Lil Monkey Doll CEO Donated $$$ to Bush-Cheney and the RNC

Now why am I not surprised to find out that the CEO The Brass Key, Inc., the manufactures of the racist Lil Monkey Doll donated money to the Bush-Cheney and the Republican National Committee? See report here.

Follow me here because it’s always important to connect the dots…

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So what’s next, a statement from the Republican HNIC Michael Steele applauding Brass Key’s diversity in their dolls?

And in case you’re late getting to this story…

Costco recently removed boxes of  “Cuddle with Me” dolls after customers complained at a store in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The dolls in question were of a Black version of a baby surrounded by monkeys and wearing a cap with the words “Li’l Monkey.”

The white version of the doll was of a baby surrounded by pandas with a cap “Pretty Panda.”

The retailer and the manufacturer of the dolls both issued statements that the intent was never to offend anyone.

I don’t know, you tell me, racist, not racist?

Black Version

White Version

The Court of Public Opinion

  • lovingmom

    so now people who own businesses and donate money to the republican party are racist? that’s a pretty strong and slanderous statement to make here.

    you need to get your story straight. the company sold dolls in 3 ethnicities and all were wearing the same outfits in the same ‘lil monkey’ theme.

    your report here is not correct and misleading.

  • Jboogie

    Don’t be a jackass LovingMom.

    I wouldn’t care if they sold the doll in 25 ethnicities, have one Black doll labeled as Lil Monkey, especially after years of Blacks being labeled as such, is just wrong.

    As wrong as the Obama Monkey tshirt business was last year.

    And yes, I do find it interesting and telling that the CEO is a Republican. if you don’t like it, go blog about on your own site.

  • H.K. Robertson

    Jas…………Why can’t the black community ever pull itself up from their regretable past, if they can’t or simply won’t address the REAL life limiting and self-empowering issues of the day that will affect their lives today and into the future?

    Your example of not seeing what is a serious problem for their future, and instead take shots at a citizen and that citizens contributions in a legitiment act of contributing to their party of choice, and with some twisted rationale, try to obsurdly connect “a doll in a box” to racism.

    A more useful action on your blog for your black community would be sharing with your black community the dishonesty within our government and those that represent them and their life’s work being taken through taxes and dishonest kickbacks to corporate bed partners.

    Federal Election Commission records by the Center for Responsive Politics, reports that the 2008 Democrat campaign received $12.6 million from Wall Street “Securities and Investment” firms.

    Do you know who the bed partners are of the top three corporate employers of donors to the President, the Vice President, and the Presidents Chief of Staff?? Ummmmm lets see…..Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and JPMorgan!!….the same companies who took billions of TAX dollars from ALL racial communities and TAX bases!

    Bailout dollars TAKEN from ALL American citizens and given to large corporations had employees of Lehman Brothers alone gave Obama $370,000! (No wonder GWB let them go under.)

    Since 1998, the financial sector has given a total of $37.6 million to teh Democrat candidate!……wonder what teh President feels he owes them in tax dollars??

    Can’t the black communicaty get up in arms about the financial industry that takes care of Democrats, while the government gives “kick-backs” in BILLIONS that come from ALL our taxes?

    It should be clear to ALL tax payers, Red, Yellow, Black and White, that we’ve seen in recent months, the Democrats take care of the financial industry….FAT and bloated with stolen tax dollars from every community.

    ALL of us should see this and determine if it’s more life threatening then a “black doll”, and that as the black community is busy crying about a doll in a box, our government continues to make it a lot easier to get rich by taking money from black taxpayers and bailout out bedpartners!!!

    The Democrates have done this since the Big Deal and FDR and convinced people that the government will take care of you and provide you with everything…keep those people hunger and in need and we’ll stay in office!!

    The government is your enemy!…not the “black doll in a box!” It easy for them to chose the financial industry and consistently do so as this is far more profitable of an investment for their client bedpartner than the Red Yellow Black and White tax payers dollars.

    This real issue is truly an issue for the black community, and makes your statement of ” I don’t know, you tell me, racist, not racist?” seem rather ignorant and a endeavor that will forever keep blacks subjects of the state and held down never to progress.

    Get a clue and use your time wisely to advance the cause of your community to shake of the chains that are truly holding you back, and that will put you and your community on the high road where equality that you have earned will contribute to the bright futures of your families and businesses.

    This is OLD history at work…some 2000 years ago it was the very same issue for people and their ability to be free and equal:

    “The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.”

 Marcus Tullius Cicero 55 BC

  • Asantewa

    It’s amazing how when the ship is going down, we’re all Americans. But until the ship is in trouble, Black folks are just Li’L Monkeys.

    To H. K. Robertson, just wanted to let you know that Black folks are more aware of political corruption than you are. We are also well aware of how money works in America. After all, we were once commodities to be bought and sold. Much of our present economic situation is because of back door deals calculated to keep us in poverty. But you can rest assured that Black folks can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can express outrage when racist imagery is used to sell toys and discuss and work in opposition to a political system that the majority of white folks continue to vote for even through it continues to work against their middle-class and working-class interests.

    Also, H.K. you had better go check the welfare roles and see who actually receives the most government assistance. You may find out that in many hidden ways rich white folks get the largest piece of the government pie. So where does that leave you? I suggest you go talk some sense into your brothers and sisters who are listening to all the “death panel” stupidity and thinking of Rush Lambaugh as a source of intelligent information rather than lecture Black folks on ignoring White folks’ racism. I’d say you have your hands full.

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  • Wood

    Who are they Marketing this doll to besides Costco? Is it Brasskey Plan to pull the product for the US market or just Costco ? Does Brasskey plan to distribute the doll elsewhere in the USA? like through Wal-Mart or another toy chain? SSomeone needs to find out what this companies plans are and find out have they ever done this type of marketing prior to now. BTW what numbskull is their marketing director? The CEO should be showing their A$$ out the door…..if not then possible the CEO needs to leave.

  • Ron Lee

    Why didn’t they continue using the image of the white doll to promote/lil monkey? After all most monkeys are white with straight hair & thin lips.

  • JEAN

    There must be no African Americans who work for this company.

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  • Rude But True

    I smell bagels here! Wherever any controversy is incited by a “racially insensitive” product allegedly marketed by a business whose public image evokes the Big Business stereotype of White men in expensive suits, it is virtually guaranteed that following the trail of the money will lead directly to the hook nose of some Asiatic creature who, at least privately, identifies closely with the Ashkenazi “Jewish” ethnicity. Long before the year 1654, when “Jewish” international merchant Jacob Barsimson offered a bribe to Governor Peter Stuyvesant in exchange for making the colony of New Amsterdam the first of the thirteen colonies which later bacame the United States to repeal a law forbidding notoriously-dishonest “Jewish” merchants from engaging in trade with American colonists, when the “Jewish”-owned Dutch West IUndia Company first began marketing stolen Africans as slave laborers within Colonial territories, those “who say they are ‘Jews’ but are not” (Revelation 2:9) have engaged in race-baiting “for fun and for profit” while blaming Whites for “Jewish” actions at every conceivable opportunity. These “Jews” will identify themselves as “White” when race-baiting in the role of the racist, and subsequently identify as “poor, persecuted ‘Jewish’ victims of racial hatred” when race-baiting from the “anti-racist” angle. Yes, there are about 700,000 genuine Jews descended of one of the twelve tribes who are true Israelites left in the world today. The problem is that those who falsely claim the “Jewish” name while committing unspeakable crimes against humanity such as the Transatlantic Slave Trade have had a history of fleeing the sceno of their crimes just in the nick of time, so that genuine Jews, often poor and unable to afford to spontaneously travel overseas as the Elite of the false “Jews” can, are the ones mistakenly rounded up and sent to prison (or worse) when the victims of the scam eventually realize they have been scammed and start searching for the perpetrators in order to dispense punishment. Just as “Jewish” newscaster Mike “The Kike” Wallace ducked and covered when Morgan Freeman asked him “Which month is White History Month?” during an interview on the subject of racial tension and Freeman’s unexpected opinion of Black History Month observances. Wallace replied “I’m ‘Jewish’.” (in other words, “I’m not White, so don’t blame me.” Follow the money, and you’ll find some fraud who perceives his own (Ashkenazi “Jewish”) race as the Master Race while viewing all twelve of the genuine Israelite tribes as subhuman “Goyim” (note: “Goyim” is a Yiddish word meaning “cattle” or “Goy” in its singular form).

    The false “Jewish” race, led by Menachem Begin, invented modern Terrorism on July 22, 1946 at the King David Hotel. The bombs planted by Begin’s Irgun terrorist gang killed more than 90 people and was calculated to create a media circus which ultimately led to the theft of Palestine from its righful owners (from at least as many Christians as Muslims, contrary to Corporate-controlled Media propaganda). This is what Menachem Begin believed about his Ashkenazi “Jewish” impostor race:

    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” — Menachem Begin, “Jewish” Terrorist

    This is why both “neo-Conservatives” (a “Jewish” hijacking of the Republican party) and “Progressive” Democrats (a neo-Marxist “Jewish” hijacking of the Democrat party) both work from different angles within Government to dismantle the Constitution. Replacing God-given Rights upon which our Constitution’s Bill of Rights forbids government to trample with meaningless government-dispensed privileges called “Civil rights” which end where another’s government-dispensed privileges begin paves the way for the one who the false “Jews” will call “Messiah” (we Christians know his name will be Antichrist) to grant false “Jews” the temporary privilege of enslaving all non- “Jews” and persecuting Christians.

    These false “Jews” are the real Domestic Enemies of the United States.

    “Domestic Enemies: Those who endeavor to dismantle or subvert our Constitution.”
    The Patriot Proverb

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