true that his relationship with the Chief influenced the abbreviated investigation and the eventual outcome of that incident?

To get the full story, you may want to have the Inspector General speak to the person who picked up the captain from Riverside Police, and his next-door neighbor who has the whole scoop on the incident.

According to LAPD insiders, that Captain was Ed Prokop of South L.A.’s Newton Division.  Captain Prokop replaced Captain Jorge Rodriguez when he was demoted for not getting Lieutenant Andrew Barboza’s phone before it could be washed of certain photos of Chief Charlie Beck’s daughter. We’ll call that scandal Hoopesgate.

Prokop is a Captain III and considered one of Chief Beck’s favorite young captains.  Prokop is said to have promoted from Sergeant to Captain III in record time and is line to be promoted to Commander.  Apparently Beck’s relationship with Prokop started when Prokop was a brand new officer at Southeast Division around 1996.

So back to the DUI…

Prokop was pulled over for a DUI in Riverside where he was taken to the police station and released to another LAPD Captain after getting the okay from Chief Beck.

One more time.

Prokop was pulled over for a DUI in Riverside where he was taken to the police station and released to another LAPD Captain after getting the okay from Chief Beck.

The DUI is said to be listed under “other” and this was intentional so that Prokop if asked about it could claim that he was under the influence of prescription meds and not alcohol (but it really was alcohol).

As we all know, a DUI is a DUI and cops aren’t supposed to get DUI’s of any kind.  End of story.

There was an Internal Affairs investigation but if Captain III Prokop is still on the job, then you know what kind of investigation it was as alluded to in Whittingham’s letter.

And for the naysayers in the media, this is something that many people in the Department know about, that is if you need corroboration.  Like Captain Whittingham said, check with Captain Prokop’s next-door neighbor.  I’d also check with Riverside PD and the California Highway Patrol.

I’m not done with Prokop.  There’s some ramblings about embezzled money, stolen laptops, and a lawsuit.  I’m checking into that and will let you know if there’s any truth to the allegations.  You know I will.

Updated Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 10:56 a.m.

Connecting the dots on Prokop’s “handling” includes making note of the fact that the chief of police in Riverside is Sergio Diaz who spent thirty-three years in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Updated at 10:30 p.m.

I’ve been told by a LAPD insider close to the situation that Captain Prokop was detained by the Riverside Police Department and not arrested.  Prokop allegedly flashed his badge and let the Riverside Police know that he was a cop with LAPD.

It is said that Deputy Chief Jose Perez, a close friend of Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz and who spent 33 years working in the LAPD, and Perez’s neighbor (not Prokop’s as earlier referenced) drove from Norco to pick up Prokop.  Perez’s neighbor got into the mix because Perez needed someone to drive the city car back.

I was also told that Inspector General Alex Bustamante interviewed both Prokop and the neighbor regarding the incident.

I’m working on verifying the date of the incident.  

More soon come…



The Court of Public Opinion

  • Lakerguy

    Ouch, I was wondering how long it was going to be until this came out. I think it was Super Bowl weekend…..anyway. Took long enough. And to think of the penalties he handed out before during and after, to lowlife patrol cops for the same damn thing. Sad.

  • cutty sark

    You can go ahead and contact Riverside PD about the incident involving Captain Prokop, but don’t expect them to share anything they don’t have to. Don’t forget that prior to taking the position of Chief of Police in Riverside, Sergio Diaz worked his entire career at LAPD.
    As long as we are on the subject of Riverside PD and LAPD and Chief Diaz and Chief Beck, they have a much larger and costlier incident they need to keep under the radar – liability for negligence contributing to the ambush shooting death of RPD Officer Michael Crain during the Dorner manhunt.

  • Keeping It Real

    Yes!! So glad all this dirt on LAPD is finally coming out. Moral at Newton division is at an all time low and it it all because of that piece of shit captain procock. Officers hate walking the halls of Newton because of him but refuse to leave because of how great that division is. Officers at Newton refuse to go to any Xmas parties, picnics or any other group or “team building” activities because of his reign. It’s very sad and makes me angry to think that there have been very good Newton cops punished for the same type of DUI offenses but this asshole gets to skate free and everyone keeps it hush hush just cause he’s Becks boy!

  • Lakerguy

    You know what is kind of funny about all this. The person releasing all this information is someone probably very close to Beck, it’s probably someone he is calling and asking for advice on how to handle this. He (Beck) is a victim of the Department he created! It’s a Department where it doesn’t matter how good you are. At all! It has come down to “Who you know? Who your having sex with or not? How will you help the our Regime and hide our dirt?” Guess what Chief? One of your pals is selling you out, because he wants your job!! I guess this person found a most unlikely friend, a reporter that is not afraid to air out LAPD’s dirt. No one is safe with this brave lady. I’m going to go rearrange the skeletons in my closet now. One can only tell who is next!!!

  • moore2317


  • The truth of the matter

    Jasmyne- your uncovering/revealing of what’s going on in the LAPD is long overdue and so much appreciated by the hard working men and women of the Department. This is corroborated by the overwhelming responses you have received in the many issues you have recently brought to light. Your posts are exactly what the men and women who don’t have sponsors/relatives in the upper ranks of the Department needed as you can see that FINALLY people are listening. I hope your further investigation into this DUI issue will get to the truth of the matter as many have been penalized for similar acts yet weren’t part of a click and did not fare so well with regard to penalties. If the truth shows that this is false then so be it and he should be vindicated. However, if on the other hand if it should prove that this in fact did occur people must be held accountable. Have you considered reaching out to the Riverside media/Newspaper as they have a watchdog affiliated with their main newspaper??? Please continue to do what you are doing.

  • Joe from L.A

    Great stuff. Now lets get someone with “paperwork” who can lay out Deputy “Swinger” Chief George Villegas. I heard this dude should have been fired and prosecuted years ago, and hez had more “On Duty” sex then Chief Moore has; another SFV Swinger. Can’t wait for the next Big coffee of the day. THANX JASMYNE!!

  • 1942 transient

    Whats so bad about swinging? I use to love to swing as a kid. We use to see how high we could go and then jump off into the sand. Those were glorious days as a child. We also played on the monkey bars and played tag. So I dont see why you are attacking and LAPD Assistant Chief and Deputy Chief for swinging.

    Oh, thats a term for something else. Im sorry I misunderstood. But isnt he married? You know Im a hard core street cop with 20 plus years on, but now you’ve gone and tarnished my innocent mind and the term “swinging” will be forever ruined for me. Thanks a lot “Joe from LA.” I always thought command staff were like priests. Good, decent, solid reputable people that you can always count on for honesty and integrity. Next thing you tell me Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and unicorns aren’t real.

  • Joe from L.A

    Santa Claus is NOT real?? That’s it, I’m moving to Canada. LOL..

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