One of my absolute favorite people in life is none other than DJ Spark.

I first met Spark while I was working with hip-hop artist Medusa. Spark was her deejay and we immediately hit off.

Spark is the whole package.  She’s smart, young, cute, and has a huge heart.  She’s fun to be around and always keeps you laughing.

One of the things I admire the most about Spark is her willingness to use her talents for the community.  As one of the most sought after female deejays not only in America, but Japan and Germany, Spark always lends a hand to the community she loves.  On more than one occasion she’s dejayed parties for me, including my birthday party and Zuna Institute’s National Black Lesbian Conference.

I remember one time when she Spark was deejaying at the Catch, L.A.’s oldest and most popular Black SGL owned nightclub and she played the remix of Busta Rhymes “Touch It.”  You know the version where DMX says “Fuck you faggot, I’ll shoot at you.”  I went up to Spark and asked her why she was playing that song.  She said “J, what do you mean?”  After I explained to her the lyrics, she immediately took it off and said she wouldn’t play it again and thanked me for letting her know.  Spark is just that cool.

Inspired by her mother DJ Silky D of 1580 KDAY, Spark thrives on hyping and entertaining her audiences by giving 120% every time she spins her creative magic on the tables. Growing up in a musical household, she developed a love for music at a very early age. With the tutelage of her stepfather the owner of Secret Weapon Sounds and several of Los Angeles’s top DJs such as legends Mark Luv, General Lee (Uncle Jams Army) and Battlecat (Snoop Dog), she became the world’s youngest female deejay ever. By age 12, Spark was developing her name and showcasing her skills spinning for Billy G’s, the local teen-club. Her talent has taken her all over the world touring with several artists like; Ms. Triniti, IMX (formerly known as Immature), Da 5 Footaz, Paulina Rubio, YoYo, B2K, Sy Smith, Medusa, and Young Rome. Spark currently shares her talent with the community by teaching in the Bebop to Hip Hop Program. "BeBop to Hip-Hop" is an innovative new pubic school music program created by Herbie Hancock and Thelonious Monk Jr. The students at Washington Preparatory High School located in Los Angeles, have studied turntablism with DJ Spark for the past year. DJ Spark has an array of supporters which include Beyonce Knowles, Queen Latifah, Brandy, Sean Paul, Omarion, Big Tigger, and more. Spark has far exceeded the expectations of her peers, critics and fans.

Her love for music and her immeasurable talent has enabled her to represent the music industry with greatness. DJ Spark is the most treasured DJ of Los Angeles and that’s why she’s a Lesbian I Love.

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Los Angeles, Cali


Relationship Status:
In a relationship

Favorite Food:
Anything Mexican or curried.

Favorite Color:

L Word or Girlfriends:
L Word

Do you prefer fem or butch women and why?
Most definitely fem! They are beautiful.

Favorite body part and why?
Legs! I love long sexy legs.

As Black a woman do you prefer natural or straight hair and why?
Hair texture doesn’t really matter to me. I do like it at least longer than shoulder length or Halle short…not in between.

Top five places on the web?