The assualt on Blacks isn’t just in the South or from whites.

The issue of Latino’s killing Blacks here in Los Angeles has long been a concern to many Blacks that stay out of certain neighborhoods for fear of being shot at or even worse killed, just for being Black.

Well yesterday our suspicions were finally confirmed when the Los Angeles Times detailed an undercover investigation into members of a Latino street gang who had a violent campaign to drive African American rivals out of their South Los Angeles area neighborhood, resulting in at least 20 killings in the last three years.  Indictments were issued that charged more than 60 members and associates of the Florencia 13 street gang with a long list of felonies. Prosecutors say the gang was trying to dominate the area’s drug trade as well as extort "rent" from prostitutes, vendors, drug dealers and others.

African Americans with no gang ties were caught up in the violence, prosecutors said. "In their attempt to intimidate African Americans in the community, they targeted innocent citizens," said U.S. Atty. Thomas P. O’Brien.

In one instance, an African American couple were robbed at gunpoint by gang members who were trying to send a message, prosecutors say. In another, a man waiting at a Florence Avenue bus stop before work was critically injured in a drive-by shooting by Florencia members who apparently mistook him for a rival gang member, according to the indictments

Much of the violence occurred in the Florence-Firestone neighborhood, a working-class unincorporated community of 60,000 north of Watts that went through a rapid shift in population starting in the 1980s. Once mostly black, the area is now home to many Mexican immigrants..

The gang would "target African American individuals for assault" and leaders made sure "that all the F13 cliques were participating in the assaults of African American rival gang members," the indictments say.

So essentially, the gangs are moving away from killing over red and blue and are now killing each other over Black and brown.  Just great.

You can read the full story here.

I posted this story today because we always here about the atrocities committed against Blacks in the Southern part of the country, but know that it’s going on everywhere, even in Los Angeles.  And this isn’t to say that all Latino’s hate Blacks and are trying to kill them, but to be fair, I rarely hear of instances where a Black person killed someone for being Latino.  It’s almost always the other way around.

It’s almost getting back to the point of not being safe to be Black anywhere.

And in related news, the 204th Street Latino gang members responsible for the 2006 murder of 14-year-old Cheryl Green in Harbor Gateway area of Los Angeles, because she was Black, are going to trial for the murder of Christopher Ash, who they believed "snitched" on them killing Cheryl. 

In confessions to police, two of the gang members – including Jonathan Fajardo, one of the two charged with Cheryl’s killing – said they believed that their friend, Christopher Ash, was the snitch. Ash paid was stabbed more than 80 times and his throat cut.