LAPD Newton Division Cop Is No Fan of Obama

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

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Earlier this week it was widely reported that if you went on Google Maps and searched for “The Nigga House” that you were directed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue aka The White House.

What can I say?  Haters gonna hate because that’s what they do.

But it got me to thinking about a certain police officer at the Los Angeles Police Department’s famous Shootin’ Newton Division who is also a hater of the Prez.  So much so that he had the audacity to have this posted at his desk in plain view.

Newton - Obama - Devil


Some of his Black colleagues weren’t feeling it and this cop was eventually forced to take down the photo–but not before his co-workers took pictures.  Lots of pictures.

I’m told that there’s also an interesting picture of this same police officer simulating the act of urination on a photo of the president.  We’re working on getting our hands on it and when we do, we will post it right here in all of its glory.

Newton, Newton, Newton…smh.

I wonder what would be the discipline for a Black cop who posted a photo at their desk of oh let’s say President Ronald Regan or of Bush Sr. or Bush Jr. with devil horns?

I honestly don’t care how this cop feels about the president.  But let’s be clear, the workplace isn’t the place for him to put his hate for the Prez on display–especially when that workplace is in heart of South Los Angeles and is the Los Angeles Police Department.

I’m glad this law enforcement officer isn’t assigned to the president’s security detail.  I think it’s fair to say that he would not be taking a bullet for him, lol.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • NinaG

    So just because he’s a cop he can’t express his opinion? I don’t like that ridiculous excuse for a Commander in Chief either; and yes I do have a pic of this guy with the word “LIAR” on it on my desk…

  • SurfPuppy619

    People h8te on differences, in this case he is a republican, and will h8te on any democrat, and that works the other way also, Dems always h8ting on republicans…just different points of view. If the urination comment is legit then I would suggest the person has taken his opinion and view point too far, if it was in public view in a government employer then there should be discipline.

  • SurfPuppy619

    BTW the NAS-Black President tune was super cool, never heard it before…

  • Watts Up!

    If you are so concerned about police brutality against the black community, why don’t you report (I know you’re a blogger, not a reporter…and even further from being a journalist) on the black LAWA “police” officer that just got fired for choking out a black female? Too close to home because you work for the airport’s “police” union? Readers of this blog need to understand why she is always targeting LAPD and none of the other agencies in the local area. She’s just as corrupt (and stupid) as the LAPD command staff she exposes.

  • LT

    He is not a fan of Obama? boo fucking hoo! I have seen the likes of Reagan and both Bushes made out like demons. Nobody called them racist. But picking on thin-skinned Obama is racist? Too bad…get used to it. He is an incompetent race hustler, like his wife Mooch. Don’t forget Obumbles is multicultural, meaning the other half is white, but he deserves full credit for being the turd that he is. You can keep your doctor. The deductible will go down. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS attacking political opponents, Hillarygate. pilfering nearly a 1T dollars, open borders and the flood of uneducated, dependent Democrat voters. I could go on and on. I doubt many of those who follow you know any of this, but I bet they could tell you about the new Bruce Jenner. Calling Obama a liar is too subtle. Pathological is probably a better description.