LAPD Cops Take to Facebook to Defend Cop Killing Detective

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help to cover it up.)


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An example of a “discourteous comment.”

I knew that once the news broke about Los Angeles Police Department veteran Detective Frank Lyga’s recommendation for termination after his recent Board of Rights hearing – there would be some folks coming out of the woodworks to defend him.  And as usual, I was not disappointed.

Below are screenshots from a private Facebook group named LAPPL Members United for a Fair Contract.  It’s a group whose members are all for the most part members of the rank-and-file of the LAPD.

20 years after the killing – perhaps even murder of — Black LAPD officer Kevin Gaines, emotions are still running high in the department as it relates to the incident, with some officers seemingly happy that Lyga killed Gaines.

But LAPD Chief Charlie Beck would have us believe this is a new and improved LAPD.  Well, judging from the comments being made today about Lyga, one could argue that’s not the case.

For the record, based on Lyga’s comments from the audio, I think that District Attorney Jackie Lacey has an obligation to re-open the investigation in Gaines killing.  There is no statute of limitations on murder.  Lyga told a room full of cops that he blackmailed then Chief Bernard Parks after the shooting into keeping him in the gang and narcotics unit by threatening to go to the media and tell them that it was a sanctioned hit by the LAPD.  Was it?  A sworn peace officer made this statement to a room full of other sworn peace officers—and since cops never lie why shouldn’t we believe him?  I know that the DA’s office is reluctant to go after cops for anything – but if there was ever a case that was screaming to be re-opened, it’s the 1997 killing (or murder) of Officer Kevin Gaines.

Attorney Ira Salzman I hear is is making the rounds trying to peddle the support of Black officers for Detective Lyga.  Basically, because African-American officers vouch for Lyga, he’s not racist.  I wonder if Salzman found any female officers to say that Lyga wasn’t sexist or gay cops to say that he wasn’t homophobic because he was an equal opportunity offender on that audio recording – I’m just saying.

I do know that the one officer who made the recording was not asked to testify at Lyga’s hearing as to what he heard and saw.  Seems to me that he would be the department’s star witness against Lyga.  From what I’ve been told, that officer is now feeling the sting of the multi-headed snake as he is being retaliated against for making the recording in the first place and reporting it.  He saw something and said something, which is a lot more than I can say for the other officers in the room.

As for the officers below, sorry, but you don’t get to gloat over the killing of a police officer in private on Facebook.  When civilians make comments like some of the ones below, we end up with the police knocking banging on our door asking us what we know and how long we’ve known it.

However, I will agree that the disciplinary process is flawed and favors those who are sponsored and department favorites.  Shaun Hillmann should have been fired.  You know it, I know it, Chief Beck knows it, and anyone paying attention to what happened knows it.  The fact that he was not is and will remain a black eye on the department — much in the same way that Lyga proved to be.  But Lyga signed his own termination papers when he opened his big mouth and said what he did.  As for the other cops in the room who said nothing, I cringe just thinking about them being on the streets of Los Angeles with a badge and a gun.


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The Court of Public Opinion

  • SurfPuppy619

    I am so glad you outed these dirtbag cops……

  • ES

    Remember, Gaines was a bad guy who hung out with Perez, Mack, etc

  • wimpdick

    What you know about Gaines is all after the fact. At the time of this incident, he was a sworn police officer assigned to a CRASH detail. How many times in life has someone looked at you at a traffic light? Is it your policy to ask everyone looking at you, “can I help you.” The streets would be littered with bodies if people decided to engage strangers at red lights when they are looked at. That’s my problem with this incident. Had Lyga done like most people would have done and ignored the person staring at him, this killing never would have occurred.

  • What do you call a person who opens their big mouth, gets dozens of officers suspended and himself fired???? You call that person a Lyga-bility!

  • Officer Gaines did not hang out with Perez and Mack. He was never Suge Knight’s bodyguard. He worked for his wife twice, providing security for a family reunion. On the tape, Det. Lyga said Gaines knew who he was when he shot him because they saw each other in Hollywood prior. He told IA that he never saw Gaines before. He lied. Murders often become so consumed with guilt that they have to confess to ease their nightmares.

  • Ugh

    Let me guess…. You also believe Dorner was a hero….

  • CityEye

    I think its chicken shit of Jasmyne to post the Facebook comments. Interesting her and her cronies like Earl Hutchinson, Naji Alee and Maxine Waters never ever want to do a story on the black on black crime in South LA, the assaults against LAPD Officers and all the bs that goes on in their own backyards. For being a reporter she refuses to acknowledge that blacks are killing each other and innocent bystanders every week in South LA but won’t mention here or on radio. HELLOOOO you can’t hide the truth