LAPD Cops Catch the Nae Nae Bug

We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

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Just a little note to say that while the LAPD doesn’t have enough officers to handle radio calls on patrol, their specialized units have a lot of time on their hands—and their brothers and sisters on patrol aren’t pleased.

Seems that LAPD’s Recruitment and Employment Division learned how to do the nae nae while on duty and decided to post a video online showcasing their skills.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 7.10.53 PM

That’s cute and shows the human side of policing. I like a good nae nae session as well as the next person.  However, their co-workers slugging it out in the mean streets of Los Angeles could care less, especially at a time when they don’t have enough officers to handle all of the calls coming in.

Their captain, who I believe is on drop and about to retire come June, is also in the video but out of uniform.

LAPD can’t even fill their patrol basic cars and people are getting killed in the streets of Los Angeles on a daily basis but the Recruitment and Employment Division has time to choreograph and post a dance video—that they mysteriously took down right before I posted this.

Here’s a novel idea. Perhaps some of those officers can nae nae their way into a patrol car and help their colleagues out with all of the radio calls for help coming in since they have so much free time on their hands.

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The Court of Public Opinion

  • Pio Pio

    No wonder we can get police when we call. No wonder we can’t even recruit to attrition rate. They are too busy with non duty related shenanigans. Our tax dollar hard at work!!! Great Leadership!

  • NinaG

    Ha! Take a look at any “specialized” division; whole lotta nothing going on there. For instance: everyone knows that closing out your career in a division like CCD is a cake walk. I’ve seen it and it’s true!
    If the general public had ANY idea what goes on (or rather, doesn’t go on) on a daily basis in the LAPD…

  • I wish I could have viewed it….but if this helps moral and was not a major distraction from their real duties I cannot say I am against it…

  • Yvonne Chavez

    Fuk you Jasmyn, you’re nothing but a miserable lying c***t! You have nothing better to do but write bullshit trash. Go fk yourself. I DONT know how you’re filled with so much hate and idiocy.

  • Cinderella

    I think you you better find a new place to vent……..opinions are one thing, but attacks are another.

  • Yvonne if you think you can come on my site and talk to me like that you are sadly mistaken. First, I’m not hard to find. If you feel that strongly let’s talk woman to woman. Second, I’m going to ban your ass from commenting since it’s clear you don’t know the rules of decorum around here. Disagree all you want but we don’t call each other out of our names and you don’t get to call me a cunt. But like I said, come find me and let’s talk about that???????? Oh and I’m not miserable and the video is no lie. If you have a problem with it take it up with your colleagues or your spouse’s colleagues.

  • Oh she’s getting the boot. I think she had one too many cups of eggnog and lost her mind.

  • suspension days

    I’m a 26 year veteran of the LAPD, all in the streets, because I want to be in the streets. I don’t usually post things on facebook, this site or others because I rarely get on these sites. But I do look at these things on the real “idiot box”, computers, and I sometimes feel I need to express my frustrations at what I see & read. So the “nae nae” video. The department has multiple redundant divisions, sections & groups filled with people who don’t want to or are afraid of working the streets. Some came to the department with no intention of doing so. Some of these entities are essential, many are not. I am not a female officer hater, there are plenty of women on the job who work hard at police work. There are some who don’t & use being a woman to get into bullshit jobs within the LAPD. Look at the number of women involved in the “nae nae” junk. There are also men that are doing the exact same thing, pussies. These officers tend to become lazy, complacent & entitled. There is a Captain on the video that I know. From my experience with her, she’s a good Captain, which is rare on the department. This can be confirmed by other officers. She had a lapse in judgement here. There are IOD (injured on duty) kings/queens who’ve manipulated the real or imagined injury into a career of permanent nothingness while getting paid a great deal of money. Promotions occur that are not deserved, earned or warranted (see Lauer, Egan, Hernandez, Pape…etc). Favoritism, nepotism, cronyism runs rampant & unchecked. Hard working officers are targeted by whomever for minor, unreal or frivolous complaints originated from within the department & from outside. The last four sentences are what creates the stress officers feel while doing actual police work. Christopher Dorner was an asshole to be sure, but the stress may have led him to his insane actions. His T/O, who may have contributed to his lunacy was promoted to a supervisory position, WTF!

    The “nae nae” video is ridiculous & shows what good officers have evolved into with the blessing of the department & in bullshit positions.

    I got more, but I gotta go crush crime!

  • Cinderella

    Yep,,,,that pretty much sums it up!! Good entry!

  • Well said!

  • Anonymous

    Suspension days hit it on point…I have been in the streets for 13 years now and have watched many pussys get inside jobs….the new metro unit is a joke 200 officers taken oUT of the field to reduce crime 1%.I wish the community knew how many officers truly work the streets….how come no one cares about Response Time anymore?

  • Sgt in penalty box

    Awesome! Thanks for that comment..