There was no hiking for me yesterday as L.A. held its 23rd Annual Marathon.

According to the L.A. Times, more than 25,000 wheelchair racers, bike riders, walkers, weekend
joggers and more serious runners flooded the city’s open streets for
26.2 miles. They passed Los Angeles landmarks including the Hollywood
Bowl, the Walk of Fame, the Coliseum, the 6th Street Bridge and the
U.S. Bank Tower.

Tatiana Aryasova of Russia finished in 2:29:09, fast enough to win both
the women’s event and the $100,000 bonus for the first man or woman to
finish. The women were given a statistically competitive head start of
19 minutes, 38 seconds.

Laban Moiben of Kenya won the men’s event in 2:13:50, running at a pace of 5:06 a mile.

No problems on my side of town getting around since the pastors got together and set the city straight a couple of years back.  They didn’t want the Marathon interrupting Sunday service anymore and well, since they did that…it hasn’t.