Hillman, Lygagate, and Now LAPD Officer Jonathan Johnson

June 24, 2014 Screenshot of LAPD Police Officer Jonathan Dallas Johnson's Facebook Page.

June 24, 2014 Screenshot of LAPD Police Officer Jonathan Dallas Johnson’s Facebook Page.

We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct.

This my friends is an example of why the Los Angeles Police Department continues to have problems with race internally and externally.

Meet LAPD Officer Jonathan Dallas Johnson, another troubled seed in the LAPD.

Jonathan Dallas Johnson's LinkedIn Profile Page as of June 24, 2014.

LAPD Police Officer Jonathan Dallas Johnson’s LinkedIn Profile Page as of June 24, 2014.

So why is Officer Johnson important and why should you care about his Facebook page?

First, Blacks who apply to join the LAPD who are otherwise qualified for the job of police officer are routinely disqualified for two reasons—psychological or credit problems.  So at the end of the day while they may qualify in all other areas that matter, they won’t get the job because the LAPD has deemed them along the hiring process as emotionally unstable and or likely to commit some type of misconduct involving theft or extortion of money.

Second, everyone who uses Facebook knows that the image you choose as your profile image is the image that you use to represent who you are as a person to the rest of the world.

Which leads me to back to Officer Johnson.  While the LAPD obviously cleared this man to patrol the streets of Los Angeles, it’s quite clear that he suffers from psychological and possibly emotional issues as it relates to African-Americans–hence the picture this police officer, who I’m pretty sure isn’t Black, choose as his Facebook profile image.  Does the LAPD consider racism a psychological or emotional issue and if so, why do so many of their white officers seem to be afflicted by this disease?  Add to that, how does a man like Officer Johnson make it through the hiring process without his racism ever being detected?

Now while the rest of corporate America has dedicated countless resources to monitoring their employees and prospective employees online behavior, the LAPD chooses to turn a blind eye to it.  I’m almost 100 percent positive that Officer Johnson isn’t the only officer with blatantly racist content on his or her personal Facebook profile.  So while the LAPD is always talking about ramping up their monitoring of social media websites, they might want to start with their own employees.

Last December a Pleasantville, NY village police officer was been suspended and might be fired after posting a racist, obscenity-laced rant about President Obama on his Facebook page.

In October, the police chief in Austin, Texas, suspended a detective for 10 days for posting what he called sensitive law-enforcement information — photos of interrogations and crash scenes — on his Facebook page.

Last year, 17 New York City cops were suspended for posting racist and offensive comments on a Facebook page devoted to the city’s 2011 West Indian Day Parade.

In 2009, three Harrison, N.Y., police officers were suspended and demoted after making lewd comments about then-Supervisor Joan Walsh and swapping racist jokes about Obama.

Those episodes and similar incidents across the country have prompted many police and government agencies to adopt social media policies for their employees.  The LAPD does not have such a policy that I know of. If they do, why then is Officer Jonathan Dallas Johnson allowed to post buffoonery images of African-Americans that help to perpetuate the most negative stereotypes of Blacks on his Facebook page?

What if I had been someone who wanted to look up the police officer who helped me and say thank you?  What if I had been a teenaged Black boy who Officer Johnson passed his business card to and I wanted to follow up on how I could join the LAPD’s Cadet Program and decided to look for him on Facebook?  What if I was the African-American police officer who just transferred to Hollywood Division and wanted to add my new colleague on Facebook? That’s why it matters.

I mean could you imagine the fallout if this were a politician’s personal Facebook page instead of a police officer’s?

It matters because on or off the job, LAPD officers are expected to carry themselves in a certain way. What Officer Johnson’s Facebook page is telling me as an African-American resident of the city of Los Angeles is that along with white police officers like Shaun Hillman who like to  get drunk and pull out guns on Black men in bars while referring to them as Black monkeys and white detectives like Frank Lyga who like to brag about killing Black police officers, I’ve now also got to look out for the white police officer who uses Facebook to share his racism with his colleagues–and if he’s stupid enough to have his page public–with me too.


The Court of Public Opinion

  • CityEye

    Interesting you didn’t post anything about the BLACK skateboarder in Venice who tried to sue LAPD AND LOST when a jury believed the Officers.!!!!! You and other black leaders, politicians etc. continue to IGNORE the Black on Black homicides in South LA. What a bunch of naive, ignorant posting by yet another bias person. You have the audacity to call LAPD racist yet WHITE, ASIAN, LATINO people who have failed their credit reports are not hired by LAPD. There are 1,000s of GOOD, DEDICATED BLACK, LATINO, ASIAN, WHITE, JEWISH, ETC. Officers who do positive things in communities across LA. But when the bias and lack of positive stories of LAPD fail to be published to the people they only get YOUR Negative perception. The good news is many intelligent people know better and continue to support their officers.

  • Um dude, first of all this isn’t a blog dedicated to pointing out the ills within the LAPD–so no I didn’t post that. Second, as I said before I’m not against the police or the department. I am however opposed to misconduct. Third, before you come for me, do your homework. When the LAPD does good I have had no problem saying that.

  • J. R.

    How the hell did you decide this guy is a racist? Because he has a face-swap picture of Steve Harvey? You didn’t quote one word from the poor guy to justify your accusation. Have some objectivity. You, my sister, come across like an angry race-baiter.

  • P. Haskins

    I completely agree with J.R. There is nothing here that qualifies this guy as a racist. He simply comes across as someone with a sense of humor. If it had been an African-American with a picture of a white comedian’s face-swap could you have found it “quite clear that he suffers from psychological and possibly emotional issues” as it relates to Caucasians? This is asinine.

  • Assanine enough for you to come here and respond.

  • Rick Jefferson

    PLENTY asinine. That’s why you have quietly tried to doctor your post to embellish your false accusations.

    “Psychological and possibly emotional issues”?
    “Blatantly racist”?
    “Negative stereotypes of Blacks”?
    “Uses Facebook to share his racism with his colleagues”?

    There’s nothing there that justifies any of those charges. Why are you so desperate to destroy this officer’s reputation and career? Did he cite you for speeding or something?

  • Action Jackson

    So help me understand this, if you post a face-swap (a popular and hilarious trend with the advent/availability of Photoshop and other photo editing apps), and its image depicts a nationality that is not your own, you are a racist?


    I love Steve Harvey and his contribution to the standup comic community. My guess is that Harvey would fully support this image as it is:
    1. Well done (photoshopping)
    2. Brand-recognition (the more views, the more SH promotion)

    LOOK – Harvey is even swapping his lips with Jimmy Fallon as a reaction to this popular face swap!!! http://youtu.be/QT5dozdiDAA

    Please explain what is racist about this. If an African-American officer had a comedic picture of a white person as a profile picture, would that be racist? I wouldn’t think so, I’ve seen plenty of hilarious pictures of Kim Kardashian / Kanye face-swaps or photoshopped caricatures on friends’ FB pages. They’re funny because they’re in the comedic ether, relevant in the way that SNL is. Further, Officer Johnson didn’t even make this photo

    Obviously, racism is evil but you are guilty of building a straw man argument. You’ve already determined and labeled this officer as racist based on shoddy evidence, then you spend the rest of your post lamenting the judgment of the LAPD and the officers it employs based on your paper thin argument.

    What negative stereotype is this photoshopped image depicting? Please defend your point.

    How is it “quite clear that he suffers from psychological and possibly emotional issues”? How can you, by just viewing his FB page make such a damning judgment? Not only are you bringing into question, his sanity, but basing your opinion… on a picture. Not on anything he said, not a tweet, not a personal interaction, A PICTURE.

    Imagine if you sent him a message and asked him why he had that picture up. That’s what a thoughtful person would do. But you’re not interested in his motives; it seems to me that your interested in perpetuating an opinion of white officers (the three officers your mentioned in your post) and a negative opinion of the LAPD. At the very least, you should try to balance out your article. Your article wouldn’t even hold up as a 9th grade persuasive essay.

  • GH3

    Yeah, I kept reading the article hoping to see something that substantiated the claim that this officer is racist. I just don’t see it. I mean, I saw the picture, I just don’t at all get that he’s a racist from that alone. What did I miss, Jasmyne? Honest question.

  • Rosa Blair

    Girl, do you even know who this guy is? He used to write a clean humor blog and he was hilarious. He changes his FB profile to a new funny picture every month or so. This ain’t racism. Don’t be crying wolf.

  • Mr Smith

    Even the most rudimentary search of the internet (try: face swap Steve Harvey) would quickly turn up the source of that picture: http://www.mandatory.com/2014/05/06/todays-funny-photos/7

    Less than two months ago, on the AOL-operated mandatory.com it was posted on a feature they call “funny photos”.

    It’s too bad that your overwhelming desire to foment hate takes the form of such obvious race-baiting and slander. Unless you have proof of any kind (besides your recklessly drawn conclusions based on what AOL calls a funny photo), you have defamed a good man who puts his life on the line daily.

    You, quite obviously, have neglected to answer the question that has been asked multiple times here in the comments – exactly how from that single picture were you able to divine the intents, thoughts, motives, and beliefs from a single “funny photo”?

    Maybe you don’t think it’s a “funny photo” – fine. You don’t have to find any humor in it at all, but the reposting of a funny photo shouldn’t lead to this type of intentional reputation-destroying vendetta.

  • Jenni Baer

    This post was poorly conceived. When you equate a funny profile pic with the misbehavior of Lyga and Hillman, you cheapen the moral principle you’re supposedly trying to defend. Everything you ever write about racism will be undermined by the frivolousness of your accusations here and the exaggerated passion you display in this post.

  • Mr Smith

    Do you lack the courage to defend your opinion? Or simply to admit when you’re wrong? One of the two must be true.