LAPD Officer Pens Anonymous Letter on the State of the Department

Below is a very moving and eyebrow raising letter from a current Los Angeles Police Department officer regarding the leadership and direction of LAPD.  It is obviously anonymous and for good reason.  I am sharing it in hopes that the powers that be in the media, Mayor’s office, and Police Commission understand that something just ain’t right.

For the record, I posted this letter as is, no changes were made.  Thanks!


Recently there have been many articles written in regards to Chief Beck and his tenure as the figurehead of the LAPD. I would first like to apologize to my fellow employees for writing this anonymously. I have not fulfilled my career advancement goals within the department as some of the other critics have. I do not feel safe in my standing within the Department and I do not have Department or political backers to support me if I upset the wrong Command Staff member. I do not have have parents, grandparents, great uncles or any other relative to sponsor my career, call in favors for preferable assignments, or use there influence at promotional orals.

It has been recently documented that under Chief Beck’s watch there have been instances of favoritism. We have seen the Hillman story and we have heard the Chief’s explanation for why he did not order Hillman to stand before a Board of Rights. On this subject I will just say that as an employee with the Los Angeles Police Department I can near as possible to one hundred percent guarantee that if I was Hillman, if my name was to magically replace his name on that type of a complaint, I would not only be ordered to stand in front of a Board, I would have been sent home without pay, my name would have been drug through the media ‘mud,’ and I would have to watch the Chief, standing next to the loudest Civil Activists he could find, use my name as an example of how the LAPD has a ‘Zero’ tolerance for racism and hatred. And he would be right.

Working for this Department, one of the hardest things to do is to overcome the ‘sins of our Fathers.’  The distrust of the police from the communities we try our heartfelt best to serve has been in many cases rightfully earned by previous staff policies and the policing tactics of the LAPD from the 80’s and 90’s. The average person could never know how hard it is to earn the publics trust when most all police encounters happen either in responding to emotional emergency calls, follow-up investigations, or enforcing traffic laws.  When an officer, whether On Duty or Off, uses the language that Hillman has been accused of using, in the manner in which he allegedly used it, watching the Chief offering the limp excuse that was presented to the public for me is totally unacceptable. It sets the LAPD back decades. Hard decades. Decades full of riots and Civil Complaints, Federal Consent Decrees and corrupt Police Scandals that shock the conscious. Thanks for making my job easier Chief.

There are new outrageous scandals of the Chief interfering with Boards of Rights to save his family from public critique and scrutiny.  That the Sergeant in question has pictures of the Chief’s daughter and text messages from the Chief consenting the relationship. There are stories of his daughter receiving preferential treatment with her appointment to Metropolitan Division. The stories include her being ‘loaned’ to Metro because she could not qualify for a shooting medal. The story of her being specially tested for her PFQ by the Chief’s drivers instead of the Metro staff who tested every other applicant. The story of the Chief’s daughter selling her private horse to the LAPD (making it a Department horse- which the City now pays for) and then being the only Department employee with access to ride the horse. None of these stories have surfaced in the major local media outlets. Maybe they never will. Maybe they are just stories. But these are stories widely told and believed by the people that believe our Chief judges them with a ‘Tarnished the Badge’ standard.

What about the next story to drop. Do we talk about Sergeant Ennox who with four years on the job tested for Sergeant and received a near perfect score?  Do we mention that she is Chief Passingers god-daughter. How after probation she was moved to his office. To obtain field time she was sent to Southeast Division where she was assigned morning Watch. Where she had preferential scheduling to work only FridaySaturday and Sunday nights. Where on the front desk she did not have to take reports that would risk court time or having to do work responsibilities Monday through Thursday. Why?  She flew to Northern California to finish her degree. If my god father called the Southeast Captain would I receive preferential scheduling, the ability to refuse to do certain police work because it could lead to standard police activities such as court or other weekly commitments?  After Southeast Patrol could my god father get me transferred to Hollywood Vice?  With almost zero patrol time?  And when my welcome at vice was at its end could I be transferred to Southwest Division where the last three DP’s as an officer I worked in tandem with a Sergeant. Having a tenured Sergeant showing me how to perform the job. I was unaware the LAPD had a Sergeant internship. I wonder how many other men and women waiting on the Sergeant list were awarded an internship. How much work was she allowed to do?  Did she interview witnesses or suspects during UOF investigations?  Did she interview complainants for 1.28’s?  I am sure that my god father could just make a few calls and directly guide my career and educational needs. Could your relatives not do the same?

In any private company or even in a government juggernaut like the LAPD a certain amount of back door dealing, favoritism, and cronyism is going to take place. It just seems to me that the blatant abuse of power from this current Chief and his staff is a complete slap in the face of every man and woman who has ever worn the badge. Did the Men and Women of the LAPD always see eye to eye with Chief Bratton?  No. But I just can not for the life of me think of any instance under Bratton where such blatant favoritism, double-standard discipline, and Command Staff manipulation happened. Can you?

Did Chief Bratton have Police officers purposely vandalizing or breaking antennas or other Coty property?  Were his employees speaking up about abuses and being ordered to disregard investigations because it made him look bad?  Were Board of Rights investigations being manipulated in fear of his public image?  Did his upper Command Staff use their influence to elevate their loved ones up the Department ladder?  Did he hold the rank and file to a totally different standard than his family and friends?  No. Chief Bratton was a politically driven Chief who used his influence to move the Department forward, not just his inner circle. Does the Los Angeles Police Department have strong leaders, leaders of character and of integrity. Hell yes we do!  But under this Chief’s command these employees are disenfranchised by seeing the double standard of this Chief’s complaint system. These employees are put off by watching inexperienced or unqualified family and friends of this Chief get special details and promotions. These employees are sick and tired of watching Charlie tell us how much he cares for us, and then watch as he blatantly flaunts our hard fought reputation of being the greatest law enforcement agency in the world.

To the Mayor and to the Police Commission, if one or two voices complain about something it might seem like a few disgruntles speaking out of turn. But I have a wild suspicion that the more we tiny voices speak out the more the proclamations of dissent will ring out! There is so much blatant favoritism within the Department now it is sickening!!  Our lower Command Staff will not speak out. Out Lieutenants will not speak out. Our Sergeants will not speak out. Only the few who do not fear reprisal have voiced their opinion. Hear me though, the rank and file are fed up!

We are tired of standing by as these abuses of power from our Chief, Deputy Chiefs and the Command Staff mount up.  Take a look at some of the Command Staffs’ family members within the Department. Beck’s, Passinger’s, Gannon… The list goes on and on for preferential treatment. Mr. Mayor you have taken the first step to stop nepotism and cronyism within the LAFD. Please look within our ranks as well.  Our Command Staff are killing our morale. Why work hard when the Chief’s kids get their assignment handed to them?  Why study hard when Passinger’s god-daughter gets handed her stripes?

Those of us without sponsors will soon realize that we do not have to take a second term. We do not have to watch the parody of Command Staff adjudications and ‘cronyisms’ tear the morale of the rank and file to the core. We do not have to watch as daddy’s little girl or our Deputy Chief’s god-daughter take our coveted jobs or our promotions. We can have a voice in the direction of the new LAPD and we can move on and fulfill our Mission of Serving and Protecting the citizens of Los Angeles with integrity and pride.


The Court of Public Opinion

  • Lakerguy

    Wow, that would be hard one to narrow down to who wrote that!?? That sounded like every other cop “On the street” as in Patrol. Not metro, not GND and of course not IA. Well said, to bad you left out two of Beck’s worst henchmen. Anyone that knows a good looking lady, would know those predators.

  • Biased

    And then there’s daddy’s boy Gannon who made sgt above those more qualified. Which was everyone in his band.

  • In Beck’s first term, it is hard to overlook the many incidents of nepotism and cronyism and call him a leader. The LAPD rank and file union, Los Angeles Police Protective League, need to conduct a vote to see if its members have confidence in Chief Beck or not. Then the citizens can gauge LAPD’s moral and determine if the current LAPD is capable in providing them with adequate police service.

    Yes the rank and file street cops are professional, but with low pay, a draconian disciplinary system and keystone cops in their leadership, the LAPPL members should be the ones to determine if Beck is worthy of a 2nd term. From taxpayer paying $4.2 million for an incident created by Beck in Torrance, CA, after deploying LAPD officers outside of LA city limits, the Officer Hillmann (nephew of a deputy chief friend cronyism incident), to the nepotism favors of his daughter and many other poor judgement decisions of the chief that has come to light, Beck is definitely the wrong person to lead the LAPD. So take the vote LAPPL.

  • Johnny Rico

    I am not a fan of Beck but let’s not pretend that the problems are limited to his tenure as Chief of Police. If you are interested in looking at examples of such favoritism from Bill Bratton, you need look no further than Berkow and Miller. There was favoritism in hiring, favoritism in how their alleged misconduct was handled, and favoritism in the way in which they were allowed to quietly leave the LAPD. These problems are pandemic in the LAPD leadership and within the larger good ole boy network of law enforcement leadership in the United States. They attend the same classes, belong to the same organizations, and look out for each other.

    Am I especially sanguine about the odds of an outside leader cleaning up the LAPD? The answer has to be “no”. The Department needs to look further afield for their next chief. Perhaps a retiring military leader might be a good choice. How about Colin Powell?

  • Uni Privledged Task Farce

    I wonder how USC feels that it’s money went to “train” Ennox inside for three months instead of her being out on the street like all her fellow officers as of part the university part task force. Shame on Lt Kozak and her “trainer” sgt Joaquin for allowing her to do this and giving her preferential treatment.

  • Mike

    Get your facts correct. Nothing but a hater. Take the next Sergeant’s test and see how you do. Wait, you don’t have enough time yourself.

  • You mean Patrick Gannon’s son?

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    To whomever wrote the above letter…good for you–now have the courage to put your name on it. I have no protectors or relatives on the job. But as a retired AF colonel, I could not take any more of the Corrupt discipline system. It most certainly has gotten worse under Chief Beck. Ask any of the LAPPL panel attorneys…they have all said the same thing. And I do work at Internal Affairs Division, where, what I saw in the Workplace Section, obligated me to report it. Things are out of control. Command Staff members regularly lie in their interviews, on the rare occasion that they are interviewed. I HAVE PROOF.
    It sickens me to see officers fired by captains who are guilty of the same behavior they are firing the officer for! It sickens me that officers are fired for lying when absolutely nothing happens to the command staff.
    Any CEO anywhere else would be fired if his or her unfair decisions caused so many employee lawsuits. This is exactly why I reported many of the things that are coming out in the news now. I reported this to the IG a year ago! No face sheet was cut on any of it until I went to the Police Commission four months ago. Still nothing has been done. I have learned through this that the job of the IG and the PC is to protect the citizens from out of control cops. I don’t know who is supposed to protect the cops from the out of control, heavy handed command staff. This is why this Department has so many employee lawsuits!
    I have mentioned many times to Tyler Izen, the president of the LAPPL, that we need to do a vote of confidence on the COP. Tyler won’t do it. Which begs the question, who is he really working for? We could all go on forever about the unfair systems in this Dept…but is has definitely worsened in the past five years. The discipline system is a sham. The promotional system is nearly as bad. Officers need to stand up every week at the PC meetings and let those in charge that enough is enough.

  • moore2317

    He or she don’t have to put their name on anything that may cause them to be black balled!!! You state that, “we need to do a vote of confidence on the COP”, yet you want the person who wrote the letter to have the courage to put his/her name on it. WOW!

  • moore2317

    I’m sure Bratton has had his share, but I think what is being said is that Beck’s out weigh Brattons’. Maybe a good military leader would be best and maybe not. The military is not much different than the police department! They to have their own biases, favoritism, prejudices and all the rest for certain.

  • tom

    Kudos to you Cathy Marx

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    The IA investigator who is leaking information to this site should have the courage to put their name on it. There are people being harmed by this who have absolutely no connections to command staff and whose lives are being ruined.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    I don’t leak anything. I reported facts to the IG. And I can prove every single thing I reported. You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. And I do put my name on this…obviously.

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    With all due respect, Sgt Marx, I wasn’t referring to you. I was referring to whichever coward is leaking material to the owner of this website.

  • John

    Unfortunately, all that USC cares about is its reputation. The University will pay all the money necessary to “hire” LAPD so that if an incident goes south, the University can blame it on the LAPD. An example will be last year’s riot, May 2013, regarding a USC Party on 23rd and Hoover. We, DPS, try very hard to earn your trust and respect as USC Police Officer, unfortunately the University isn’t any better than LAPD’s Command Staff.

  • tom

    Attention all LAPD officers! Call your league directors and tell them you want a vote of no confidence in chief beck. Why does the chief have a blue line article? He is not a member of our union. Haven’t you noticed how many of our directors have promoted and ranked high within their band? He has enough avenues to push his propaganda, he shouldn’t be allowed to have his own article in OUR union paper. The command staff has their own union. I don’t want to read anything they have to say in our TBL magazine or see their pictures.

  • Under the blue line radar

    It disgusts me that the Chief can get in front of the media and tout how impartial he is when it comes to discipline within the LAPD. Let’s talk about the McCarthy’s on the job…no wait what rank are they…Commander and Deputy Chief. Does the public know their special relationships? Let’s get to Kevin…..he’s a guy who ranked mediocre for Commander…but oh wait , he didn’t qualify since he lacked his college requirements. So what does he do…during his command over Narcotics Division, he employs his secret girlfriend to enter and exit his office as she pleases to work on HIS online degree and homework. Then of course the girlfriend is promoted to the rank of Detective III then proceeds enjoy her special privileges, yes “her Daddy” as he is referred to. Once the degree is done, Kevin makes Commander, where several other candidates who ranked higher are passed over….special relationship…you bet. Just ask the Chief how many civil lawsuits Kevin and Debby McCarthy are responsible for where large taxpayer payouts where made…numerous personnel complaints were logged against the two and yet neither suffered any responsibility. So what does the Chief do now…he has Debby McCarthy reassigned and command over the Internal Affairs Section. WOW…who best to protect the Chief and keep it all in their special extended family. Chief, you are no better than the predators out in the street. You lie, cheat, and destroy good officers on the department to make yourself feel powerful….How do you sleep at night? Your time is over, give it up, and ride off into the sunset on your LAPD purchased horses with your cronies.

  • Heavy

    This guy is a small fish in a large pond and can’t handle the fact he is not one of the “boys” I guarantee if this person were to work hard, keep his nose clean and do the job he is paid to do, good things would come his way. Instead he wants to look at everyone else’s plate and wish it were his. Go out there and earn a reputation and take advantages of the great oppertunities out there given to you by a great department and a great career. Thousands of cops out there , the lazy ones are usually the ones that cry and complain.

  • CityEye

    Where is the vote of No Confidence from the PPL? This clown needs to go. Email that boy toy Mayor Garcetti. Thank You Jasyme for having the courage to report all the abuse under Beck. You are standing up for the rank and file who many support and giving them a voice. Under Beck this is a corrupt command staff. Speaking of Southeast and preferential treatment why can Southeast Capt Tingrides and his wife Sgt. Emada Tingrides work not only in the same bureau but Capt Tingrides oversees the officers his wife supervises. No other sworn personnel can work together so closely as it is against dept policy. Here’s another story, investigate all the command staff & Beck friends who have been promoted who were on the LAPRA Board with him. Deputy Chief Villegas, Assistant Chief Sandy Jo MacArthur, Cmdr. Kevin McCarthy his wife Deputy Chief Debbie McCarthy not on board but promoted with no field experience, Capt. Gerald Woodyard, and the list goes on.

  • Legacy Killer

    Yes, the dedicated food delivery man for the higher ups. Never done a thing other talk bout his daddy while at work. Even as a P3, he would boss everyone around and although having no credibility other than the last name. I believe Ennox’s daddy was possibly a Captain if I recall correctly. As a probationer, she worked a plain clothes detail almost immediately and throughout its entirety. Gannon and Ennox are both utterly worthless. Whatever happened to creating your own legacy.

    Also, back to the Chief’s daughter, she slept with her PT instructor in the academy who was fired for the offense. Slept with her fellow class mates, training officer, probationers and for a while seemed like every other cop.

  • Citizenofla

    The City needs to terminate all of the command staff from the chief’s office for lying. No mercy!!! The City of Los Angeles should lead by example and show that it will not tolerate any type of corruption, speacially from the Chief of police. Dirty bird……

    If the Inspector General discovers during his investigation that the Chief and his Command staff lied. And these people keep their jobs, The City counsel and police commission is just as dirty as the Chief, period.

    I honestly believe that the Chief’s office probably lied on the investigation of the Doner case. Once your dirty your always dirty.
    Thank you for letting this important information out.

  • citizenofla

    This Mike guy smells like Ennox to me. Hahajajajahajja

  • citizenofla

    Dirty Command staff and the city will always say, we had no idea this was going on in the LAPD! what a slap to the face!

  • Fairness

    I agree this is a great career with great opportunities and kinship and that you should earn your way and build a rep for yourself. I think the issue is that there are those who work tirelessly to better themselves and the dept and keep themselves out if trouble only to be passed up for promotion time and again for the privileged few. How many times have we seen a hard worker with an education or even masters get passed up for someone with less time on, less education, less experience only cause they were the coddled son or daughter of someone or the capts favorite. It’s not wishing to be “one if the boys”, it’s wishing for a fair shot.

  • What a joke

    Last Saturday night there was a help call in Southeast division involving a very hostile group of party goers that were trying to linch an armed suspect from police officers. The group was so unruly that 77th, southwest and harbor divisions had to respond to assist. It was so embarrassing to be there and witness the incompetence of some of the new Sgts being promoted, one being Enox. There must have been 10 Sgts there and most failed to take command of the situation. The LAPD needs to promote leaders with experience, men and women that are not afraid to get involved. What can Enox offer besides a degree from Stanford. Or those few months she worked patrol really gave her all the experience she needed to be good sgt. That night we needed sgts like Stevens, moody, beherens, not a 5 yr veteran like Enox.

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    NoDirtyBirdies • a minute ago
    We are all fed with command staff. I get it. As police officers we need to be cautious about cheering on the leaking of our personnel files, including information on the minor children of cops. And these cops are just regular patrol officers and sergeants. If the person leaking this information is willing to risk the lives of our kids to get their point across, then be careful, the next file they give up might be yours. Beware of wolves.

  • upp sett

    What if George Gascon agreed to come back to Los Angeles, do you think he could do what needs to get done?

  • bye golly

    You ask who Mr.Izen and the other full-time uniformed LAPPL work for. You may recall that
    nobody seems willing to admit who or how the July 2011 contract resulted in waiving the Police Unions obligation to reimburse the City for salaries of Izen, et al.
    Who do they work for?
    The answer is up for debate.
    There is no question about who signs their paychecks.
    The Mayor and City Council.

  • tin mann

    Ultimately, the Mayor and the City Council bear direct responsibility for the situation as it stands today.
    What do they do when a councilmember is caught up in sexual affair/employee harassment or lying about living outside their district?
    The council will wag a finger, but refuse to exercise their powers of censure and removal of a miscreant colleague.

    There are only 2 requirements for the Chief of Police to sustain the approval from our local elected leaders:
    1.The media continues to present an image of harmony between police dept. and residents/communities.
    2. Continue to ensure that Councilmember’s spouses, children, staffers and designated VIP’s are given special treatment and protections whenever they get pulled off the road or caught on tape misbehaving.

  • Following highest example

    Since there is this desire to seek out corruption and go after scandal setters, I can’t wait to see the attacks on our current administration and ALL of Obama’s back door dealings and corruption. After all, Beck is merely following in the footsteps of the examples set by Barry Soltero.

    Birds of a feather, flock together!

  • Legacy Killer

    Guess what Patrick Gannon’s son’s name is?

  • Legacy Killer

    BTW, I believe their kid might be on the job.

  • Legacy Killer

    This happened before in Southeast. Ennox just watched while the everyone, including the Watch Commander, was brawling in an all out Donnie Brook. Next time, someone needs to bring her the popcorn.

  • Street Copper

    To whatever officer wrote the above letter….Thank you brother or sister in blue for speaking on all the shady shit that goes on with this department. As an officer I applaud you and I know all the hard working street coppers that put the uniform and badge on everyday feel the same.

  • Street Copper

    Seriously Michael Gannon also had everything handed to him!! That kid is in no way qualified to be a sarg! Just another captains kid!

  • The truth

    Brandi Scimone (Becks daughter) also slept with a couple lucky guys during her short unproductive time at Newton division! Where I might add she was a horrible cop was more worried about trying to impress everyone with her Hollywood stories and always talking about all the connections she had and people she knew rather than worry about being a tactically sound street cop. Way to sleep your way to the top!!

  • Pio Pio

    The truth. Brandi brought in in more arrest than most of the officers assigned to her unit. As far as her sleeping around that is none of your business. That is between her and whomever she decides to give it up to. It is clear you are just upset because she did not give it up to you!!!!

  • Shark

    Based on what? Your opinion?

    Mike is no less qualified than anybody else in his band. Its a whole bunch of folks that might not be “ready” when their number is called. But, guess what.. they gotta strap up and hit the ground running.

    Mike wasn’t the first guy in Band 1 and he wasn’t even close to the first sets of officers to be promoted off the most recent list that just died. He did what he could in the testing process, waited his turn and now, he’s a three stripe.

    So, in a nutshell, here is the challenge to you and the rest of you whining bitches reading this on here that want to cry foul because said person made rank with no/limited TOJ or a questionable background… TAKE THE TEST AND BE THE SUPERVISOR YOU WANT OTHERS TO BE.

    Otherwise, shut up and do your job.

  • Cinderella

    Valid point, but these statements go above and beyond the norm. I am going with, “This might be a breaking point for the citizens of LA” when the findings of the IG come out. What say You?

  • RW

    Tyler Izen sold himself out when he was made president of the LAPPL. Just like Paul Weber before him, he is now a politician.

  • JPM

    You waited until you could retire, didn’t you Cathy Marx??? How many officers’ cases have gone out of civil statute while you waited until you were safe? Or, lets me honest: you’re OK with all the cops you helped fire, and you were OK with command staff getting away with the same misconduct….UNTIL someone pissed you off. How long were you a part of that sham before you courageously came blew the whistle? Don’t look down your nose at anyone else who is afraid of getting retaliated against. Hypocrite.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    JPM, If I could afford to retire, I would have already done so. I have been reporting misconduct since I was a P2 and had no one protecting me then (or now). And believe me, reporting an old time sergeant at Newton Division 20+ years ago was no picnic. I have never been ok with command staff getting away with serious misconduct and I have reported other misconduct by command staff members. So no, I did not wait until I was SAFE. I believe the command staff should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one. They have the time, training, experience and positions of responsibility that should also include accountability. They are supposed to lead by example. At least, that is what I learned in the Air Force.
    And in this case, what I had, was PROOF. And as soon as I had proof, I went to the IG, who is still investigating.
    As for the issues at IA, I was there for 5 years before I witnessed the issues that I reported, or I would have reported it sooner. I worked many other places within IA where the investigators, myself included, tried to do thorough, unbiased investigations. I was trained by Captain Schwartzer, and Chief Perez, both of whom told us to follow the facts wherever they lead. I don’t
    believe either of them would have told me to delete a significant portion of an investigation. Maybe that is naïve of me…
    But you ask a very good question about cases going out of statute. I think the LAPPL and/or the IG and Police Commission should demand an investigation to look into that issue.
    As far as Officers that I helped fire, you obviously don’t know me. Perhaps you should talk to some of the people I have interviewed and ask them how I treated them. I know of one officer who was fired after my investigation, but that was because he was hitting on every female he saw…on duty.
    Waited until I was safe? How am I safe? Are you kidding? Do you think I will be able to get a job anywhere else on the Department? That’s laughable. How do you think the atmosphere is where I work considering I am still at IA? But to me, it was worth it.
    Look at what one person coming forward with this stuff has started? I hope it continues until someone finally does something to fix this broken system. I think we need civilian oversight in boards, or binding arbitration…or we need to look at how other departments do things. We have to do something!
    I don’t look down on people who are afraid of getting retaliated against. I know people are retaliated against. I know they have families to take care of and mortgages to pay.
    It is my opinion that the discipline system has become significantly worse within the past 2 years. So do many of the panel attorneys I talk to. The majority of them say they have never seen it this bad. And I don’t know how much time you have on, but I was here for Bernard Parks. I never thought it could be worse than when Parks was COP. But it is. The favoritism, cronyism and nepotism are simply out of control. I did what I did because I was not about to falsify an investigation–it’s really that simple.
    And if JPM is someone from the Chief’s office or IA trying to bait me to say something confidential, nice try.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    That really was such a well written letter, I hope the sender also sent a copy to the Mayor and his or her city council people.

  • Pio Pio

    Are you kidding me? Bretton did it too! He hand picked Beck as his successor to continue his tradition. If your last name was not Irish (Gannon, Blake,
    Brennan, Kane, Murphy, Grady) or begin with Mc…McCarthy, McArthur, McDonald,
    McNamara you had a difficult time achieving command staff status. Soon to continue with McMahon and McManus.

    How is this possible in a City where Latinos, African Americans and Asians are the majority within the LAPD and the feeder pool? The reality is the more ethnic you look and the more in touch you are with the culture…the less likely it is you will be promoted to attain command staff status. You are lucky to promote to Sergeant or “maybe” Lieutenant.

  • JPM

    You interviewed me and had a major attitude and chip on your shoulder. You even rolled your eyes once. And lots of things didn’t come out in the final investigation. Lots of people protected…you’re no hero.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    I agree with you…I am no hero and never claimed to be one.
    As for your investigation, I would really like to see the final version that you received to verify it was the same as what I turned in. So feel free to bring it by IA, and I will check into it.