LAPD Game of Thrones Update: One of these things is exactly like the other

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

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One of these things is exactly like the other.  

Above are a few of Los Angeles Chief Charlie Beck’s recent promotions in the Department’s version of the Game of Thrones.

As I told you before, it is widely believed that when Beck retires he wants to make sure that the people he knows and trusts are in a position to carry on the rich tradition of the Los Angeles Police Department—which some equate to being white and male.  With the recent promotion of Ed Prokop to Commander one can only hope and assume Beck’s retirement is coming very soon. It also widely believed that these recent promotions are another a bitch slap from Beck to Assistant Chief Jorge Villegas as their little tug of war in the Game of Thrones continues.  And to be clear, no–we are not hating on white males in the LAPD–some of y’all are downright cool.  We are simply pointing out that it’s awfully suspect that the majority of Beck’s promotions lately do not reflect the diversity the City of Los Angeles loves to tout.  Everybody has choices–even Beck.  Yup.

Ladies and gentlemen the future of your Los Angeles Police Department in black and white.  Remember that the commanders of today are the deputy chiefs, assistant chiefs and chief of police of tomorrow.  Noticed and noted.

From left to right:

First Row
Commander Kris E. Pitcher
Deputy Chief Jon F. Peters
Commander Vito Palazzolo

Second Row
Commander Edward Prokop
Commander Todd Chamberlain
Commander Jeffrey Bert

Third Row
Deputy Chief  Matt Blake
Commander Phillip Tingirides
Commander  Sean Malinowski

The Court of Public Opinion

  • C Pltn

    Believe me, most of those guys are douche bags. But didn’t you leave some people out? A couple females, a couple male blacks, a few Hispanics?

  • Naw. I chose to focus on the white males promoted to certain leadership positions. Yes, there were a sprinkling of females and minorities but not in the numbers or positions that would warrant adding. A token here and there doesn’t come close to the number of white males promoted to these coveted slots.

  • C Pltn

    Understood. Like I said the most of the ones you picked are major DB’s….but none of them come close to the Top 3. The top 3 make those 9 DB’s look like breath mints.

  • 🙂

  • First Row…Second Row…Third Row
    How about renaming them “Top” …”Middle” and “Bottom” rows…..

  • Cj jones

    You need to do some math jasmyne. Of the current command staff positions in lapd, white males make up 38% of those jobs. If you include white females they total 47%, and if do just a little research you will find that the percentage of “whites” in los angeles is estimated right at 45-47% pretty darn close (depending on which source you use)…so quit your complaining we all know you won’t be happy till all the white men leave, but that won’t happen anytime soon.

  • 3Beeps

    Hello CJ Jones, Seems to me the article is about “Staff” Officers (the ones with STARS on collar). The feeder pool for the future Chiefs of the LAPD!!!! This is not about the work force (slick sleeves, stripes and bars). Please redo math.

  • D.clark

    Well who knows what the plan is but I know that commander prokop hired me a black man at mostly Hispanic and white division to do a job and told everyone that was under his command to give me whatever was needed for me to get the job done . 15 titles and 4 national titles later with no funds support we are still there . ( Hmn maybe the money he and Trugman supposely took reall went to the kids where it was suppose to! ).