LAPD Commander Accused of Being My Source Sues Department

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

His desperation is showing.

Los Angeles Chief Charlie Beck has sunk to a new low—a feat that I didn’t think possible even for him.

Today a lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of one Commander Patrick Smith. It seems that Beck, along with his cohorts Debbie McCarthy, Michel Moore and Arif Alikhan, somehow came to the conclusion that Smith was one of my sources leaking information on the misconduct and corruption taking place over at LAPDHQ.

According to the lawsuit, Beck and McCarthy dislike me because I’ve been writing negative articles about Beck and exposing command staff shenanigans and misconduct. Boo [bleeping] hoo.

Let’s stop and talk about that for just a moment.

To begin with, I had a life and career long before I ever wrote one single thing about Chief Beck and the LAPD. I still do for that matter.

But because folks had lost all faith in the Los Angeles Times when it came to reporting on anything that wasn’t spoon-fed to them by the Department’s spokesperson, I was asked to take an interest in what was going on the 10th floor of LAPDHQs. So I did just that.

From Chief Beck lying about buying that horse for his daughter to ride at work, to that hot mess formerly known as Detective Frank Lyga, to Beck’s daughter’s relationship and the ensuing scandal, proving that Christopher Dorner didn’t lie about his former training officer, the Department’s swanky book signing event for an ex-Mexican mafia hitman and most recently exposing how now Commander Ed Prokop aided and abetted in the stealing of tens of thousands of dollars from a non-profit that the City of Los Angeles quietly struck a backdoor deal to pay back this year.

And that’s just a sampling of what I’ve exposed.

But instead of taking a long hard look in the mirror and asking himself why is this happening, nah, Beck decided to go on a bloodthirsty witch hunt in the Department to find out who my source is. And that my friends is where this story gets very interesting.

If need be, I’ll testify to this in court under oath. Hell, I might even be willing to take a lie detector test but only if Beck does as well and my attorney says that I can.

I don’t know Commander Smith. He could walk up to me right now and I wouldn’t know who the man is.

I have a lot of sources, but he’s not one of them. And for the record, when I say I have a lot of sources, I have sources from floors 1 through 10 of LAPDHQs and throughout every single division and beyond. So good luck Beck and team with trying to pin down even one of my sources. If what is alleged in this lawsuit really happened—and I have no reason to believe that it didn’t—my sources and I can rest easy because these folks are idiots.

But back to the lawsuit.

So in Beck’s quest to find out who my source is, he came to the (albeit mistaken) conclusion that it was Smith. Oh, but did I mention that Commander Smith is African-American? That part.

According to the lawsuit, Smith’s office was unlawfully searched including his desk which was rummaged through. But the plot thickens.  It seems that when his desk was searched a file was found that was supposed to be for Inspector General Alex Bustamante.

What was in the file you ask?

The file contained Smith’s notes for the Inspector General concerning My Little Ponygate— the purchase of a certain horse by the City that was owned by Chief Beck’s daughter. Also in the file were notes 
 questioning the legality and ethical propriety pursuant to city ordinances 
and regulations for the sale of the horse.

The file was taken from Smith’s desk and never returned.

Now if you recall, that was a story I broke back in 2014. Chief Beck authorized the purchase of his daughter’s horse for her to ride at work.

The Los Angeles Police Department Foundation paid $6,000 for Chief Beck’s daughter’s horse. The horse known as “George” was purchased for her to use in the Mounted Platoon where she was assigned.

I remember how Chief Beck went on a whole rant claiming innocence before the news cameras and mics only to have come back hat in hand the next day trying to explain how his signature ended up on the paperwork okaying the purchase.

The lawsuit states:

Chief Beck and 
others in command staff, formed the belief that Plaintiff was going to report the aforesaid 
violations to the Office of the Inspector General. These beliefs were formed after Members of the Department broke into Plaintiff’s desk and found a file describing the sale 
 of the horse along with the annotation “Hold for the Inspector General.”

Cindy Beck (Chief Beck’s wife) served as a Director of the Mounted 
Foundation and assisted in raising money which was then directed to the Police 
Foundation (a separate organization) for the purchase of her daughter’s horse for use by 
the Los Angeles Police Department Metropolitan Division’s mounted unit. Chief Beck’s 
 daughter is a Los Angeles Police Officer and part of the mounted unit. Consequently, 
 Chief Beck’s daughter has and will in the future ride the horse that her family arranged for 
purchase by the Police Foundation. Plaintiff was the commanding officer of Metropolitan 
Division at the time of the purchase of the horse.

The horse was ultimately purchased by the Police Foundation and payment 
of the money was directed to Beck’s daughter upon the approval of Chief Beck.

After the story of the sale of the horse was broken by Jasmyne Cannick, 
Chief Beck was subjected to intense scrutiny by the news media. The scrutiny became 
much more acute after Chief Beck denied knowing about the sale, but subsequent 
 documents proved that Chief Beck actually signed off on the sale.

After discovering Plaintiff’s notes concerning the sale of the horse indicating 
that Plaintiff thought the sale was unlawful or a violation of city, state, and/or federal 
 statutes, regulations, and/or ordinances, and that Plaintiff was going to report the unlawful 
activities to the Inspector General, the Department increased its illegal retaliatory and 
harassing activities against Plaintiff.

Like I said, idiots.

Commander Smith wasn’t my source. As I said before, I don’t even know the man. I do feel for him though because apparently, he like so many others in the Department knew that whole deal to buy Beck’s daughter’s horse was a bunch of—horseshit.

But there’s more, there’s always more where Beck is concerned.

The lawsuit says that Beck and cronies then had documented that Smith was under criminal investigation when he was not. Smith was increasingly ostracized and ignored by 
command staff, and actually overheard Chief Beck comment that he (Chief Beck) was going to pop the stars off Smith’s collar.

Somebody needs to pop the stars off Beck’s collar. The nerve.

My trusty sources have also told me that in closed door meetings with the Police Commission and Chief Beck that the Department initially denied having SOD follow Smith but have now confessed to doing just that. For those not in the know, SOD or the Special Operation Division, reports directly to the Commanding Officer of the Professional Standards Bureau and is comprised of officers who provide support for internal investigations including the Ethics Enforcement Section (EES) which conducts secret operations on police officers.

If this is any indication of the investigative skills involved in finding my sources, let me tell you, I won’t be losing any sleep over this and neither will my sources.


It is sad though that instead of focusing on why officers feel it necessary to seek out a voice to expose the oftentimes criminal shenanigans of command staff Beck continues to be focused on the wrong thing. It also makes me wonder if these same tactics were used on people thought to be leaking information to the Los Angeles Times.  Probably not since it was the 10th floor doing all of the leaking and spoon feeding.  Nah, they’re just worried about who’s talking to me.

Also, I need to make it clear.  Take me out of the equation.  What happened here is that a sworn officer of the LAPD saw something he thought was wrong and tried to do the right thing by bringing it to the attention of the Inspector General. A right every officer has that is protected under law.  The Department didn’t like that and quite possibly broke the law by breaking into Smith’s office and taking the folder marked for the Inspector General in an effort to keep him from reporting this information.

Every chance Chief Beck gets he’s always trying to reassure the public of how serious he takes transparency and integrity and every chance I get I prove that out to be nothing more than false and misleading statements.

If Chief Beck will have a commander’s office broken into and use Department resources to follow him around, what do you think he’d be willing to do to lesser ranking officers? Exactly.

For the sake of the public, the men and women who are forced to serve under him and his cronies and the reputation of the City of Los Angeles, Beck needs to go.  Not at the end of the summer.  Not at the end of the year.  Right now, today.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the Chief should be angry that his leadership has opened up the flood gates for members of the Department to air the LAPD’s dirty laundry in hopes of shining a light on a rigged disciplinary system.  That’s a hot mess Jasmyne Cannick did not create.

When you promote a man who shamelessly helped steal money from a non-profit organization that the City of Los Angeles had to pay back—you create an environment ripe with discontent and low morale.

When you give an officer a 65-day vacation —not for using the n-word but for lying about it to LAPD investigators–you piss folks off.

When you force a sergeant into early retirement because he did the job you couldn’t in defending the Department–you make people want to talk to me.

When you use City resources to host a swanky book signing event so that wealthy donors can meet a convicted killer and ex-Mexican mafia hitman, lie about knowing anything about the event, lie about what the event was really about and then when that doesn’t work try to make someone else out to be the scapegoat–you remind us all why you need to go.

I have no doubt that Commander Smith will prevail in his lawsuit. Why shouldn’t he? I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me.  End of story.

As for Beck, his resignation can’t come soon enough and is long overdue. Mayor Eric Garcetti needs to pop the stars off Beck’s collar sooner than later.

Finally, there are a million trillion things I’d rather be doing than sitting around writing about the LAPD. It’s not something I particularly enjoy but it is something I am committed to doing as long as transparency and integrity continue to be something the 10th floor struggles with and as long as I have the trust of officers who help make it happen.

As for the men and women who keep me in the loop at all times on each and everything happening up in the L-A-P-D—thank you. We don’t agree on everything but I appreciate you and your sacrifice to get the truth out there. We make a good team when it matters the most and it’s obviously working based on the crazy antics of your boss trying to find out who you are. Get at me and like you always tell me, watch your six.


I’m not against the police. I’m not against the police department, but I am against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


The Court of Public Opinion

  • 18L

    Jasmyne that has to be probably the best written article next to the Boxergate. Chief Beck and cronies should be prosecuted like Undersheriff Tanaka and Sheriff Baca. I personally will be contacting the US Attorneys Office and provide them with a link to your website. This stuff has and will cease in Los Angeles or we will transform the system they exploit. Keep up the good work you can definitely ride in my patrol car any day.

  • I only want to ride if I can sit in the front. Sitting in the back of patrol cars isn’t a good look. Thank you 🙂

  • C pltn

    Ouch….. typical LAPD. Like the Russians did to their own retreating soldiers, shoot them. The LAPD doesn’t care if they got the right guy, as long as the message was sent. It happens regularly and more often than one thinks. “Kiss the ring, or else”

  • C pltn

    Or…..a source got caught. Maybe Commander Smith was playing both sides of the fence. In one hand, he gets every single thing he wants. In the other hand he tries to battle the nepotism and cronyism. Just saying.

  • I see your point but nah. They missed the mark with this one.

  • chavez

    beck is corrupt. hes a worthless pos!!! hes the worst chief lapd has ever had, even worse than parks.. and parks was dirty too but beck has definitely surpassed him. beck needs to take his shitty daughter and son and GTFOH !!! his kids can never be treated with respect after beck had tainted tainted himself… and beck should take his punk ass command buddies with him

  • Truth of the matter

    Jasmyne, thanks for posting this. Your absolutely right-Beck needs to go. The worst Corrupt Chief in the Departments history. No integrity and takes care of his own, Now rumor has it he must serve two years of his new (5-year) term to lock in full chiefs pension. So November marks his two years. on this second five year term. The hope by the silent majority in the Department is he calls it quits after he secures the full pension. He’s dirt and needs to go now. He left the Department in bad shape-morale’s at an all time low and so much division and back stabbing among his own staff-trust me the troops see it. It’s a joke.
    Mayb the same people who investigated Baca and Tanaka at the Sheriff’s Department should look over yonder at the corruption in the LAPD.
    Beck is an embarrassment and it’s time for him to go. What exactly Mayor Garcetti see’s in him- we don’t get?
    Thank you for exposing this and keep up the great work. Your the only voice we have so thank you!

  • Thank you!

  • cutty sark

    What do you want the U.S. Attorney to do about LAPD Chief Beck?
    If Mayor Garcetti thought he could do without Beck, he would have allowed the Chief’s contract to expire last year instead of giving him an opportunity to re-up another 5yrs.
    U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte was pulled off the LASD prosecution and kicked upstairs to a Federal judgeship before he could lay in directly on Baca and Tanaka.
    Eileen Decker was appointed to replace Birotte as head of the U.S. Attorney office in L.A. She only had to move across the street from her previous job – inside L.A. City Hall on Mayor Garcetti’s Exec. staff.
    You might as well pass your info to some other U.S. Attorney office, because Beck is safe with Decker in charge.

  • cutty sark

    You want the same people who investigated Baca and Tanaka to go after Chief Beck?
    Guess what??
    Nobody investigated Baca and Tanaka.
    Those guys literally handed the prosecution a case against themselves by ordering their underlings to run a nutty operation to stop the FBI from talking to their own inside contact.
    Baca lied and lied again to the Feds when asked about what he knew, then he turned around and admitted lying and pled guilty.
    Tanaka fought his charges at trial.
    The main evidence came from witness testimony by LASD underlings who got flipped and cut a deal to spill on Tanaka.
    All the other witnesses and testimony about the jail beatings that was used in the LASD trials had already been known and out there for a long time because it was all originally documented and compiled by the ACLU in L.A.

  • cutty sark

    You don’t get what Mayor Garcetti sees in Chief Beck?
    It’s the same thing Bratton saw in Beck that convinced him to sell his house in Los Feliz, announce that he was cutting out of his contract early and leave town without looking back – but not before touting Beck as the best candidate to replace him.
    Its the same thing Ex-Mayor Villar saw in Beck when he made his choice for Chief from the list of finalists.
    They saw a guy who had his eyes on getting to the top of LAPD for a long, long time. It was an ambition that started with his father’s rise up through the ranks. It was an ambition and a plan. A family plan that eventually paid off.
    They saw a guy who had gained the leverage to force their decision in his favor.
    They saw a man who could derail their political careers because he’s got scandal on them.
    George Beck is Charlie’s dad and Brandi’s horse is called George.
    But the registered name of the horse is Playboy Dun It Again.
    Thats probably what she told Villar in the hotel room and what she told Bratton up in Los Feliz when his wife was out of town.
    Playboy, Do it again! Do it again and again for daddy’s camera.
    But she couldn’t help daddy with councilmember Garcetti. That’s a really tough nut to figure out and crack open. That takes a whole different rod and reel. Different line and different bait on the hook.
    They had to look outside the family for help on that one.
    All in all, it worked out well. Just a little bit messy. But they won’t need to worry about Officer Aragon – he can’t answer questions from the grave.
    What did Chief Beck say on December 3, 2009 during the speech he gave in front of his dad, Mayor V. and elected city officials attending his swearing in ceremony?
    The Chief made a statement in reference to Officer Aragon, who had only been dead approx. 8 hours. The Chief said something about how it was a reminder of the constant risk, or the constant dangers of police work.
    What did Beck mean?
    What was he trying to say?
    Because if it’s true that Officer Aragon was off-duty, not in uniform, riding his personal motorcycle, and not trying to get back to Northeast Station, when he crashed the bike solo and killed himself – then how does that have anything to do with risk or dangers of police work?
    Before anyone asks Beck to explain himself, we need to give him some time to complete the investigation into Officer Aragon’s death and the hours immedeately preceding.
    Of course, because 6 1/2 yrs passed without finishing the investigation – it’s hopeless to believe it will ever get done.


    I worked for Commander Smith 10 years ago during my probationary period in Pacific Division, back then he was an LT. Smith was nothing more than kind and respectful to me. He never treated me or yelled at me unlike these other idiots that I worked for. I was more than happy for him when he rose through the ranks because he definitely deserved it, he deserved it way more than idiots like Howard Leslie, Ed Prokop, Horace Frank, Van Nathan, just to name a few.

    Let’s say that it was Pat Smith was the leak, the department still needs to prove it. Boy, Beck and company really fucked this one up and they will seriously pay through the nose. This system is so fucked that they allow people like Shawn Duke aka Lt. Slim Shady rise through the ranks bringing morale even lower. As much as I love Chief Bea Girmala, not even she can save this department from this disaster.

    As long as people like Howard Leslie are still in command then there is very little hope.

  • NinaG

    Girmala is as dirty, if not more dirty, than Beck…
    Should she become Chief, you will long for the days of Beck…

  • 1942 Transient

    NinaG…you’re the only person Ive ever heard say anything bad about Girmala. Ive heard nothing but great things about her and she is well liked and respected by everyone. Did you have some one on one personal beef with her? Im looking forward to her being the next chief and you lost some credibility when you stated that we will long for the days of Beck..

    Beck is without a doubt the worst Police Chief in the history of LAPD.. Not an outlandish statement, just an unfortunate and accurate one. His retirement party will be held in a broom closet. I heard officers handed his ass to him at a recent RAMP roll call. RAMP officers reading this, please shed some light on this if that actually occurred.

    Meanwhile, Thank You CMDR Smith..

  • Yes please shed light RAMP officers….

    NinaG is not alone in her comments on the next presumptive COP. I’ve heard lots and lots and lots about Girmala myself and little of it good. Still I think anyone would be better than Beck. Anyone.

  • 3Beeps

    Nina is not alone! Girmala hates younger women and cant stand anybody whose lips are not firmly attached to her ass. She will smile at your face and stab you in the back as you walk away. She is vindictive and with lots of skeletons in the closet! NOt to mention queen of Grievances. Commander Smith for Chief!!!!!

  • 3Beeps

    The beatings will continue until morale improves. That is all I hear. Beck and his direct reports continue to build empires inside the building, dishing out medals (Congratulations CRD) . For what? Attending parties? Doing what Senior Lead Officers do daily? All while patrol continuous to run on fumes. All while demanding more tickets, more arrest, faster response time, less crime and more of everything with a lot less than ever before working patrol!!!!!!! No wonder officers in patrol are dropping sick like flies. They cant even get a day off! Since the Beck kids don’t have to do this nobody cares. They just worry about riding a pony or going to training while racking up overtime and the same pay as those pushing black and white.

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  • sfirx

    Scary if true that his office was broken into. That’s too far.

  • Auda

    One thing about officers, if the cause is abusive, they will reveal the truth.

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  • If what is alleged in this lawsuit really happened—and I have no reason to believe that it didn’t—my sources and I can rest easy because these folks are idiots.

    LMFAO…just laughed so hard I am crying…..

  • U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte was pulled off the LASD prosecution and kicked upstairs to a Federal judgeship before he could lay in directly on Baca and Tanaka.
    André Birotte Jr. is a bigger tool than Beck…he also has no business being an Article III judge….

  • I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the Chief should be angry that his leadership has opened up the flood gates for members of the Department to air the LAPD’s dirty laundry in hopes of shining a light on a rigged disciplinary system….When you promote a man who shamelessly helped steal money from a non-profit organization that the City of Los Angeles had to pay back…When you give an officer a 65-day vacation —not for using the n-word but for lying about it to LAPD investigators–you piss folks off….When you force a sergeant into early retirement because he did the job you couldn’t in defending the Department–you make people want to talk to me…When you use City resources to host a swanky book signing event…
    Yikes, Beck is such a loser…! The Shaun Hillman bullshit is, IMO, the best example of why Beck is such a loser and stooge and has no right to be a cop, much less a COP. Hillman has no business being a sworn LE Officer anywhere. I doubt he can ever again be a street cop because he now has the infamous “Brady Letter” in his jacket and cannot be put on the stand to prove up any investigatory facts. It is literally incomprehensible that Hillman is still employed in any capacity at LAPD, especially SWORN, after what happened during his alcohol fueled meltdown and criminal actions- actions which if it had been anyone else would have resulted in ADW, DUI, perjury and a host of other felony charges and a few misdemeanors as well, like PC 415… Hillman is the benchmark of why Beck is not fit to be in LE in any capacity ….

  • I try.

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