LAPD Detective Frank Lyga Basically Claims PTSD from Killing Cop

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help to cover it up.)


I struggled with whether or not to post Los Angeles Police Detective Frank Lyga’s closing remarks to the disciplinary panel charged with deciding his fate after the release of that horrible audio recording…but I got over it.  He said those things and said them to a room full of cops.  That was his decision and no one else’s.  No one held a gun to his head and it’s clear from the audio that he was not under duress.  Furthermore, I still believe that the investigation into the shooting death of Officer Kevin Gaines should be reopened.




The Court of Public Opinion

  • SurfPuppy619

    Damn, I think the guy’s words were so over the top that termination was the ONLY option, BUT, if the letter here is legit, and he does have mental problems and he is seeking treatment for them, then I reluctantly think he should be given a second chance. That is a big BUT I might add. IF given a second chance I think his right to carry a firearm should be revoked until he can prove he is over his mental issues. Hard call for me after reading this letter. He DOES accept responsibility for his outrageous words, and that is a huge plus in my book. Hillmann on the other hand lied to IA and everyone else and his words were 10 times worse than Lygas’ , yet that ass clown still has his LAPD job, even though he will never be a credible witness in court…..krazy KA.

  • yer mom

    Did it ever occur to you when Lyga said he would “shoot a whole truck load of them” he was referring to dishonest cops? That was my first thought. I remember when the shooting occurred in 1997 and as I recall Lyga was afraid for his life. Specifically that Gaines (whom an undercover Lyga didn’t know was an off duty cop) pulled a gun on him from his car as they drove down the road. Pretty sure there was a security camera that caught the footage of this, oh but wait Johnny Cochran bought it and had it destroyed. Let’s look at the stuff that Gaines and his cronies were involved in, far more heinous than some misconstrued words, and let’s accept Lyga’s apology for being impolitic.

  • SurfPuppy619

    Let’s look at the stuff that Gaines and his cronies were involved in,
    No, lets not do that because that is a classic strawman argument.
    Lyga is the issue here, no one else.
    BTW, do you have any credible source or support for your statement that Johnny Cochran Jr bought a video tape and destroyed it>>> Because that would obstruction of justice, a felony…I doubt JC would be risking his law license over something that trivial.

  • jacaranda

    This shooting has been investigated ad nauseam from all and every angles. Lyga shot the other moron to protect his life. Period. Lyga hates criminals and gangsters. Gaines was one of them. That’s the same “them” Lyga used so inappropiately in front of idiots always at the ready to hang him. Lyga is a terrific cop. He also has a big New York mouth. I know that because I know Franck Lyga. Personnally.

  • SurfPuppy619

    Maybe you should **personally** (with one N) tell that idiot to shut his big fat yapper. And Lygra seems to hate a whole lot more than “criminals and gangsters”, or do you think making the comments about his female supervisor being “passed around” are what makes a “terrific cop”. Just trying to figure out if you are part of the problem, or part of the answer.

  • Jacaranda

    He is a terrific cop because for 27 years he put lots of bad guys in jail. You have another yardstick in you English grammar dictionnary?

  • SurfPuppy619

    Oh, he put “lots bad guy in jail”….did he put Shaun Hillmann in jail for drunk driving?? Assault with a deadly weapon (while on drugs)??? Obstruction of justice for lying to IA about his illegal drug induced criminal conduct???….let me know when you hero can answer those questions.

  • PetitoTortilla

    Isn’t it always the suspect that is GUILTY that pleads insanity? And, if Lyga, himself claims to be a mental case then its time for him to go–with no badge or gun. We can’t have a crazy cop on duty or a retired cop flashing a badge in public.

    The question still remains-will Chief Beck be able to do the right thing and terminate Lyga? Or will Lyga get a free pass because he’s a WHITE officer. Beck’s failure to terminate Shaun Hillman for racial remarks and lies proves that the ‘apple doesn’t fall from the tree’…

  • ugh

    here’s a news flash for you.. the LAPD doesn’t care what race you are.. they will discriminate, violate your rights and strip you of your career if it’s politically savvy to do so and to cover up the mistakes they have made…

  • GoodGooglyMoogly

    Who may have perjured himself in an OIS. At the trial he said he never had seen Gaines before, now two decades later he had met him prior to the shooting and “knew” that he was a “gangbanger”? If the LAPD let him come back on to the force given that he changed his sworn testimony there would be clear grounds to reopen the case. Take the race blinders off for a second. Every single case he ever won, or testified in would be subject to be re-opened. The liability would be massive. Whether or not he’s a good cop or bad cop is not relevant. He clearly is stupid and stupid people should have a badge or a gun.

  • GoodGooglyMoogly

    Dude, you are so focussed on “the scary black man argument” you are missing the real point as to why he had his hat handed to him. He may have committed perjury. As you correctly noted during Lyga’s trial he stated that he did not know Gaines. At the training session 17 years later he not only said that he had met Gaines PRIOR to the shooting through his trainee who was sitting in a car with Gaines. He said his trainee introduced them. Then when he’s asked if he regretted shooting Gaines he says he regretted him being alone because he would have shot the whole lot of them. Not only did he directly contradict his sworn testimony he implicated himself in what could be a capital murder case. Keeping him on the force would expose the LAPD a negligence claim allowing the Gaines case to reopened and every other case that he touched. Not to mention he has an open slander suit by the female officer he humiliated and demeaned. This guy is incredibly arrogant, probably a racist an most importantly stupid, none of which deserves a defense.