I met Liliana Perez through our mutual work.  She works for the Speaker of the California Assembly and I work for the Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus who is also a Member of the Assembly.  In her position, she oversees the Speaker’s LGBT issues statewide and works as a liaison between the LGBT community and the Speaker’s office.

I am sitting here trying to remember how we first hooked up, but for the life of me I can’t.  All I know is that we’ve been cool ever since we did and we’re always brainstorming ways to get our bosses to do more LGBT events and trying to figure out a way to bring our respective communities together.

One of the things that I respect the most about Liliana is her honesty and her ability to put everything into context.

Besides being well connected, Liliana is incredibly intelligent.  She worked in the Gray Davis administration and is heavily involved in the labor movement.

I enjoy speaking with her because I don’t have to bite my tongue around her.  When we talk about race issues in California, we are both very honest about the situation and always open to each other’s point of view. 

Liliana works everyday to make the lives of LGBT people of all races better and she does it without compromising her own beliefs being mindful of all involved—Black, white, Latino, Asian etc.  She will be joining me and other LGBT leaders when we receive special honors this month from our Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Council for the work done in the LGBT community in Los Angeles.  For these reasons and so many more, Liliana Perez is a Lesbian I Love.

About Liliana Perez

Born in Guadalaraja, Mexico.  The Pico-Union community became home in the U.S.


Single, Dating, or Married:

Children?  Yes, No, In the Future: 
In the future, a la Salma Hayek. 

Humble and Happy Public Servant

Describe yourself in one word:

What’s your sign:

What’s your favorite color?

What’s your favorite food?
American (ribs, mashed potatoes, macaroni)
Mexican (everything) and Spanish (Tapas)

L Word or Girlfriends? 

Do you prefer fem or butch women and why? 
Both.  When I’m with the femmes I seem to be more submissive… with the butches I’m more controlling.  Go figure.

Favorite body part and why? 
Eyes, the windows to the soul. 

What in your opinion, are the biggest issues facing women of color and our solutions if any?
Access to higher education, access to capitol, affordable healthcare, self-esteem;  Solutions?  We need to have financial literacy; learn how to be homeowners and/or own some form of real estate; need to learn how to live healthy lives.  We also need self-esteem, awareness of who we are and to begin charity at home.  I believe this is vital to our survival and success as a whole.

Who’s in your iPod/CD Player?
Don’t own and iPOD; in my CD player… Edith Piaf, Gloria Trevi, Mary J. Blige, Bebe, Cindy Lauper, Erasure, Shakira, Jill Scott, and Juan Gabriel.
What’s your favorite quote?
Silly, you men-so very adept at wrongly faulting womankind, not seeing you’re alone to blame for faults you plant in woman’s mind.”
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648-1695)
Mexico’s 17th century Feminist also referred to as the 10th Muse.

Who’s your favorite author and why?
Laura Esquivel.  She writes of simple women doing extraordinary and mystical things whether they be in love, war and both.  “
Como Agua Para Chocolate/ Like Water for Chocolate”,  “La Ley de Amor/ The Law of Love”, “Malinche”

What’s something that many people don’t know about you?
I enjoy listening to “A Prairie Home Companion” by Garrison Keillor on the weekends on public radio and on the weekdays I listen to KPFK.   

Top five places on the web? 
2.       L.A. Union AFL-CIO
4.       La Opinión Digital
5.       Queer Quotes