LAPD Captain Caught Getting High at Police Station

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We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


The next time you Mr. or Ms. Civilian get hassled for smoking marijuana by any member of the LAPD I want you to say three words to the officer hassling you: Captain John Egan.

West Valley Area Captain III John Egan has cancer, or at least that’s what he told his superiors after he was caught in his office at the police department getting high on marijuana.

Again, according to LAPD insiders, his own colleagues, Captain Egan was sent home from work after being caught at the police station smoking a fat one.  Fellow police officers walked past his office and questioned the smell coming out of it as one that was more than faintly familiar and one that should definitely not being coming from the Captain’s office.  Ya think?

Captain Egan’s punishment didn’t last long however because he lawyered up.

The department ended up reversing its discipline of the Captain after his attorney told them his client has a valid medical marijuana card and a prescription.

All of which has really irritated many in the department.

Quoting one officer “well if that’s the case then we can all smoke it as long as we have a prescription and they can’t fire you.”

Another officer told me, “so now we have command staff smoking weed if they have a prescription, nice.”

As far as Chief Charlie Beck is concerned on the Egan situation, I was told that he is waiting on an opinion from the city attorney on what to do in light of California’s laws around medical marijuana.

This same cop also told me that, “this whole thing would change our department, totally.  What message does it send to officers when one of your bosses is allowed to do it for whatever reason?”

I’ll add to that it wouldn’t be such a big deal if every car in the LAPD’s fleet didn’t have a D.A.R.E. sticker on the back of it. It seems a little hypocritical to me.

While I am very sympathetic to Captain Egan’s situation with cancer as I would be with anyone, I just can’t figure out how smoking marijuana, recreational or medicinal, in a Captain’s office at a police station is any kind of right.  And if marijuana has such an adverse affect on us civilians as we’re always being told by the police, someone needs to explain to me the affect smoking weed has on a LAPD Captain’s abilities to do his job?

I was gonna get promoted to Commander but then I got high…

Now me personally, I don’t touch the stuff.  In fact, I just resist drugs and violence every chance I get.  But that’s just me.

If Captain Egan’s little situation interests you, consider attending the next meeting of the Police Commission on Tuesday.  I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.



The Court of Public Opinion

  • Johnny Rico

    The big problem here is that the main stream media won’t touch this story. Instead, it gets relegated to fringe media outlets. I respect the author of this story for her courage in reporting on this and other police abuse stories but, let’s face it, she just isn’t considered mainstream. A lot of of people who read her stories end up concluding that this is a race issue, a prejudice issue, or some other area of limited impact. Sure, racism is present in some of these stories and it is a very major issue. The bigger issue though is systemic police corruption. Racism in the police is a form of corruption that tends to affect a small percentage of the population – us.
    Police corruption is an issue that hits everybody equally. It impacts white people, Hispanic people, black people, and all other people equally. The challenge is to get that corruption in front of the general public in a way that they cannot ignore.

  • Rea Adams

    Not on the job, if you want to smoke fine, but it’s like drinking on the job. Keep a clear head when making major decisions.

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  • colonel

    the COP fires people for lying..except his relatives and friends…nothing like a little nepotism to ruin his officers morale

  • On The Job

    I just want to make one clear distinction between all Law Enforcement staff and the working police officer…

    Had this been a street level police officer or a working detective… he’d be treated much differently by the police staff. And they would, as the should, make this a public information issue. But they (staffers) have a whole different set of guidelines when it comes to their “own”.

    There are command staff on the LAPD who have committed actual crimes, but is swept under the rug by internal affairs (now known as the professional standards bureau).

    LAPD officers know of these incidents simply because it’s impossible to hide them from in-house personnel. Whether told by one pal to another or during “pillow talk”, what these staffers do is well known among the troops…and it’s demoralizing when they (the staffers) are treated with kid-gloves by internal affairs (PSB) and/or when the punishment comes down from their “own”.

    There are many stories…
    One commander beat his wife regularly, when the police would show up, out of “professional courtesy” he’d not be arrested, but a report filed. That’s when he’d send his non-english speaking wife back to Korea until the LAPD statute of limitations expired… did this on 3 separate occasions… managed to retire with full pension and benefits…

    Then there’s the deputy chief who constantly gets caught, by outside agencies, in the company of prostitutes… on one occasion, one stole his unmarked take-home car, which contained department equipment, firearms and sensitive documents… He was last caught in December of 2007… still on the job.

    How about the police captain at Hollywood station who was not only selling pirated DVDs out of her dept issued take-home car, but was involved with a man who was making thousands of pirated DVD discs for sale on the streets… She managed to retire with her pension and benefits…

    How about the deputy chief who was constantly caught DWI…and in several occasion resisted the police, in one case actually fighting with them… nothing happened to him and he, yup you guessed it, retired with a full pension and benefits…

    One deputy chief had a long history of criminal activity… from rape of a subordinate to money laundering to facilitation of illegal drug distribution… he eventually managed to retire… he’s currently living out of country because the FBI indicted him for some of the drug related charges… his pal… bernard parks was suspect too…but as usual… they manage to get preferential treatment…

    One guy gets caught banging his secretary on duty in his office. His wife (a detective on the job) finds out and initiates a complaint. He lies about it, says it never happened. She has proof and presents it. He’s removed from his current position as a Lt and is hid in the psb (internal affairs) section for two years (he had to reach his 20). Found not guilty. He’s then promoted to Capt and… you guessed it, retires with a full pension and benefits…

    A captain is found passed out in his car as a result of being drunk…engine on, on the side of an off-ramp… he’s arrested and taken to the outside dept’s station. He’s treated like a guest, given coffee, donuts, a foot rub probably too… allowed to leave with a supervisor who then tucks him into bed at home… had that been a street cop… they would’ve booked him and housed him like any normal citizen caught in the same situation… but not staff… they’re taken care of.

    I could go on and on… 20 years on the LAPD gave me a real insight to the class difference between staff and the working police officers…

    A couple of years ago, Christopher Dorner’s inner time bomb went off… By no means do I condone what he did, but I totally understand it. You can fight the kangaroo style discipline system of the LAPD, but you’re not going to win unless you’re “sponsored”… for those of us who are not sponsored, the punishment never fits the “crime”…

    There are thousands of ticking bombs out there…many good cops have lost their jobs for mistakes of the heart…and there’s no recourse as the police union is deep under the covers with the staffers… Most police officers victimized by the unfair system within most department their frustration on themselves by self-destructing… not often do you hear about incidents like the Chris Dorner type… but don’t be surprised if that doesn’t change soon… as affirmative action and political correctness has allowed a lesser type of individual to have access to the job…

  • NinaG

    As a civilian, I was “administratively transferred” by an insecure, vindictive female captain. I charged retaliation and of course it went nowhere and I was assigned home with pay for one month because this captain had bad-mouthed my reputation and they “couldn’t find a job” for me.
    There was sexual harassment occurring at this captains station, theft of payroll money (letting a sergeant leave the state for employment elsewhere while reporting sick for 9 months), and of course, the myriad of problems that were occurring due the extreme favoritism that this captain exercised.
    Of course, she was promoted to Commander…
    Rumor has it she has been “protecteded” for years by a high ranking Deputy Chief…
    Go figure…

  • Paul Lucas

    Tell the capaitn to keep smoking and find others in the PD to start them smoking too.

  • SmarterThanSome

    I don’t like how you corral “drugs and violence” into the same sort of thing. I smoke weed just about every day, and I do it illegally despite living in California. Why? Because I’m young and healthy; I don’t need to justify my healthy habit with the guise of medicinal usage. I work 40+ a week, pay my taxes, and get my rent in on time every month. It’s time to end this war on normal people, and the stigma drug use carries. Alcohol carries no stigma and is very detrimental to society.

  • Sworn

    Captains attend numerous meetings all over the city, is this Captain driving his City Vehicle under the influence? This Captain has been making poor decisions since he started smoking Marijuana, which has negatively affected his subordinates. Yes, Marijuana is legal in California with a prescription. But Marijuana is not legal Federally! This Captain could do Federal Prison time for being under the influence of marijuana at work.

  • ChilliMe

    Drinking alcohol is perfectly legal, but drinking alcohol on the job not so much. Smoking Marijuana is by prescription but taking a medication while on duty which impairs judgment on most jobs is fire able offense.

  • Paul Choi


  • Paul Choi

    Federal law says that anyone addicted to narcotics cannot own a gun.

  • JackB

    I know most of the info on this site is in fact true with some minor mistakes. This story about Capt Egan sounds like BS and I never heard anything about it either.

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  • Mary Johnston

    Captain Egan DOES have cancer

  • Mary Johnston

    I’ve never heard about him smoking pot in the station either

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