The Letter

Like every other rational American, I am outraged by the implications of  your “Lil Monkey” Doll.

I can’t believe any person or company in America in 2009 can attribute the  blantantly racist imagery of your packaging simply to insensitivity. I, for one, am outraged. Notwithstanding the monkey doll packaged with a black doll, to place a hat reading “lil monkey” on a Black doll’s head and have it cuddling a banana is more than just an oversight given the history of racism in this counrty. Unless the designers were beamed in from outerspace, I have to believe this is a calculated insult intended to appeal to a racist consumer market.

Maybe your next doll can have a noose and white hood labeled “J. Krow”. You can even place a little crow next to it to try to make it cute also.

Asantewa Olatunji
Los Angeles

The Response

Hello Asantewa,

We are very sorry for the situation. There was absolutely no intent to offend anyone in any way over this product. The Cuddle Me Lil’ Monkey Collection was offered in multiple ethnicities. However please note that all African American dolls with this theme have been pulled off of the sales floor and will be destroyed.

Customer Service Representative
The Brass Key, Inc.

All I have to say is that after reading the suggested J. Krow doll, I damn near fell out of my chair laughing so hard.  I was going to suggest a Lil Miss Po’ White Trash doll complete with a missing front tooth and a garbage bag, but I think  the J. Krow did it for me.

Kudos AO!