I love Lucy and Gail, I just have to get that out from the start. They are two of the most beautiful women I have ever met and have done an incredible job of creating a sense of community for Black lesbian women in Los Angeles.

Lucy and Gail have put together “Lucy and Gail’s Party in the Desert” for the past several years. Growing from a house party to a week full of events, Lucy and Gail took it upon themselves to make a space for Black women during the annual lesbian event Dinah Shore.

Having just wrapped up their 2008 celebration, both Lucy and Gail are already busy planning for 2009. With a slight name change from “Lucy and Gail’s Party in the Desert” to “Dinah in Color,” they’ve already set the dates, April 2-9.

Aside from their spring event, Lucy and Gail open their hearts and beautiful home year round to the Black lesbian community by holding barbeques, pool parties, and the like.

This year they celebrated their 20th anniversary, giving lesbians like me hope.

For their commitment to each other and community, Lucy and Gail are two Lesbians I Love.

More About Lucy and Gail

Lucy was born in Birmingham, AL
Gail was born in Los Angeles, CA

Lucy is 54 and Gail is 68

Single, Dating, or Married:
They are domestic partners who celebrated their 20th anniversary in April 2008

Children? Yes, No, In the Future:

Gail has a daughter and grandson from a previous relationship where her partner is deceased.

Lucy is an accountant and Gail is a former television newscaster and news director.

Describe yourself in one word:

What’s your favorite color?

Lucy’s favorite color is blue and Gail likes them all.

What’s your favorite food?
Lucy’s favorite foods are corn and grapes while Gail enjoys tacos.

Do you prefer fem or butch women and why?
They prefer each other although they have noticed the return of the butch/fem thing. Very retro 1950’s. What’s next, the smoking of Pall Mall?

Favorite body part and why?
They both favor the brain. What a marvelous device.

What in your opinion are the biggest issues facing Black lesbians and our solutions if any?
The biggest issues facing Black Lesbians mirror the issues that continue to plague African-American communities in general, economic and social justice issues.

McCain, Obama, or Clinton and why?
Lucy supported Clinton while Gail favors Obama. However, neither candidate is very impressive when discussing the impact of the global economy, solving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, disengaging from Iraq or the oil crisis. Where is Dennis Kucinich when you need him?

Who’s in your iPod/CD Player?
Both are Blues lovers. Etta James dominates their music collection. They also love the old Mary J. with the song “Drama.” The Blues says it all.

“I’d rather go blind than watch you walk away from me.” Now that is poetry. “Your husband is cheating on us.” What can you say to that?

What’s your favorite quote?
They don’t have a favorite quote but Dorothy Parker’s “Heterosexuality is not normal, it’s just common” is high on the list.

Who’s your favorite author and why?

The collective writings of authors like June Jordan, Alexis DeVeaux and Sonia Sanchez have shaped their thinking and given substance to their thoughts. While those are are their favorites, they say that all African-American women writers are important to because their writing leaves an imprint of the experiences of Black women for all to know…all they say except for Karrine Stephens.

When you watch television what do you watch?
Lucy’s favorite television show is Bad Girls on the Logo channel and BBC World News. Gail looks at Star Trek reruns and cooking shows. They both look at American news shows when they want to slip into a parallel universe where John McCain keeps confusing Sunnis with Shiites and corn to feed the poor is converted to gas for SUV’s.

What’s something that many people don’t know about you?
People don’t know that they used to be on the radio in Washington, D.C. where they had a blues show called “Big G, the Muse of Blues.” Gail was the deejay, Big G, and Lucy was the producer. Gail would drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes and by the time the show was over, would be drunk and Lucy would have played most of the records while Big G sang “Wang Dang Doodle” along with Koko Taylor.

Top five places on the web?

They don’t have a top five places on the web, only two. They check their Jasmyne Cannick and Gail plays poker online. (awwww)

How can you be reached?
www.lucyandgail.com or lucyandgail@aol.com.