LAPD Sergeant Teresa Evans Lied and I Can Prove It

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We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

This is part one of two.  It’s kind of a long read, but well worth it. Lots of names and lots of facts.


It is a rule of the Los Angeles Police Department that as an employee thou shall not lie or interfere in the course of an official investigation.

Doing so will get you terminated. Even the brass just thinking you did will get you fired.

But that’s exactly what LAPD Sergeant Teresa Evans did—and to this day she’s still a bonafide sworn employee of the police department.

Oh that name is familiar to you you say.

Well it should be, Evans was Christopher Dorner’s training officer. She was the one he accused of kicking a suspect in the head and she is the one whom he was eventually fired over after it was determined that he provided false and misleading statements during his Board of Rights hearing.

More on that later. Let’s dig into Sergeant Evans for a bit.

According to a Long Beach Police Department report (07-47091), Evans refused to cooperate with the officers dispatched to her home after her co-workers at Harbor division, Officer Margaret Henry and then Sergeant Donald Deming, called for assistance.

On June 19, 2007 Long Beach police officer Keith Mortensen and Sergeant Colbert responded to then Officer Evans’ Long Beach home to respond to a case of possible domestic violence between Evans and her LAPD boyfriend Officer Dominick Fuentes.

When the officers arrived both Evans and Fuentes said everything was fine, lies number one and two.

When the officer asked about the scratches on Evans’ face and her black eye, she told him that her Pomeranian had scratched her, lie number three.

Officer Fuentes went so far as to blame “tweekers across the street” for the police being called to Evans’ home, lie number 4.

Evans continued to tell Officer Mortensen that there was no problem and no need to do any type of investigation, lie number 5.

When she was told that someone from her job called the police to come there she told the officer “she thinks she knows who called and that she thinks she might be thinking she is helping her out.” Evans also went on to say “this person has something against Fuentes.” When asked why, she responded “she did not know that she just does.”

Evans said that she had been dating Fuentes on and off for four years and had been living together for six months.

The officer then went on to speak with Fuentes who corroborated Evans story of the Pomeranian scratching her face and repeated that there was no domestic violence to talk about, more lies.

And I quote, “She just sustained an injury from the dog, we did not have domestic violence at all. And that’s all I have to say to you sir.” All of which was recorded on a digital voice recorder and burned to CD and filed with the original police report by the way.

Moving along, according to the police report, both Sergeant Deming and Sergeant Levy responded for the LAPD and both Evans and Fuentes again denied any domestic violence.

Evans refused to allow the Long Beach Police Department to take any photos of her injuries.

After this, Officer Mortensen was dispatched to LAPD Officer Margaret Henry’s home since she was the reporting party on the domestic violence.

Officer Henry tells Officer Mortensen that Officer Evans started dating Officer Fuentes in May 2003 and that by December 2004 she was getting phone calls from Evans saying that Fuentes was yelling and screaming at her. Evans told Henry that Fuentes was “throwing things around the house.” Officer Evans confided in Officer Henry that Officer Fuentes was “crazy” and that he was taking out his anger on her.

Apparently Officer Fuentes was mad because Officer James Talmage, Officer Evan’s ex, had been assigned to 77th Division where he works and “it drives him crazy seeing him everyday because of their prior dating relationship.”

On June 18, 2007, Officer Evans drove over to Officer Henry’s home and told her that Officer Fuentes was “going crazy every time he sees Talmage.” She said he’s also mad because his ex-wife is threatening to get a restraining order against him and that “she is going to promote to sergeant before him.”

Officer Evans said that Officer Fuentes calls her “cunt, stupid, and nuts.” Evans said that the argument was so bad this time that the only way she could get rid of him was if she was dead to which a sworn member of the LAPD said (Officer Fuentes) “why don’t you just shoot Sean, then shoot yourself?” Sean being Evan’s young son.

Officer Henry recommended that Officer Evans speak with a women’s coordinator to which Evans said that Officer Fuentes threatened to scratch himself up and say that she did it. Officer Evans said that Officer Fuentes told Officer Joyce at 77th Division that Evans had hit him before. She also said that Officer Fuentes was accusing her of “fucking around” with Lieutenant Heron. But Officer Evans was worried that if she sought out help that Officer Fuentes would no longer to be able to carry a gun which would lead to him getting fired.

Ya think? Well, maybe not. She’s still working. But I digressed.

Later that same day, Officer Evans called Officer Henry crying stating “I’m sending you this picture because if I am killed I want you to know who did this.”

She told Officer Henry that Officer Fuentes had gone “bizerk” and was waving his gun around. Fuentes also picked up a lawn chair and threw it at her hitting her in the face.

When Officer Evans became unresponsive to texts from Officer Henry, she got worried and that’s what lead her to call the police.

Officer Henry also said that Harbor Division Officers Dawna Killingsworth and Janine Bedford would know about the fighting between Officers Evans and Fuentes.

Which brings me to Harbor and 77th Divisions.

None of what I am telling you is news to the folks over at Harbor and 77th Divisions. From what I’m told and according to the police report everyone from the watch commander down knew about the fighting between Officers Evans and Fuentes. That it was a running joke. They fight, they break up, and they get back together all of the time.

But to me what is the saddest commentary about Harbor and 77th Divisions is that everyone knew about the issues then Officer Evans was having with Officer Fuentes and not one person stepped forward to say that Christopher Dorner was right when he ascertained that Evans home life troubles might be a reason for her more aggressive behavior in the field.

The police department is always telling us that if we see something say something, but as I have proven time and time again, they often do the exact opposite.

I will tell you that if I was fighting the way these two were fighting, I’d be having problems not only at work, but driving to and from the job, and anywhere else I went. That’s just part of being human. When your home life is screwed up everything else tends to be as well.

Why Officer Fuentes is still a cop, I do not know. Why Sergeant Evans is still a cop I do know and that I will get into in my next piece.

As LAPD officers neither Evans or Fuentes are not allowed to mislead, give inaccurate information, deny giving information, or refuse to cooperate with any law enforcement agency.

Based on the Long Beach Police Department’s report, both Evans and Fuentes should have been found guilty of misleading the LBPD and LAPD Internal Affairs at the very least. Victim or no victim, a lie is a lie and they are both cops. They are held to a different standard.

Remember the LAPD motto on their bumper stickers is “No excuse for domestic violence.”

Add to that, it is said that Detective Shelly Villanueva asked Internal Affairs now retired Commander Jeri Weinstein about how they should handle the Long Beach Police Department’s domestic violence report involving Evans.  Weinstein advised Villanueva that it was not relevant and not bring it up in the investigation into Dorner’s allegations against Evans.

I know that the subject of Dorner is not a popular one.

It’s not popular with cops who feel that no matter what he was subjected to he did not have to go the route he chose.  It’s also not popular with the media in Los Angeles who have basically just accepted Chief Beck and the Inspector General’s final report justifying Dorner’s firing as the Holy Grail and moved on. This even though Dorner challenged journalists to investigate his claims.

And while there are a lot of cops who will tell you that Dorner deserved what he got, there are just as many, if not more cops who will also tell you privately that Christopher Dorner did not lie in his “Last resort” letter to America.  Hence the reason I got my hands on this police report.

And while domestic violence is nothing to joke about, this is more about exposing lies and corruption.

Part two will be just as great.  For now, grab a latte and sit back and read for yourself the Long Beach Police Department’s report I referenced regarding Evans and Fuentes.

Oh, and a shout out to the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department who in their own way are taking a stand by fighting and exposing the corruption within the department.  I thank you and the public thanks you.

Stay tuned because LAPDgate is wide open.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • St Joseph

    Jasmyne: You may have some correct issues on the rejection of both Ofcs to the LBPD on any domestic violence. However, in Dorner’s case it has been established:1-He did things to be recognized before he came on the LAPD-as findng funds stolen from a Church not yet reported (A Church he attended) and turning it in to a college news reporter he attended then getting major publiicty as hero status. It was suspected he stole the money-$23,000. and “found” it laying in the college parking lot in a bag. 2- Having three independent witnesses and one Police Sgt prove Evans did not kick a mental patient, but tased him. Dorner was about to be terminated by six Ofcs review who found him not up to standards.3- Dorner found out he ws about to be terminated and went to his Sgt with this tale about Evans kicking the mental ill arrestee who had violently attacked two ofcs and two civilians 2 weeks after it happened-as I said when he discovered he was about to be shipped out of the LAPD. it doesn’t matter (except to a few over reacters) that one of the strongest ofcs wanting Dorner’s termination is Black. Dorner was a bomb waiting to happen and proved that when he killed two non-involved people in Irvine-the beginning of a mental psychotic deranged killer. What did this ever have to do with ethnicity? Shame on anyone who even suggests that! With one exception: The staff at LA City Personnel when there was suspicion by the investigators, played it down and recommended hiring Dorner as he was a US Naval Lt and Black! That was a bad choice based on ethnicity!

  • Daisy dog

    You go girl and know that there are many of us out here cheering you on!

  • Reality

    Conspiracy theorists exists so those who lack true conviction can blame their career failures on others. Dorner was forced out of the Navy. Fact, he was forced out because he failed to meet the standards not just once but passed over for promotion three times. He was also given an UNSAT for non military bearing (out of shape lard ass). In closing if the author of this blog needs to use Dorner as a point of reference to gain credibility, you can read between the lines. Forced hiring practices and lower standards ….the quota is met!

  • DP Roberts

    Interesting story, but just a story and even if it’s true it’s hardly **PROOF**. In the words of Inigo Montoya “I do not think it means what you think it means”

  • Raymond Guiducci

    I have your back Jasmyneacanick

  • cutty sark

    What evidence can you list that would support a conclusion that Dorner is responsible for the double murder in Irvine?
    What evidence have you seen to prove that Dorner wrote any portion of what has been named “The Dorner Manifesto”?
    What evidence has been found to prove that “The Dorner Manifesto” was posted on the internet by Christopher Dorner??

  • cutty sark

    Can you provide reference in order to find supporting documentation for your claims:
    1. “He did things to be recognized before he came on the LAPD…”
    2.”….he was about to be terminated by six Ofcs. review…”
    3.”… of the strongest ofcs wanting Dorner’s termination is Black…”

    thank you.

  • cutty sark

    Individuals have a right not to answer questions or self-incriminate.

    But an on-duty LAPD officer who suddenly gets called in by his superiors and subjected to questioning has to follow lawful commands as spelled out in the employment contract. Failure to perform could easily become its own grounds for termination, even if the internal investigation clears the officer of any misdeeds or criminal acts.

    An officer under interrogation may begin to panic. He needs to protect against actual or misconstrued self-implication. He also wants to avoid getting trapped into committing a fireable offense through his immedeate conduct. He needs emergency shelter against the hurricane so that he knows how to do the right thing.

    That officer needs the right advice. He neeeds help now.
    Someone whispers emphatically – “Hey call Kwan.”
    “What did you say?”
    “Kwan, Kwan. You have to call Randall Kwan, right away!

  • cutty sark

    Is there reason Sgt. Kwan may have had other enemies with motivation to harm him or his family?

    When Sgt.Kwan’s daughter was murdered in Irvine last year, he was no longer employed by LAPD.

    Former LAPD Sgt/ current Attorney-At-Law Randall Kwan had carved out a unique niche of legal practice.
    He was available to represent rank-and-file police officers who found themselves subject to any kind of internal investigation.
    His past LAPD experience gave him an understanding of rights and responsibilities of the officer within the employment contract and of the rules governing the administration of an internal investigation and disciplinary process, as well as familiarity with the tactics used by investigators.

    This specialized knowledge combined with fluency in general Criminal and Constitutional Law made Kwan a valuable councel to his LAPD officer clients.

  • cutty sark

    We have been told that Dorner was angry at the LAPD Sgt/Attorney who represented him at the Board of Rights termination hearing.

    The claim is that Dorner felt that Sgt. Kwan was secretly colluding with the Department’s effort to sustain his firing. This is presented as the motivation for Dorner to inflict suffering on Sgt. Kwan by killing his daughter in Irvine.

    “The Dorner Manifesto” is the only place to find expressions of extreme anger and malice toward Sgt. Kwan. Have not heard of any other writings or statements by Dorner which repeated this extreme opinion of Kwan or intent to cause personal loss to him.

    Sgt. Kwan received a phone call from someone claiming to be Dorner who taunted him about the killing of his daughter a couple days following her murder. Sgt. Kwan reported the phone call to investigators. Their investigation concluded the caller was probably not Chris Dorner and the phone call originated from Washington State. The investigators have not revealed other findings about the call, nor if they have progressed onward or closed their investigation of the call.

    We can infer that somebody with access to Sgt. Kwan’s cell phone number must have been involved with placing the malicious call. Somebody that was not Chris Dorner.

  • Just a Street Cop


    You seem to feel that Sergeant Evan’s victimization in an allegedly abusive relationship
    throws into doubt her testimony in regards to Dorner. While it was very succinctly stated in another response to this blog, I can’t help but reiterate that your insinuation completely
    discounts the fact that multiple additional witnesses, none of whom
    were associated with the Department, refuted Dorner’s allegations
    against her. You completely discount the fact that multiple Department personnel, independent of Evans, attested to Dorner’s lack of competence and suitability
    for continued employment. Now I’m the last one to claim that all my
    Department’s processes and accountability system is perfect, much less
    perfectly fair, but doesn’t the fact he went on a killing spree lend
    some credibility to the prior claims made by personnel which led to his
    subsequent termination?

    But to get to my main concern: I find it extremely disappointing that someone with your credibility and background in government and policy would act, or write, with such a complete lack of knowledge of the phenomenon and cycle of domestic violence. Beyond that, the lack of compassion you displayed is astounding. You claim in your blog that you are not against police officers, only those who commit misconduct. But this particular blog entry seems to imply you expect police officers to be some kind of unfeeling, inhuman cyborgs, not in any prone to human emotions, insecurities or mistakes.

    Presuming for a moment that everything stated in your blog regarding Sergeant Evans and her former boyfriend is correct, what you’ve identified is not a liar, or a bad cop or a bad person, but a VICTIM. What you’ve described is a woman who, for whatever personal reason, found herself in an unhealthy relationship and was uncertain where to turn or precisely what actions to take at that moment. A woman who felt threatened and feared not only for her own safety but for the safety of her minor child. A living, breathing, human victim of a cycle of violence that has been
    identified and recognized by every reputable sociological, psychological
    and medical institution as well as our own criminal justice system. An unfortunate cycle that police officers encounter into the privacy of peoples homes on a daily basis and try to work solve, sometimes with success, sometimes not. A phenomenon, a crime, that includes victims from every walk of life and every profession. And you think she should be fired for this? Really?

    In a terrible twist of irony, some police officers, both male and female, can find themselves the victims of this crime. And despite the fact these terrible and terrifying circumstances may actually be more embarrassing for a law enforcement officer, you certainly did not hesitate to print this information with no basis on who Sergeant Evans is or the true nature of her as a police officer, a parent or a person. And equally bad, you did so without any thought or care of the damage, danger or risk you may be foisting on Sergeant Evans or her child.

    There is a reason police officers try to protect their privacy so tenaciously. In the not to distant past an LAPD officer was executed dropping his child off at school. I have personally protected the house of an officer who was the victim of a drive-by shooting with a bullet passing through the wall of his young child’s bedroom. Another police officer was shot in her own driveway and took two bullets to the chest after being followed home late at night. That is reality. That is the world we live in. Yet you are willing to not only post detailed information about a police officer, label her a liar because she was a domestic violence victim, then NAME HER MINOR SON!

    It is precisely this kind of treatment that makes victims of domestic
    violence and other violent, personal assaults hesitant to report them. Need a good story? Attack the victim. There’s a reason several years ago the rules changed in recognition of this humiliating practice and crimes of this nature now include a confidentiality form where the victim’s name and personal information isn’t even listed on crime report. It’s because of people like you that became necessary.

    I have followed your articles at times with interest, many times even having personal, first person knowledge of the content. I have enough time and experience with my Department to even understand the frustrations that would lead many of my fellow officers to provide you with some of this information. But quite honestly, after this article, it’s clear you don’t engage in your version of “whistle blowing” due to any sense of fairness or greater good. You’re simply sensationalizing yourself and you care not who you tread on in doing so. I now can only sit and wonder how you sleep at night and look at yourself in the mirror in the morning.

    Needless to say, I know Sergeant Evans. I’ve worked beside her. She’s a good cop, a good sergeant, a decent person, a phenomenal mom, and a SURVIVOR of multiple personal and professional tragedies. I have always demanded of my officers that they treat everyone as they expect their families to be treated. I can confidently point to Sergeant Evans as an example of that, because I know if she showed up for my 911 call she would act with integrity and compassion. As for you – you may believe you are acting with some kind of twisted integrity here, but not even you can claim any level of compassion.

  • Just another dog

    That’s former Captain, not sgt!

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  • Tyndon Clusters

    So, this Fuentes guy, who threw a chair at a woman, has a gun and a badge and still has a job. Seems like LAPD protecting the rotten apples again.

    When will you officers realize that having Lyga and Fuentes types on the loose is YOUR responsibility. I am sure everyone in LAPD knows who the bad cops are, yet just reading your defense above, when does YOUR responsibility to the pubic trump your INDIVIDUAL right to privacy.

    It would be interesting to pull Fuentes jacket the last 7 years to see what his service record might be. If there are complaints by the public against him, then Evan’s should bear some responsibility since she clammed up and said nothing and denied the reality.

    As for you, just a street cop, “you are acting with some kind of twisted integrity here” to quote a phrase

  • Yo mama

    Jasmyne, you are a dumb fuck!! Get a job and go on and keep yourself busy. You are a pharmaceutical grade idiot. Oh wait, you already have a job with the LAPD. You know good and well that the LAPD is the finest Department with the finest people in the world that is why you work here. I hope you are not blogging on duty, you dumb fuck mindless creature. How did you ever fall through the cracks you scum bag. You are not different than a child molester. You are nasty and you are sick and most of all, you are a thug bitch!!!!

  • Bob

    Cops kill civilians every day and no one bats an eye. The fear you experienced is the fear we citizens deal with EVERY SINGLE DAY. Except instead of crying in the comments section about how life is SO hard being armed thugs, we do what we can to survive in a broken economy. World’s smallest violin for the cops who continue to maintain the blue wall of silence.

  • Bob

    Look, another racist pig commenting anonymously. Go beat up some minorities, scumbag!

  • thank you for this . we need more dorners, and plenty fewer ‘just a street cop’ types, and plenty fewer macho bullies, and plenty fewer idiot women covering for the violent macho bullies in their lives

    i, for one, look forward to seeing both the bone heads spending time in a cage

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    FYI, ask any of dorner’s classmates whether he was a macho bully. They will confirm he was. The last thing LAPD needs is another narcissistic murderer. Lest anyone forget, he ambushed and slaughtered a beautiful, innocent young woman, and three law enforcement officers who had absolutely nothing to do with LAPD. Find another poster child.

  • Joe Shmo

    Are you a blind idiot! Read the inspector generals findings on the Evans/Dorner kick incident. He found that the departments investigation missed significant data in noting that all the witness’s present were not there the entire incident. not one of them. yet the department shaped it to be that way. Get your facts straght before you defend. Evans had personal issues. She had lied in her own IA investigation about the DV, and the department looked the other way. sickining. Get your facts together.

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    Get your “facts” straight. Evans did not lie during either incident. Dorner had personal and personnel issues long before Evans had him as a probationer. Ask his ex-wife, ex-girlfriends, the City of LA Personnel Department, and IA. FACT: he had to appeal his psych evaluation. FACT: he had three personnel complaints while in the academy, including assault of two classmates in fits of anger, as well as shooting himself in the hand off-duty. FACT: The first day he worked with Evans he told her he believed LAPD was a racist organization and he was going to sue as soon as he got off probation. FACT: It was clearly documented in his ratings that he was unfit to be a Los Angeles Police Officer. FACT: Neither you or any of the other individuals quoting “facts” were there, so stop defending a deranged murderer. FACT: Four families were permanently deprived of their loved ones by Dorner. Think of the carnage if he still been one of us when he went off the deep end.

  • there was never a shred of evidence proving he murdered anyone … hearsay by the cops who murdered him

    i suppose you support the hunt and bbq of anyone lapd accuses, instead of a trial, eh? dorner tried for a long time to go through legal channels to address the (still) ongoing systemic racism within the department, and the (still) ongoing protection of cops who abuse ‘suspects’

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    dorner was positively identified by the tow truck driver and 2 LAPD officers that he ambushed like a coward in Corona… right before he murdered Officer Michael Crain (may he rest in peace). it would really be awesome if people would research their “facts” and have real “proof” before they perpetuate rumors that simply aren’t true.

  • Sean

    Oh wow.
    So because she may have lied about a DV she was involved in, means Dorner’s totally telling the truth? REALLY? Did you read his screed?? He’s a total nut bag!

  • Seanny Rotten

    It’s quite sickening how in all the Dorner worship, everyone, including you, Jasmyne avoids this (from the LA Times, browser’s acting up, I don’t have a link, but it’s in their “manhunt for Christopher Dorner” series):

    He sent nude photos of himself to some gal he was renting a room to who he had designs on. When his (totally classy & smooth) overture wasn’t accepted, he screamed at her to move out. She did so out of fear.

    This is cool with you? This you conveniently ignore? No, Sgt Evans is the problem, not this PREDATOR!! I see, he’s black, Sgt Evans is white, I see how it is, racist.

  • he was not tried and convicted of a crime . he was intentionally barbequed : MURDERED … and police fired hundreds of rounds at other people in ‘similar’ trucks in their pursuit of revenge

    lapd is notorious for lying . you using lapd as ‘credible’ witnesses is really the story here ::: ignorant police state tool believes police

  • cutty sark

    According to the Memorandum of Reward from the Three Judge Panel:
    The 2 LAPD officers in Corona did not make a positive identification of the man they assumed to be Chris Dorner. They were directed to follow an already moving vehicle by the tow truck driver. When the vehicle drove past the officers, they were viewing it from the passenger side. The LAPD officers then began pursuit following behind the vehicle the entire time. Only when the LAPD officers rounded the curve of a freeway offramp and were fired upon were they facing the man assumed to be Dorner, yet they did not make a positive identification while under fire.
    The tow truck driver described viewing a man inside the AM/PM market and viewing him at the gas pump island. This man fit the general description given for Chris Dorner; however, the tow truck driver’s positive identification was not made by viewing the man, but rather it was an identification of his truck matching the truck registered to Dorner.
    The most puzzling part of the entire incident is the fact that this encounter occurred at the AM/PM market and gas station on Wierick Road in Corona, with Dorner allegedly seen inside the AM/PM market and with his truck at the gas pumps. There is an over 99% probability that images of Dorner would have been recorded on standard surveillance video from the AM/PM if the tow truck drivers story was true. The public has never been shown any surveillance video from the Corona AM/PM nor is there any reference found in any of the post event Dorner reports to any images of Dorner from the AM/PM. Or for that matter, no reference to any images from the AM/PM showing the tow truck driver who received 5% of the LAPD Dorner reward or any images of the LAPD patrol car or the 2 LAPD officers.

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  • Los Angeles

    This fucking tool is what is wrong with our police department. “officers statements go against what Dorner claimed”
    So we as a people are suppose to believe that police officers(human beings) can’t lie?
    Officer Evans kicked a mentally ill man and the department covered it up and fired a man trying to do his job. Dorner only wanted to hold Evans accountable. When will our city’s “protectors” be accountable for all the crimes they commit. Police officers get away with speeding, running red lights, harassment, and the worst, driving while talking on their cell phones.

  • nlcatter

    Dorner was in news recently – year after death, something set off the raving lunatic and I think it was polce brutaility and being a called a liar. mental illness will respond to perceived threats to ego.

  • nlcatter

    good witness so much that said Dorner had a tie on that was refuted by physical evidence, many videos show cops brutality!

  • nlcatter

    she lied and you are an idiot covering it up

  • nlcatter

    you should die in your line of work MORON

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  • t

    Is there a picture of Evans?

  • Howard Taylor

    I always believed every accusation Mr. Dorner made. The LAPD is a vile rats nest of corruption. I could have been totally on board with him except for the fact that he killed two innocent people. Regardless the LAPD played a big role in everything that happened. All of this could have been avoided had they simply been honest. The deaths of the innocent are on their heads too.

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  • Barbara

    I read today Teresa Evans has a law suit against LAPD. I came across your post. I am the mother of Christopher Gettler. He was the mentally ill man who Teresa kicked. So sad they didn’t believe my son’s statement. He was telling the truth about being kicked. He had a cut on his face. He has a hard time articulating his words so they said he wasn’t credible.

  • Thanks for reading and I’m sorry about what happened to your son.

  • Patrick Green

    Just follow the evidence and the truth will come to light.

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  • Josh D

    Cant corner the dorner.