I thought the end of my traveling by air was in the near future, but thank God the FCC said that it will continue to ban the use of cell phones during flights.

Whew, that was a close one.

No way am I trying to sit on a cross country fight with a hundred people in cramped quarters all holding their own individual cell phone conversations speaking loud enough for the folks in back of the plane to hear.

Could you imagine being on a plane and settling in for a four hour flight and as soon as your head hits the pillow and you pull that airline blanket that’s too small and thin over your shoulders and take that sigh of relief that you made your flight and close your eyes, you’re suddenly jolted back into reality with a loud beep followed by an even louder, "Where you at!?"

Then as you start to wrinkle your face and roll your eyes, the person next to you chirps back, "I’m on the plane," which is followed by another loud beep and "What you doin’," and this goes on for the rest of the flight except that instead of it being just one person you have to deal with 28 rows of people having these conversations.

Yeah, the FCC made the right decision on this one.  Air travel would be just too unbearable if we were all subjected to each others private conversations and had no exit to escape to. 

Ahhh…the small victories in life.