LAPD COP: ‘Not everybody deserves to be treated right’


As someone who delivers speeches and writes speeches for others, I have to tell you that we all make mistakes.  

However— with that said, this blooper featuring LAPD Chief of Police Charlie Beck in his monthly message to the department takes the cake. And for the record, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that this was in fact a blooper and that he does not in fact really feel this way.  I mean with all that’s going in with the department both inside and out, it’s hard to believe the COP would tell his people this.  But hey, stranger things have happened.

I’m told that the Chief was trying to explain to the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department that the public’s trust must be restored in the department.  That was before he went on to seemingly say, and I quote, “not everybody deserves to be treated right.” 

I thought he might stop speaking and correct himself, but no he did not.  He kept right on going.

Now of course I was not there to see it myself and the fact that I even have the video is just another testament to how much Beck is revered inside of his own department.

Yes, I heard those giggles too when he messed up.

For my folks on Vine, below is the abbreviated version with the audio a tad bit louder.


The Court of Public Opinion

  • cutty sark

    This is exactly what Chief Beck believes. And it is exactly what 99.9% of Los Angeles City elected officials believe and what the public believes.
    If someone has been given the label of “gang member”, it no longer matters what the deeds of that individual have been.
    The truth no longer applies and reality no longer applies. Every tenet of our constitutional justice system will get bent in order to close a case and fill a prison cell and award a commendation to a dirty detective.
    Northeast Station. Homicide desk. Detective Jose Carrillo(retired).

  • Tricky Ricky

    Exactly, now the chief is finally starting to understand. With the AB109, the Prop 47, the making of all narcotic crimes misdemeanors, the Chief finally has got it right. Not everybody deserves to be treated right. Why in the world would LAPD officers treat a hard working family man or woman the same as a good for nothing gang member. Please Chief don’t take your statement back. People do not all deserve to be treated the same.

  • Tricky Ricky

    You sound like a good for nothing gang member. May you enjoy your time in prison. Ask yourself, was it worth it? Missing out on your family functions. Your children following in your footsteps? Gee, what a great example you are. You thing that is what is wrong with today’s youth, they have no guidance? Think about it tough guy. No, think about your kids and if you want them to be somebody?

  • Mr Smith

    Why would Jasmyne hold other people to a higher standard than she holds herself? She won’t correct her own mistakes. After almost 9 months she still allows this post to rot on her site

    Openly race-baiting and defaming a police officer under the guise of oversight. The Chief made a regrettable statement; Jasmyne intentionally attacks police officers to impugn their character. Fomenting racial strife and spewing spurious accusations is the insidious purpose of her existence it would seem…not social justice and accountability. Jasmyne is not keeping herself even slightly accountable for her actions.

  • SurfPuppy619

    All he said was this “If someone has been given the label of “gang member”, it no longer matters what the deeds of that individual have been.”…why do you think this is a good thing if it is happening???

  • SurfPuppy619

    “Why in the world would LAPD officers treat a hard working family man or woman the same as a good for nothing gang member”….I hate to say it, but , you sound like the typical. low intelligence. birdbrain GED educated cop. Here is your homework (for making this idiot statement), look up the “Equal Protection Cause”, read it, learn it, understand it.

  • Mr Smith

    Jasmyne claims to be easy to find. I found her on Twitter, asked a simple question and was blocked without a reply. Her hypocritical behavior seems to know no bounds. Won’t be surprised if this comment is deleted in short order.

  • Tricky Ricky

    Next time you get robbed, raped, stabbed or shot by one of those good for nothing gang members, then you can remember your Equal Protection Cause! How about the recent gang member that had been raping and pimping out an 11 -year old autistic girl. The same gang member then murders a transgender person. Gee, that good for nothing gang member deserves equal protection. Tell that to the 11-year old.

  • SurfPuppy619

    Oh…next time call the GED Wonders…such an AWESOME reply!…when GED cops are only minutes away, when SECONDS COUNT…. Go home chump.