Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

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We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


Employees in supervisory positions and those performing safety/security functions are generally expected to demonstrate a higher level of conscientiousness and integrity with respect to their employment. Accordingly, these employees may be subject to more severe levels of discipline for violations of behavior and/or performance standards because they are held to a higher standard of conduct. —Exhibit 1

These are the exact words found on page 74 of the City of Los Angeles’ Policies of the Personnel Department manual (February 5, 2012), a document that is used to explain the Los Angeles Police Department’s disciplinary system.  It contains everything from the rationales underlying the disciplinary system to recommended penalties for specific types of misconduct. I finally got my hands on this manual and want to say thank you to the person who made that happen.  Having this manual is important because it’s one thing to say what should have happened, it’s another to point to a page of an official document as proof that’s what should have happened.

So moving right along…

Let’s go back to an earlier article entitled The Three LAPDs where I attempted to explain how within the Department depending on who you know and/or your rank discipline is either something you give to others or receive.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse (no pun intended) but Chief Charlie Beck provided false and misleading statements regarding My Little Pony-gate and his involvement.  His remedy was to issue a statement saying that his comments were mistaken when he said he had nothing to do with the purchase of his daughter’s horse for the Department.  Had Chief Beck been a member of the rank-and-file he more than likely would have been disciplined according to the standards displayed below which we’ll call Exhibit 2.


Standard: Employees must perform their duties in a manner that earns and maintains the trust and respect of their supervisors, other employees, and the public.

Page 74

Page 74, section 33.2 of the City of Los Angeles’ Policies of the Personnel Department manual

Chief Beck would have probably been found guilty of numbers 1 and 2, at least according to the policies of the Department.  The punishment would have depended on how any times he’d committed this type of misconduct in the past but would have included the option for his termination.

Which brings me to the Captain who committed a 484 (and the Deputy Chief who seemingly aided and abetted him).

Again, from the City of Los Angeles’ Civilian Penalty Guide I respectfully submit for review Exhibits 3 and 3.1.


Page 84

EXHIBIT 2 – Page 84 of the City of Los Angeles’ Policies of the Personnel Department manual

Page 78-2

EXHIBIT 2.1 – The punishment for theft.

In an earlier post, I provided clear and concise documentation regarding the almost $9,000 that was removed from a nonprofit’s bank account on the orders of Newton Division’s Captain Ed Prokop back in November 2013.  That money, while it was returned in February of this year, was in fact stolen and seemingly by member(s) of the LAPD.  This is not news to the Department who is well aware of a lawsuit directly related to this situation, $10,000, and stolen laptops.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the punishment for theft, according to their rules, is discharge aka termination aka you’re fired aka bye bye.

So why haven’t Captain Prokop and Deputy Chief Jose Perez been discharged for their roles in the theft of money from a charitable organization?

Food for thought.  But at least now you Mr. and Ms. Civilian can see for yourself what the expected punishment is for the crime and perhaps understand why so many of the rank-and-file are looking at command staff sideways when they do things and get away scott free.

What say you?



The Court of Public Opinion

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  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    I guess since the Inspector General, Police Commission and Mayor don’t care they have a dishonest Chief, an out of control command staff, we will have to ask the citizens that we protect to help protect us. It is in their interest because they are footing the bill for the lawsuits employees file when the aforementioned entities have failed to do their jobs. Funny, the Mayor doesn’t seem to have learned anything from the LASD’s corruption with BACA.
    And to C. Rice, a mistake? really? we have cops fired weekly for making the same mistake. If lying was just a mistake for the Chief, it should be just a mistake for the coppers. The rank and file don’t have the luxury of making mistakes….unless the COP is their dad or close friend.

  • Captain X

    Cathy, I couldn’t agree with you more. The system has always had its flaws, but with Beck at the helm, its now completely broken. Even if he recuses himself, do we really expect another staff officer (Moore? Paysinger? D. McCarthy?) to mete out discipline to the Beck children, or anyone in his/their clique? To be honest, I’m shocked that Hillman was sent to a BOR in the first place. I was once one of those people that hated outsiders, but now I say get rid of all these hypocrites. I have zero respect for any of them!

  • Pio Pio

    Sergeant Marx,

    This reappointment process is all a dog and pony show. The commission will grant another term and allow Beck to do two more years so that he can receive a Chief’s pension.

    I admire your courage to expose misconduct. However, Captain Pape is still sitting fat dumb and
    happy at Professional Standards Bureau. Chief McCarthy will protect him
    on this and the “other” allegations. In keeping with the reward
    program for Command Officers who commit misconduct or cost the city millions in lawsuits…I hear he is slated to be promoted as the Southeast Area CommandingOfficer. This just as soon as the good Captain “T” finishes his degree and he receives his long promised promotion to Commander.

    The few Captains that do the right thing stand up for officers or go against the chief’s desires at a Board of Rights are ostracized and passed over for promotions. Let them eat cake!

  • curious

    What did pape do?

  • We are all scared to tell

    Sgt Marx, I must commend you for your tremendous courage as you continue your pursuit of justice within the department. As a current officer with 20+ years on LAPD I agree with you 100%.

    Do you or anyone else have the details about Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger picking up prostitutes on Long Beach Blvd or anywhere else for that matter. His car take home police vehicle was taken along with his gun occurring to the information that has circled the department. Yet and despite more than one brush with the law soliciting prostitutes, e made it to the top….. What about all of the “NON BRASS,” who were fired and disciplined for much less?

  • Guest

    Jaz, you better stop telling lies about the Mexican Mafia, El Eme. Don’t go there.

  • Sophia TheresaMarie Sanchez-Le

    Jaz, Sophia is mad at you.

  • On The Job

    There are two sets of books…that’s been obvious for the rank and file since the mid-90s.

    Do you know that anyone can have access to a Police Officer’s “package” (their work history)… but it takes a court order to view the file of a staffer…

    But… it’s not always the staffer who receives special treatment… often times it’s the “sponsored”, i.e. a family member, a friend or a “crime partner” of a staffer (active or former staffer). The “sponsored” can also be someone who’s got some serious dirt on such a staffer (usually when a male staffer has a sexual encounter or relationship with a female officer, remember what they charged Sgt George Hoopes with for having sex with chief beck’s daughter?)

    There are officers who’ve been involved in some seriously shady shit… Corina Smith (now Hees) ring a bell… ask any officer who worked foothill in the 90s about that caper. How about the caper her, now, husband was involved in while in HWD Div?

    The LAPD staffers and the “sponsored” are members of an exclusive club… a club which is not bound by the department manual, or MOUs or oaths. The LAPD staffers and the “sponsored” police themselves and in the process protect themselves…

    Take the time to look into the shenanigans of one jacob “jake” bushey (son of retired commander Keith Bushey, who I’ve seen hang his head low when asked about the shit jake’s pulled recently). This jake has a shitty reputation among street coppers…a well earned one. HIs latest hit parade took him from a Sgt II in internal affairs/professional standards bureau, demoted to Sgt I and sent to NOE Division patrol… then demoted again to P3 and sent to 77th Div…

    Now… I’m not one to gossip (SNL skit, member? You member??) but this dude’s committed all sorts of violations of the manual policy and procedure…and also actually committed a crime!! Or so I heard! And all he keeps getting is “demotions”??? This clusterfuck of a “man” should be back at Jack-in-the-Box working the midnight to sunrise drive through window… instead of making $80K a year, simply because he’s “sponsored”. Had a regular ol’ street cop committed just one of jake’s earlier misconducts… that copper would have lost his job faster than you can say “sponsored”…

    Chief jose perez… well, just ask a regular street cop who’s worked him… or ask any HOBK officer with some time on the job about him… the command staff might forget, but the street copper never does, and if you catch one in the right circumstances…he might just break off a small piece of “cheese” about any staffer.

    Look Jasymine, I have to admit that, in other circumstances, you might not be someone I’d cheer for… but like the old saying “an enemy of my enemy is my friend”…

    Keep up the good work, and watch your back… you’ve become a bleep in the staffers radar…

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    If you really are a Captain, then shame on you for doing nothing to try and fix things. Nothing personal, but I really don’t have much respect for Captains who go along silently with the system when it benefits them, and then, if they get caught in it somehow and get a 1.28, then suddenly they are against it. Why not try and fix it before that? Captains are allegedly leaders, right? I believe this Department, in order to truly fix the mess, needs to bring in a retired military general.
    And for the rest of you Captains out there, STAND UP AND DO THE RIGHT THING! COME OUT OF HIDING ON ALL OF THIS!

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Well, I certainly agree with you that Captain Pape is sitting fat and dumb. Don’t know how happy he is. And I see first hand how he is being protected and that MANY things are being covered up about him. And of course Big Mama will protect him…IN MY OPINION, that is why the COP put her there…to protect his family and friends. Just look how much they covered up with the WTD Captain–and that cost the City $15 million…Where was the “Lack of supervisory oversight” complaint on that whole mess? Who was that Captain’s Boss? WE all know!
    And about those Captains who are passed over for doing the right thing, so be it. There are more important things in life than promotion! Like Integrity. At least they can live with themselves and say they did the right thing. And they can teach their children about integrity without being total hypocrites.
    The goal of “promote at all cost” is partially responsible for the predicament we are in. The goal should be like it is in the military..do you job and take care of your employees.
    And to those of you in the Chief’s Office, reading these and cutting new face sheets, maybe you should come out of the closet and tell the truth too because you have also had misconduct covered up for you.
    And about Capt T,,,he has so many skeletons in his closet…the closet door is about to burst open any day now. He really needs to get that degree fast. I just hope he is doing the work himself. I am sure he has too much INTEGRITY have someone do his course work for him, right? That is unheard of on this Dept. Yea, right… Hey, do any of you coppers on here want to write a book? I have some good stories if you do.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    more on PHD pape later…Have to go ride my own horse…who I wouldn’t sell to the Mounted Unit for all the money in the world–even knowing it would save me $2k a month!

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    And IF IT IS TRUE that Pape is slated for the Captain 3 spot at SE, I feel sorry for the males there who want to promote. IT IS MY OPINION that PHD PAPE seems to be much friendlier with and prefers promoting females….and ladies, guard your forks! AT the IAG HOLIDAY party, he grabbed the fork of the person he promoted, and started licking it –he made a BIG production out of it…with several of us watching. Which BEGS the question, WHAT ELSE WAS HE LICKING? He certainly did not grab and lick any of the forks of the males who were at the table..
    To all you men out there…would you want a male captain licking your wife’s fork?

  • VM

    Was Pape’s wife (ex-LAPD P3) there?

  • scarecrow

    I was in the middle of the entire WTD fiasco…and let me tell you. The complaints went all the way up to the Chiefs office, Mayors Office and even the City Council. I even had a personal conversation with then Council member Dennis Zine who stated that he and the other city council members were well aware of what was going on at WTD with Capt Lauer. I said ” You realize this is going to cost the city millions” he just nodded. The officers eventually were left with no choice but to file suit since all of our complaints fell on deaf ears. This was going on while McCarthy was still a Commander at WTD and Hara was the Deputy Chief. Without those two at the helm, Lauer would not have had the support she needed from above. After Beck became Chief, all the upper brass were promoted and shuffled to other assignments except McCarthy who was promoted to Dep. Chief and kept at OWB. I wonder why? (Actually I know why) Fast forward to the lawsuit…You should have seen the depositions of Lauer, McCarthy, Perez…etc. No wonder the city settled. It consisted of one lie after another. It was truly a pleasure to see them squirm and crack under pressure of even the simplest questions concerning integrity. The gavel finally fell when we demanded to depose Paysinger…He is the head of the snake in the Dept. The dept tried everything to avoid having him deposed, until finally they realized that he would eventually be interviewed. When that happened, the city quickly settled to avoid further liability. I, and several others wanted to go to trial because we wanted the corruption within the dept to be made public. Unfortunately that did not happen and the City was ably to mostly cover it up and do damage control. I and several other involved officers have since been targets of IA just lying in wait for any opportunity to send us to a BOR and have us terminated. I applaud what you are doing…but watch your back…I’d rather go up against a “Man with a gun” than the “Dept with a pen”

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    WOW…is he married???

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    To all of my friends out there who are warning me to be careful…thank you. I guess you are right…the Department will probably try to fire me for telling the truth. I am positive someone in the COP’s office is reading this stuff very carefully.
    I would certainly rather be fired for telling the truth than for lying, what about you Chief? Oh yea,,,you and Mr. Soboroff don’t really care too much about the truth it seems.
    Which is why I believe that all of those officers who were demoted/downgraded or suspended by Charles Lloyd Beck for lying, go back to court and demand justice. How bout it Chief, since you were given a pass, do the right thing…rehire all the officers that you have terminated for doing exactly what you just did.
    For any civilians reading this who wonder why the City has paid out millions of dollars in employee lawsuits, now you know.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Someone had to take a stand and do something…the corruption is worse than I have seen it in 24 years.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Well, I am doing my own vote of no-confidence on the LAPPL…who was invisible throughout this who process…I am running for the next SGT Director spot and Nunez, who was up several times at theCommission and at every citizen meeting saying beck is a failed leader is running for Tyler’s spot.

  • Captain X

    Dear Cathy, I know that you’re on a soapbox, so I’ll be nice. While I respect what you’re saying and doing, your opinion about me means nothing, just as it does with Beck, Paysinger, Moore and all the others. What matters to me are the men and women that I ask to go out each day and put their lives on the line, period. Simply put, it’s always been about them, their safety, their well being, their morale, not me or my bosses. When it comes to people that have worked for me, I have no doubt that they would describe me as being fair and someone that truly cares about them, not only professionally, but when it comes to their first priority, family. I’m not sponsored, have never sipped from the Department and or Beck punch bowl, and have never had a problem with speaking my mind or doing the right thing. I’ll close by saying that I’ll continue to make change my way and you’re free to make it yours. I wish you the best of luck.

  • scarecrow

    You and Nunez have my vote…who else is coming up for re-election. Mark Cronin?…any others? If so, I will run as well. I say it’s time to clean house and start over from scratch.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Jeretta and Tyler’s spots..I think Cronin.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    I heard that the Department is VERY upset about this blog and is going to start cutting facesheets. I wonder if they cut one on the COP for False and Misleading? IN MY OPINION, they didn’t. When I advised one of my attorneys what I heard, he told me that “All people have a First Amendment right to express their OPINIONS in written form without government interference. that includes this blog. Anyone who violates these rights is violating the law.”
    However, I have to tell you, You could be asking for a defamation lawsuit if you throw out stuff about people and don’t have any proof. So, please, be very careful what you say in here.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Capt X
    Just so you know…I know there are a few Captains out there who really do care about their people. I counted that we have 77 Captains…and, in my opinion, there are fewer than ten good ones. I have worked with several that I greatly respect.
    And I absolutely realize that none of the command staff cares one bit about what I am doing. I am just like a little gnat to them. I don’t care. Nor obviously did the IG or PC. But I followed Department policy and reported misconduct all the way up the chain as required. You see how that worked out? Which is why, as I am sure you know, the Department has so many lawsuits–it is the only recourse available when the Dept, IG and PC are more concerned with politics than addressing issues. At least I can say I did EVERYTHING I could possibly do to try and fix a broken system.
    For all I know, you and the few good captains have been verbal in meetings with the COP, with negative results. I am certain you also know, the discipline system is a sham. Anyone who says otherwise, has had no experience with it. And I had no clue how bad it was until I saw how much misconduct some people get away with and how others are fired for very little—certainly less that the COP’s recent behavior.
    His lying about the horse incident will only further demoralize our officers. As a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, and a Commanding Officer, I believe that leaders have a duty to lead. Perhaps if the few decent captains had also come forward about the broken system, maybe the PC would have paid attention. Maybe you did go talk to them, I don’t know. But I do know it will take more than a lowly little Sergeant, one Detective and one Captain coming forward to make a change.
    And unfortunately, what happened at the Police Commission on Tuesday was a slap in the face to all the officers who believe their boss should be held to at least the same standard as are they. If that is a soapbox, then, I agree with you..I am on a soapbox. I feel very strongly we should all abide by the same rules, and that penalties should not be based on connections.
    Nowhere in our Department manual does is say that the rules only apply to rank and file. Nowhere does it say that the Core Values only apply to the rank and file. It was a very sad day for the officers and citizens when the politicians saw fit to overlook the Chief’s false statement and lack of integrity, and I believe it will have negative consequences on this Department for years to come. Climbing down off my soapbox.

  • Overthisdrama

    Scarecrow you are going to run? Well then you have to come out of hiding & tell your real name…