We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

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It seems that just when I think no one could be that stupid, I am proven wrong yet again.

Today’s lesson in stupid shit one ought not do comes to us by way of civil rights attorney Caree Harper and her client Clinton Alford.

By now you should be aware that Alford is the young man that had the crap beaten out of him in South Los Angeles courtesy of a bunch of Newton Division police officers. The video of this beaten hasn’t been released publicly—yet—but one of the officers involved has been charged with assault under color of authority. That officer—one Richard Garcia was the subject of a post I recently did entitled The LAPD Officer Who Might Just Be an Idiot.

Attorney Harper sent out an interesting tweet asking for the LAPD police officer who dropped their badge while harassing her client to come by her office, with ID, to pick it up.  She then went on to tweet a photo of a smiling detective who I’m guessing is outside of the Alford’s home.

That of course piqued my interest.

Clinton Alford and his attorney have long contended that since his unfortunate beat down by the LAPD, Alford and his family have been the subject of constant harassment by Newton Division officers. Alford even told reporters during a press conference that he was in fear of his life and that he didn’t think the officers were going to quit until they killed him.

Well apparently during one of Newton’s many visits to the Alford’s home (aka harassment), a Los Angeles police badge was left behind—but not before a photo was taken of a smiling Richard Arciniega in his unmarked sedan.

Now I’m told Arciniega is a detective,  D3 to be exact, and not a police officer so I hope Arciniega was with an actual police officer because I cannot fathom for the life of me why a detective would be carrying around a police officer’s badge.

Second, police officer or detective, what was Arciniega and whoever he was with doing that they would just up and lose a badge?

Third, Arciniega is no stranger to us.

He’s one of several LAPD officers at the center of an ongoing civil rights lawsuit filed in 2014 where he his accused of framing Ron Galvan for murder and paying a homeless pair $10,000 to falsely testify against him at trial.

Roy Galvan, who was acquitted by a jury, spent 13 months in county jail awaiting trial in the 2011 murder of a reputed gang member in South Los Angeles.

Galvan accusesd LAPD Officers Miguel Terrazas, David Nunn and Richard Arciniega of destroying evidence in the case, falsifying reports and bribing witnesses for statements, false arrest and malicious prosecution, among other claims of misconduct and civil rights violations.

My, my, my.

Why is Arciniega even at work? And why would the LAPD allow him to come within 100 feet of the Alford’s after they have already complained of being under surveillance and harassed by Newton Division specifically?  One might think the city of Los Angeles just wants to give away its money on settling the lawsuits that arise from this type of behavior.

But more importantly, what business could a person who typically investigates homicides have with Clinton Alford anyway? Is he now attempting to frame him for murder?

Is it something in the coffee over at Newton Division that makes folks do the stupidest shit? I just don’t know.