Kiantha Duncan-Woods is a powerful sista.  She’s the President of Seattle’s Black LGBT Pride and I had the chance to meet her when I attended this years inaugural celebration.

Not only is she beautiful but she’s got brains to go with that beauty.  She’s a successful business owner and works within the community to ensure the health and wellness of everyone.  Kiantha is the type of woman that would give you the shirt off her back if she felt you needed it.

During Pride, I saw firsthand how much her leadership meant to Seattle as person after person would come up to her and sing her praises and thanks for taking initiative to start a Black pride.

Kiantha has great women’s intuition as well.  I remember during Pride in Seattle, many people from different organizations were trying to woo her and she wasn’t even paying them any mind.  This was because during the entire planning period for their event, only a few of the local organizations bothered to even assist her and when it was a success, they all came running.  She knew the deal.

I remember one the first indicators to me that Kiantha was my kind of girl was when I was stressing out about missing my flight to Seattle from Los Angeles (I overslept) and she was just as cool, calm, and collected while I was freaking out on the other end of the telephone from LAX.  Her calmness helped calm me down and I remember saying to myself this girl is good.  Here she was in the middle of planning a huge event with a million people calling her and asking her to do things and she stopped and took the time to help me get on another flight later that evening.

I also knew Kiantha and I were going to be good friends because she has a wicked sense of style and we both like the same type of clothes and jewelry.

Kiantha is everything that Black women are, beautiful, intelligent, sassy, and powerful, and that’s why she’s a Lesbian that I Love.

More in Kiantha…

Single, Married, or Dating?

What’s your favorite color?
Burnt Orange and Grass Green

What’s your favorite food?
Good Ole’ Dressin’

L Word or Girlfriends?
L Word definitely… a show with women, sex, drama, love and fantasy what better?

Do you prefer fem or butch women and why?
I prefer soft butch women for myself although there are many beautiful femme women out here who are sexy & holding it down. I like a woman who can be aggressive and strong in demeanor but sensitive and soft at the same time. Butch women offer that or should I say at least my wife offers me that! 

Favorite body part and why?
Legs from thigh to ankle. The thicker the thigh the sweeter the pie.

As Black a woman do you prefer natural or straight hair and why?
I prefer natural hair on a woman, although I know that it is a lot of work.

Top five places on the web?
I can only give you the top two because this list is ever changing. I like websites that are informative and entertaining at the same time, as my interest change so does my top five places on the web.