I first became hip to Schquay Brignac through her signature clothing line Studs Clothing.  Studs Clothing has created quite the rep in California for creating clothing that does not fit into the rigid gender binary terms “male” and “female.”  Schquay believes that clothing is a movement and that Studs Clothing exists for social justice, change, and awareness in the gay community.  Through her work, Schquay and Studs Clothing offer workshops to middle schools, high schools, colleges, and organized events dealing with gender issues and correct vocabulary using dialogue (including spoken word) and video presentations.  She also provides performance shows that feature artwork, clothing, dance, poetry, runway fashion, music and more.  Studs Clothing will be featured at this year’s At the Beach Los Angeles Black Pride Celebration as well.

Young, business savvy, innovative, and beautiful Schquay Brignac has responded to a need in our community, the need for fashion regardless of our gender or gender identity.  For that, Schquay is a Lebsian I Love.

About Schquay Brignac

Sun Valley, CA


Single, Dating, or Married:

Children?  Yes, No, In the Future:
In the future

Middle School P.E. Teacher, High School Basketball Coach, Business Owner–Clothing Designer/Stylist

Describe yourself in one word:

What’s your favorite color?

What’s your favorite food?

L Word or Girlfriends?

Do you prefer fem or butch women and why? 
Fem.  I love the energy and sexiness of a fem.  They posses a goddess aura- that’s sexy

Favorite body part and why?
Eyes.  It’s a reconnecting to past life times

As Black a woman do you prefer nappy or straight hair and why?
No preference.  It all depends on the black woman.

What in your opinion are the biggest issues facing Black lesbians and our solutions if any?
Hating on each other.  The crab affect makes us constantly  bringing each other down. The solution I believe is getting in touch with our ancestral heritage and understanding who we truly are.   I believe that we as black lesbians only hate on each other because that is what has been embedded in us since birth and the messages have been coming from media, advertisements, law enforcement, etc.  They have been creating our history and brain washing us with money and material things so when we see another sister who is "materially doing better" we hate.  If we re-learn our history, rituals, ceremonies, language and drumbeats together then we can understand who we truly are and in reflection understand who the other black lesbian woman truly is. We as a creed need to reconnect and bring our powers together.  This is the only way that a true revolution, growth, change, and breakthrough can really happen.

Who’s in your iPod/CD Player?
Nina Simone, India.Arie, Ricky BB, Old School Mixes

What’s your favorite quote?
Imagination is the preview to life’s coming attractions.

Who’s your favorite author and why?
No favorites.  But authors who I am truly grateful too are Octavia Butler, Neale Donald Walsch, Malidoma Patrice Some, Sobunfu Some, Earnest Holmes.  They all have been great teachers of truth.

When you watch television what do you watch?
LWord, Weeds, Runs House, American Next Top Model

What’s something that many people don’t know about you?
I’m left handed.

Top five places on the web?

Click here to visit Schquay’s Myspace page.