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We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


LAPDgate keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Former Commander Scott Kroeber

Former Commander Scott Kroeber

The next chapter in this growing saga involves Commander Scott Kroeber.

You may be asking yourself, who is he? My friends in L.A.’s news media know that name. Kroeber, yes Kroeber, the department’s expert in police ethics and accountability. That one.

Scott Kroeber used to be known as the Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Operations. I say used to be because he abruptly left the department after he got caught having sex in police headquarters with a secretary, or so the story goes according to LAPD insiders.

Commander Kroeber was previously the Commanding Officer of the Civil Rights Integrity Division (CRID). In this capacity, he was the Department’s Program Manager for its Civil Rights Consent Decree with the United States Department of Justice. The Civil Rights Integrity Division oversees planning, coordination, tracking, monitoring and reporting relative to the consent decree. Commander Kroeber also served as the Commanding Officer of Metropolitan Division and the Assistant Commanding Officer of Special Operations Bureau.

It was no secret that Kroeber was one of Chief Charlie Beck’s “boys.” Beck allowed Kroeber to travel all over the country training outside agencies on ethics in policing.

Kroeber was asked to resign or else risk embarrassing the department but more importantly the Chief as the incident happened not that far from Beck’s office–literally.

He was a highly decorated LAPD veteran who by all accounts just disappeared and was basically never heard from again. No discipline, no accountability.

The secretary who he had sex with was quietly transferred to Hollywood Division.