Debra Wilson is an amazing filmmaker and a phenomenal Black woman and someone I am proud to call my friend.

After winning SHOWTIME’s Black Filmmaker Showcase in 2004 with her film Butch Mystique, a short documentary that explored the lives of a group of African-American butch lesbians in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, Wilson used her $30,000 in prize money to provide a tool for opening the conversation around same-sex marriage in Black America.

So in 2006, SHOWTIME aired Debra’s award-winning documentary Jumping Broom: The New Covenant that highlighted Black lesbian and gay couples who shared personal and heartfelt stories that challenged levels of intimacy between two people. The film showed how their commitment redefined and honored love, family values, politics and religion in the context of today’s Black America and featured best selling author Dr. Michael Eric Dyson who addressed the taboos associated with same-sex relationships among African-Americans.

A native of California, Wilson has worked in the film industry for 15 years in a variety of roles, including Talent Coordinator for news and entertainment where she recruited sports, weather and on-air personalities for CBS NEWS, FOX News and Disney as well as network affiliates. She also worked as casting assistant at Reuben Cannon and Associates in Los Angeles; where she worked on such projects as “Mama Flora’s Family,” and countless other Movies of the Week and television specials. Currently she is the co-producer of the feature film “Mississippi Damned” scheduled for release in 2009.

For her dedication to the Black same-gender loving and telling our stories, Debra Wilson will forever remain a Lesbian I Love.

More About Debra


San Francisco



Single, Dating, or Married:


Children? Yes, No, In the Future:



Director, Producer

Describe yourself in one word:


What’s your favorite color?


What’s your favorite food?

Sprinkled cupcakes

Who’s in your iPod/CD Player?

Black Eyed Peas, Lady GaGa, Leona Lewis, Chrisette Michele, T.I., Wicked (the musical), Pink, T-Pain, 70’s and 80’s R&B.

What’s your favorite quote?

Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet idenifiable for others. ~Orsen Wells

Who’s your favorite author and why?

Alice Walker

When you watch television what do you watch?

Jon & Kate plus 8, House, Bones, Turner Movie Classics, Food Network, How I Met Your Mother, Run’s House.

Do you prefer fem or butch women and why?

Aggressive Fem

As Black a woman do you prefer natural or relaxed hair and why?

Natural. Less work and money.

Favorite body part and why?

Lips…because they’re soft.

Is weight an issue for you in choosing a partner?

Why or why not? No, not so much weight as fitness.

Who is your perfect lesbian girlfriend/wife?

My bestfriend Maritha, but she’s my bestfriend

Who is the sexiest woman alive?

Michelle Obama, but I still loves me some Angela Bassett and now Taraji P. Henson.

Do you date outside of your race?


Would you date outside of your race?

Not sure

What are your thoughts on interracial lesbian relationships?


What is your biggest challenge in life? How are you dealing with it?

Not having steady work and income.

Has the economic crisis affected you personally? If so, how? If not, what’s your secret?


What in your opinion are the biggest issues facing Black lesbians and our solutions if any?

I think our issues are universal to every woman in this time of recession.  We all need to work; healthcare; housing, and to hold on to our faith that things are getting better.

What are your thoughts on gay marriage and California’s Proposition 8 situation?

I think it’s only one issue among many that people are dealing with right now.

Has the economic crisis affected you personally?  If so, how?  If not, what’s your secret?

It’s already a challenge finding work in my profession and now with the recession it’s almost impossible.  But I keep sending out resumes and looking for other types of work.

What’s something that many people don’t know about you?

I’m adopted.

Top five places on the web?

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,

How can you be reached?


If you know a phenominal Black lesbian that’s doing big things, hit me up at and tell me about her.