LAPD Witch Hunt to Find My Sources Leads to Another Lawsuit

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We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

Find a comfortable reading spot and settle into it. Ready?  Okay, let’s go.

Last week we discussed how Los Angeles Police Commander Patrick Smith filed a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles.  The lawsuit alleges among other things that Chief Charlie Beck formed the opinion that Smith was talking to me and broke into his office and personal space where a file marked for Inspector General Alex Bustamante was stolen.  That file contained notes regarding the sale of Chief Beck’s daughter’s horse to the Department.  A horse that she was going to end up riding as she was assigned to the Mounted Platoon at the time. As we all know now, Chief Beck denied having anything to do with the purchase but I proved (in my best Maury Povich impression) that was a lie–aka My Little Ponygate.

But it’s a new week which means a new scandal when it comes to the upper echelons of the LAPD aka the 10th Floor.

Smith’s not alone in suing the City over being accused of being one of my sources.  News will soon break on a lawsuit being filed by not one, not two–but SEVEN sergeants in the Department who were disciplined after the Department went on another witch hunt looking for my sources.

Chief Beck’s unhealthy obsession with me and my sources is going to probably cost the city millions and millions of dollars in the very near future.

Below is a copy of an intradepartmental memo from November 2014 sent out by the Commanding Officer of Internal Affairs to the Commanding Officer of Application Development and Support Division:


It is requested that TEAMS II conduct an audit of the Complaint Management System (CMS) for any employees that searched any of the below listed employees during the time period June 11, 2013 through the present. (Dated November 13, 2014)

Commander Scott Kroeber
Capt. John Egan
Capt. Jorge Rodriguez
Capt. Edward Prokop
Capt. Edward Pape
Lt. Andrew Barboza
Det. Reina Staats
Sgt. George Hoopes
Det. Frank Lyga
P.O. Thaniya Sungruengyos
P.O. Shaun Hillman

For frequent readers of my work, just about all of those names are familiar to you as they have been the subject of my past writings.

Chief Beck must be really desperate to stop the flow of information oozing out of his precious LAPD to authorize and conduct a full scale forensic audit of the Department’s computer systems.

It reeks of the same desperation that was on full display when the folder marked for the Inspector General was stolen out of Commander Patrick Smith’s office.

Commander Smith was well within his rights to take any concerns he had about the sale of the horse to the City to the Inspector General.  It’s a protected right. But Beck did not want that information in the hands of the Inspector General.  He just didn’t count on that information getting out anyway.

But back to the forensic audit.

The Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) is the investigative arm of the Chief of Police used to identify and report corruption and employee behavior that tends to discredit the Department or violate a Department policy, procedure or practice.  It is under the control Deputy Chief Debra McCarthy.

So the Department does this audit and compiles a list of folks who have made inquiries about the individuals on the list and then the real criminal shenanigans commence. The audit I am told shows that quite a few people had made inquiries regarding the folks on the list but only seven were singled out for discipline and accused of being one of my sources.

My real sources–not the ones the Department thinks are my sources– told me that the during the witch hunt interviews were conducted–interviews that were about me.

During these audit inquiry interviews, the seven sergeants suing were asked if they had heard of me, how they’d heard about me, which cases did they hear about and what form did they read or hear about the stories.  The sergeant conducting the interview asked all of them if they had ever given me information. The sergeants said that they did not give me any information and explained why they ran the officers in question through the Complaint Management System (CMS).

Lawd have mercy.  For the record, and I will testify to this under oath if need be in a court of law, I don’t know the accused sergeants.

A little bit of time passes and then it happens.  The Department converts the accused sergeants simple audit inquiry interviews into full-blown personnel complaints.  Imagine that.

In the end, all of the allegations were sustained against the seven sergeants with an Official Reprimand.  No wonder they’re suing.

My sources believe that this was an attempt, albeit lame, to find out who was leaking information to me.  Only the selected seven received punishment while other people on the audit list did not receive any punishment at all.  Those people must know somebody who knows somebody or be sponsored.  

Now when it came to Commander Patrick Smith the Department’s rationale seemed to be that because we were both Black we must know each other because after all, all Black people know each other.

The latest seven accused of being my source are all Hispanic officers.

This seems like as good a time as any to reiterate to Chief Beck and the 10th Floor that my sources operate from the 1st floor to the 10th floor, all Divisions and beyond, are not one race or sex and as evident by this latest round of accusations–so damn good that no–not even when you break the law are you able to figure out who they are.

There are seven stories to tell that all make up one hell of a lawsuit that will probably result in the City of Los Angeles paying millions and millions of dollars to either settle or when a jury comes back in these officer’s favor.

I have to tell you, when it all comes out, and it will,  when officers find out how these seven were treated, it’s going to take more than a trip to roll call and a pep talk via video to square things away with the rank-and-file.

All of this and for what?  The flow of information hasn’t stopped.  As a matter of fact the leakage oozing out of 100 West 1st Street is so bad now, Beck can’t sneeze and I don’t hear about it.

Beck and gang have all committed multiple violations of their own Department policy including but not limited to making false and misleading statements, conduct unbecoming,  neglect of duty and dishonesty throughout this witch hunt–and they still haven’t caught one single source of mine that’s accurate.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this obsession with finding my sources is unhealthy and is costing the city millions of dollars.

Chief Beck needs to be asking WHY are people are talking to me instead of trying to find out WHO is talking to me.  With now 8 lawsuits (that we know of) based solely on nothing more than Beck’s bruised ego and desperation to find out who is talking, it’s proving to be a mostly costly endeavor for the City of Los Angeles.  When will this madness stop and what will it take for Mayor Eric Garcetti to divorce himself from Beck and his criminal shenanigans that are costing Los Angeles millions in civil court and for the Los Angeles Police Commission to realize that they have an obligation to deal with the 10th floor and not just turn a blind eye.


The Court of Public Opinion

  • C pltn

    “Criminal shenanigans” is spot on. Corruption is no longer on the streets (as it was) in today’s LAPD. It’s done through Promotions, Sex, Special Assignments, Travel Authorities, Gas cards, Take home cars, Telecommute days, Special detail days and Overtime slips.

    God have mercy on your soul, if you get in the way of someone that has the power to give you the above.

  • The American

    Each and every one of these people who have filed lawsuits have to prove “they were treated differently then other similarly situated employees” and that is VERY TOUGH TO PROVE! I speak from experience and success. Each of the Sergeants who were reprimanded probably did not elect to have the reprimand heard in the Superior Court of Los Angeles in an effort to mitigate the harm or injury they are now alleging. I’d be willing to speculate that the statue of limitations for appealing the “Official Reprimand” in Superior Court has passed. The second hurdle is for the plaintiffs to prove they were somehow injured by what they have alleged. That to is VERY DIFFICULT to prove because the courts are very lenient with Police Managers and their administrative disciplinary processes. What I find most fascinating is that all of this nonsense is over a freakin horse! Well Ill be keeping my eye out for updates. If I were a betting man, I would BET THESE CASES WILL BE DISMISSED AND WILL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY! Im sure each of the plaintiffs know that if they sneeze they will be disciplined! So now lets see who of the plaintiffs can withstand the processes of civil court and discovery requests which will be extensive! THE CITY ATTORNEY AND THEIR CONTRACTED LAW FIRMS ARE “MF’ERS” as each of these plaintiffs will soon find out. Good Luck to them! But really L.A. Cops need to find a new cause of action besides “Retaliation” and should really think long and hard before shooting themselves in the ass over having hurt feelings.

  • All of this might have started because of a horse but if you check the list for the audit you’ll see many names but none of them are George the Horse.

  • The American



    Whether or not these supervisors can prove their case or not is one thing. But one thing is for sure is that the COP and his crew have lost their damn minds!!! Sometimes I wonder whether or not I work for a police agency or I’m in an episode of “Game of Thrones.” I salute all of you that are supplying information because no one is listening to us any longer. Jasmyne is correct in saying that the powers that be should be focusing on why we are going to her instead of who is going to her. Fortunately, I have a plan to leave this department and this profession in a couple of years and I hope that everyone reading this does to.

  • Swatdawg..

    holy crap!!! everybody knows beck is a buffoon and not respected. its the same old corruption by him and his little friends. beck has brought this dept to its knees and it will pay dearly for all his and his buddies corruption. You see what happened with ex-sheriff baca and tanaka, sheriff carona and others, I see the same for beck and his buddies….

  • Swatdawg..

    I also speak from experience and success. I agree with the American information. However, Its not that difficult to prove what managers do and damages officers sustain. If you are prepared to go to war against the city attorney then f n DO IT…. you will either win in court at trial or the city attorney will drag it out till they settle. Sometimes the city attorney wins but mostly settles..The city attorney loves to drag it out with continuances, demurrers, lack of discovery etc……….its all a game , but if you can wait it out, they will pay. I sued and won, although it took 2 1/2 years, I got paid, put all my kids through college from my payoff and more. So american, get a grip and don’t be so hard on your self…Trust me it can be proven, it just takes a while. So continue to file lawsuits, its all a game and really what have you really lost, nothing. Nothing personal to american, but true. Stop the bs…. late.

  • 🙌🏾

  • Auda

    So if a manager wants to destroy an employee, he/she contacts PSB, who then uses PSB assets like SOD to conduct unlawful surveillance, or the adjudication process to create false patterns of misconduct? Is that how it works?

  • C pltn

    I don’t believe I said that. I would like to believe IA/SOD wouldn’t frame someone, just because.

    The majority of the “Shenanigans” are conducted face to face. No paper trail.

  • 3Beeps

    That is funny! LOL! George the Horse V. COLA

  • Chief Beck needs to be asking WHY are people are talking to me instead of trying to find out WHO is talking to me. With now 8 lawsuits (that we know of) based solely on nothing more than Beck’s bruised ego and desperation to find out who is talking, it’s proving to be a mostly costly endeavor for the City of Los Angeles.
    Why Beck was given a second five year term is beyond me, he is the biggest tool I have ever seen, and he IS the reason the LAPD is so screwed up. Culture starts at the top. Idiots up top, idiots all the way down, because idiots like Beck hire and promote other idiots.

  • I remember linking this website to an LAPD corruption article on the LA Times, and one of the guys that comments there, a high ranking LAPD guy using the St Joseph handle, said Jasmyne Cannick had no credibility, which I knew was spin from a Beck stooge….

  • You do know the CA will likely handle this litigation in house… and discovery is part of ALL civil and criminal litigation, it is not that difficult and most cases in civil court can be brought to trial in 12-24 months. It is better to STOP the offending/unlawful conduct that results in lawsuits rather than condone it and end up in court and costly litigation., And trust me, it doesn’t matter if the seven Sergeants win or lose, the City of LA pays the legal bills, and in that sense a loss will cost the City just as much in legal fees/costs as a win. Money that could be spent on services.

  • Been There

    Capt Malachi got all the above benefits along with Charlie’s security OIC Swift turning in FALSE shooting qualifications her!

  • Fact is that there is one lawsuit and 7 pending lawsuits based on my credibility 🙄 If I wasn’t telling truths I’m sure Beck wouldn’t be tripping so hard.

  • The American

    My comments are based upon the information contained in articles, comments and experience. My comments and opinions are not to try and persuade anyone against doing what they feel they need to do to achieve their own sense of justice or retribution, but simply I’m trying to inform anyone and everyone about what they need to clearly be able to articulate in the months during the Civil Litigation process. During my litigation it took five years in which the case began with the City Attorney and was later handed off to a private law firm O’Melveny and Myers. During the period of litigation, I was subjected and served with mounds of Voir Dire Questionaires, depositions, settlement conferences, mediations conferences, arbitration hearings all in an effort by the City and its lawyers to get me to settle. I during that process also discovered how shitty and greedy lawyers are and how self consumed egomaniacs they are also. I refused EVERYTHING! Not because I was holding out for more money to send kids to college or to pay off bills, I had neither! BUT I FILED MY SUIT FOR FIVE REASONS (1) While assigned to I/A, I got an inside look at the system I had seen so many of my friends get railed by (2) I was tired of seeing complete dumb asses get promoted and protected (3) I wanted to practice what I preached as a patrol officer, that if I ever got a personnel complaint that I would fight it myself in a Board of Rights. (4) I wanted to try and change the system or give a voice to officers who everyday are getting humiliated by a lopsided system because they are afraid or ignorant of the dangers their acquiensence to the system contribute too. (5) I used the opportunity to support my classmate Johnneen Jones who was being treated like crap because she was accused of being “Fat” by a Bootleg Movie Pirate and a Corrupt Alcoholic Assistant Chief who was more arrogant then LASD’s Tanaka. So for anyone to think anything different know the real facts behind what I might write here. WHAT I WRITE IS NOT TO DISCOURAGE OR DISCREDIT BUT TO MAKE PEOPLE THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY NEED TO HAVE IN ORDER TO “Go to War Against The City.” Good luck and fight a good fight!!!!!!

  • The American

    Im fully aware of the process as I continue to work with Civil Rights Lawyers that file suit against wayward cops. The only reason the C/A farms a case out to a private law firm is if they believe they have significant risk.

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