Les Nubians ft John Banzaï – Veuillez Veiller Sur Vos Rêves

Nü Revolution
Les Nubians
Will Be Released: Apr 19, 2011
Released By Shanachie
Les Nubians return with Nü Revolution, their highly-anticipated third album. “The main difference between this album and the others,” muses Hélène Faussart, “is that Nü Revolution is more uptempo. This album is a celebration of life! We wanted to bring and spread this energy, this joy in a time of uncertainty.”

Nü Revolution may be the most impressive representation of Les Nubians’ “Afropean Soul” to date. Featuring special guests ranging from African music legend Manu Dibango to indie soul icon Eric Roberson, with South African pop stars Freshly Ground, Ghanian-American MC Blitz The Ambassador and Polish MC John Banzaï along for the ride. Somehow, Les Nubians manage to make the blend of so many diverse elements seem logical and organic; it flows quite naturally from their multicultural lives.

Nü Revolution embodies, both through music and lyrics, a true sense of ‘World Citizenship.’ “Liberte,” for instance, is inspired by the general shift signaled by Barack Obama’s election as President, and is dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King. Les Nubians do not neglect love or romance. “Déjà vu,” with Eric Roberson tells of a man and woman meeting in a club while “Fraicheur Souhaitée (Freshness Desired)” presents romantic longing through a personals ad. Nü Revolution also delivers provocative messages, as on “Femme Polyandre (Polyandrous Woman).” “Polyandrous woman” is the female version of a polygamous man,” Les Nubians explain.

Their pan-African vision remains as vibrant and clear as ever, as expressed on “Africa For The Future” from the new album. “Africa is our past, present and future,” Les Nubians asserts. “This song is about accepting and rejoicing through our body and mind that Africa is vibrant and 10,000,000 times alive! Africa for the future also to say that we have to prepare the future of the continent. It’s in the now that we create the future. Action time is now!!!”

Tour Dates
17- Washington, DC @ La Maison Francaise
18- Washington, DC @ La Maison Francaise

21- Philadelphia, PA @ Kimmel Center for Performing Arts
29- New York, NY @ BB Kings

14- Chicago, IL @ The Shrine
17- Seattle, WA @ The Triple Door
18- Seattle, WA @ The Triple Door
19- San Francisco, CA @ Yoshi’s (2 shows)
20- San Francisco, CA @ Yoshi’s (2 shows)
22- San Diego, CA @ Anthology

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