LAPDs Multi-Headed Snake Targets Cop At Center of Daniele Watts Incident

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


One of my favorite scenes from the movie the Wizard of Oz is the one where Dorothy’s dog Toto begins to pull back the curtains and the Great and Powerful Oz says the famous line, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Today while members of what has often been referred to as the Los Angeles Police Department’s multi-headed snake were slithering their way around questions at the Police Commission meeting regarding the latest in an ongoing scandal (just in time for Halloween) involving the findings of the Inspector General’s report on the “ghost cars,” even more disturbing deeds were being carried out and I bet you didn’t even know about it.

While Chief Charlie Beck was front and center at today’s Police Commission meeting, someone very high up on the totem pole over at 100 West First Street decided to or was ordered to (I haven’t found out which yet) sic the city’s Ethics Commission on one of their own.

Sergeant Jim Parker was ceremoniously informed today that the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission has launched an investigation into him for possible ethics violations. I think this has got to be a first for the Commission to investigate a sworn peace officer. I could be wrong, but I think it is.

At issue for the Commission, allegedly, is the dissemination of private information pertaining to a personnel investigation. That’s all code talk for the multi-headed snake is pissed about the TMZ leak of that audio and Parker’s attempts to set the record straight about that incident with Daniele Watts and her man in Studio City.

Parker was the cop who had that awful encounter with Watts and her man in Studio City last month that went viral after she took to social media to claim racial profiling. Watts and her man alleged that Parker and two other cops unfairly handcuffed her when she refused to identify herself after being asked by officers responding to a call of a couple having sex in their car.

I’ll say it again, Parker and the two other cops showed remarkable patience with Watts and her man. Had that been me, I can’t say she’d have gotten the same treatment. I don’t do diva, never have and never will. But I digressed.

Since when does the Ethics Commission investigate cops?

And I’ll quote from their own mission statement:

The Ethics Commission helps to preserve the public trust by promoting elections and government decisions that are fair, transparent, and accountable. The Commission acts through its voter mandate to shape, administer, and enforce laws regarding governmental ethics, conflicts of interests, campaign financing, and lobbying.

The Ethic Commission was put into place primarily to deal with elected officials, candidates, and election campaign financing—none of which has anything to do with Sergeant Parker or his situation.

Add to Parker’s woes, I hear that he was guest of honor at LAPD’s Valley Internal Affairs office where he was grilled for about 90 minutes. The department launched an investigation after Watts and her man went public claiming racism. Watts nor her man ever filed an actual complaint—but that’s not stopping the department from moving ahead with a full investigation.

I’m told that Parker is facing about six counts of—wait for it, wait for it—discourteous remarks. Yes people, discourteous remarks.

And it’s at this point that I want to call your attention to the audio recording of that incident. There were a lot of discourteous remarks but for once, they weren’t from the cops.

Among one of the most stupid claims by the department, if it’s true, is that Parker was being discourteous when he said that he was mildly interested that she had a publicist. Also at issue is Parker saying ‘who brought up a race card’ after Watts insinuated she was stopped because she is Black and her man is white. His comment, ‘thank you for bringing up the race card, I never hear that,’ is also under scrutiny as evidence of even more discourteousness, as is his asking Watts if she needed the paramedics. Good God people, there are real injustices happening to civilians everyday in Los Angeles by the police and this is what the department wants to waste resources and energy on?

Parker was also questioned on whether or not he was paid by any media for the audio that he released. I’m told this was right around the time that he was informed that the department had pulled and reviewed all of his incoming and outgoing emails–as he knew that they would. Having nothing to hide, Parker is said to have told the investigators the same thing that he told all of us, he released the audio to protect himself and no he wasn’t paid anything to do so.

Again, and I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but it must be said.

You’ve got Captains in the department stealing money and laptop computers from non-profits. You’ve got a detective who thinks he’s God’s give to the department and who very well might have gotten away with murdering another cop. Then there’s the police officer who beat his cop wife (Happy Domestic Violence Prevention Awareness Month) and seemingly with the department’s blessing is allowed to keep his job and represent the LAPD in its recruiting efforts and THIS is what the department deems a priority? Give me a fucking break.

This was probably one of the few opportunities for the LAPD and Blacks to stand together on an issue involving racial profiling—because it didn’t happen and many of us said so and made it clear that Daniele Watts and her man needed to STFU and go somewhere. But no—instead of seeing this as a win-win for the department, the 10th floor gets its panties (or boxers, I just can’t tell these days) in a bunch over a cop trying to prove to the world, that for once the LAPD did not racially profile a Black person.


There are some cops who actually do deserve to lose their job, Parker isn’t one of them.  I think there are enough people in Los Angeles who agree and could help drive that point home to the multi-headed snake’s lair at 100 West First Street and the people who feed it just across the street.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • CBS news investigates

    Or how about the police officer who had sex with an underage girl, fathered a child with her, DNA proved, but not terminated or arrested for the crime. He was given the chance to resign from the department.

  • SurfPuppy619

    I’m told that Parker is facing about six counts of—wait for it, wait for it—discourteous remarks. Yes people, discourteous remarks.
    I wonder what Beck calls his buddy Shaun Hillman’s comments of referring to a black man as a “monkey”…..oh wait, Hillman is connected in with cronyism and nepotism, like Beck’s FIVE family members…my bad, I forgot.

  • guest

    I would think the chief who referred to the suspect who shot at the SWAT officers off the 110 freeway two months back would be subject to a “discourteous remark” when he said the suspect was “put down”. Put down implies the suspect was an animal. I found that more offensive than anything Parker said.

  • ghostrider

    ha acted like a rabbid dog, he was an animal

  • Just another cop

    That under aged girl had sex with four police officers and only dimed out one because she is and will always be a “Badge Bunny Benefit Seeker.” She also had one officer believing the baby was his until he was born. It was then clearly obvious that child was not his. She duped both officers.

  • ghostrider

    Amazing the hypocrisy. You applaud the way the way the officers showed restraint. You say, ” I can’t say she’d have gotten the same treatment. I don’t do diva, never have and never will.” Had the officer reacted the way you hint you would have, then you would be all up on them. I don’t know what your first reaction was to the initial incident but I am almost certain it was not pro-police.

  • Spencer Jacobson

    How does that in ANY WAY excuse the officers? THEY are the adults!

    Your name is correct, you are in fact JUST another cop, and brain dead as the rest of the lot.

  • I’m not a cop. I can tell you from a civilian’s point of view, I wouldn’t have taken her shit. Now had I been a cop, I would have had to act like Sgt. Parker. Do I think all cops handle the Daniele Watts’ of the world like Parker did? Not at all. But we’re not talking about other cops, we are talking about Parker.

  • HalfWayAroundTheWorld

    This investigation has been a travesty since day one. Seems like those higher up are adamant in wanting to bring charges against Sgt. Parker so they had to invent them. LAPD is in a state of disarray if they are willing to spend all that time and taxpayers’ money on baseless claims. Now the Ethics Commission has jumped on the bandwagon to bring the sergeant into further disrepute. When will this f*****y end?

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  • Thomas Coleman

    Methinks the present prosecution of Sgt. Parker likely has to do with the fact that he’s openly gay in the LAPD – see link below – and has been for some time. I recall him as such while I dealt with him when he was assigned to community relations with us gays. Openly gay male officers at the LAPD have a notoriously short shelf life there, particularly when they raise their profile a bit too much in the eyes of the Department. Apparently they are still expected to be unseen and unheard, except when useful to the Department for public relations purposes, “risk management” and to betray/testify against other gay officers. One after another of them has been brought up on trumped up charges, or infractions that would be ignored if it affected one of the Fair Haired Boys or members of the LAPD “God Squad.” This is true even when – as with Sgt. Parker – the targeted officer consistently defends the Department. Sgt. Parker and I had our disagreements, but in my experience was one who meant to do good and often did so.

    Of course the LAPD has consistently denied it discriminates against gay officers, even when the denials were transparently dishonest to the point of being outrageous and laughable. Through the years, we’ve come across blatant harassment like this – every visible, openly gay male officer I know of at the LAPD has been harassed and discriminated against. Press coverage has been traditionally scanty; for instance, the LA Times traditionally has left stories like this uncovered or under-covered since it too has historically been a giant closet with reporters fearing immediate termination/layoffs on an ongoing basis if they get out of line or out of the closet.

  • suspension days

    My dear Ms. Cannick, the LAPD has engaged in frivolous investigatons for a number of years now. Probably since around the time of the Rodney King incident. Officers have been investigated for things such as their body position while writing a ticket, as well as so-called “discourteous comments”. Officers are trained to take charge of a situation & sometimes use salty language, raise their voices, or emphasize a point to get the necessary control. The LAPD’S disciplinary system allows citizens to file complaint on ANYTHING, wasting the precious time of the investigating officer/detective/supervisor for absolute, unequivocal bullshit complaints which may lead to embellished, tainted, & unfounded results. Officers now say little so as not t poo get a “beef”. The disciplinary systems sucks & everyone knows it. Ask tho Hillman family. Ask the Gaines family. Ask the families of officers fired for bullshit.

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  • Pio Pio

    It’s HYDRA!!!!!!

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