It’s late and I’m tired, so I’ll make this quick.

When it’s all said and done, the people spoke and the people chose to re-elect Councilmember Bernard Parks.  I don’t care how narrow the victory, a win is a win.

Congrats Team Parks and to the haters–better luck next time! Ha!!!!  Let that be a lesson that you can’t run a Manchurian candidate in the 8th and expect to win.  We’re not going out like that.  C’mon now.

But to my barbers on Crenshaw, California Float Cafe, and all of the folks who came out and supported…thank you.  It made all of the difference.

Also, congrats to Team Wesson–as if anyone else had a chance, really!

Reverend Lee, better luck next time—and there will be a next time.  Keep fighting for our children!

Congrats to Joyce Burrell Garcia on her win too!

Damn, I’m tired. Peace.

My Election Night Photos

Photos by my big bro Greogry Everett for Who SHOT ya?! / Ultra Wave

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